About Me

I am a 55 year old male(at least currently)

I make my living as a carpenter(at least currently)

My best friend is my dog George...has stuck with me through thick and thin last 12 years

The true Artist is the Vanguard of any great Society(vanguard...the forefront of an action or movement)

Virtues I consider myself to have or strive for the highest degree: Honesty,open-mindedness,empathy,seeing world objectively as I can,Loyal,hard working..very spiritual in my own way(I hope to improve on these..and add to)

..very non-materialistic

My number one Passion is Art and it's meaning and purpose to the world and myself

..Yet I have spent nearly a life-time trying to overcome society's "Pre-Concieved Notions of Reality"(what I believe is essential to great Art and True Creativity)

I have been a Artist's model since 1998,posing nude for many different art schools,colleges,individuals

My purpose for this site is to help myself become more self-aware..if another finds meaning here...that is wonderful..

contact at:..mikesemery@gmail.com

Try to listen to this....To make my day better,,inspire

I do know for myself,,to keep thinking the same,gets no one anywhere new