"2nd contact"

I had a black male college student("James") approach me,asking me out on a date,he clearly was inquiring in the fashion,he wished a sexual relation,with me in the " bottom role ",he wanted to "Bone me ",he told me he liked me because I seemed "fem like".

I can't tell you how excited I was,yet scared,,I truly really wanted him,,the question in my mind was "If he takes me as "fem",there is no going back-my sexual role will be changed"

I was correct,about my role change, after our first date,which I only performed "fellatio" on him,yet after he climax in my mouth,and I truly found I loved it, and we decided we both liked this type role selection- I called it "him man,me female.

The next date he "boned me",this is when I knew I wanted to be like a Female/ or role.-1997

Soon I was wearing "Thigh-Highs",when I would see him,doing all I could to present myself "Lady Like" for him,I would tell him I wanted him to pretend I was a Lady,,like call me his Lady-boy friend,I even wanted him to tell his friends, I was his "Lady-boy friend".

I would soon be introduced to "James's friend" (a black male),they would routinely "bone me"-"double team me" as a Fem-male"

I think at this time ,I realized my "true sex identity" was female or very similar,I know I very much wanted to present myself to them,to be as "Fem-like",as possible.Wearing thigh-highs,was a important way I would dress for them,asking them to call me "Michelle",telling them I wanted to be like a female for them.I mainly powdered myself with baby powder,in order to smell good,yet began trying female perfumes,see what they might like.

At this time,I never thought of "breast implants" or any other type of trans-gender,transformations(surgery or Hormones),and still don't consider to any high degree-6/16/2018

1999- begin clearly seeing myself as a "she-male.lady-boy" type person.still not totally embracing "transgender idea" though.

After James moved away, though his friend boned me on occasion, I was in "heat", I asked him if he might know of any guys whom might like me? he said he would keep his eyes open,if he did, he'd hook us up.

I also started going to sites like Gay.com, meeting some,mainly "White top guys", but I wanted a "Black Top guy" !!

Then one weekend James friend called, said he and three friends where hanging out, that he had told them about me,and I was single, and seeking a "Top man", and if I wanted to come over, they would like to meet me. So as one imagine ,I was very excited, so I got "Clean"..(meaning my bottom,just in case).Drove over,to his place, Omg!,,talk about a feeling of being- "Observered" feeling of-,  that's how it felt, after introductions, ones of them said "I hear you model nude, can we see?..", I replied in my meek,sissy voice "yes", and I began to strip for them ,as I stood before them all nude, the one whom asked "can we see", said "we hear you love big black cock", I replied "yes",  he soon was pulling down his jeans, revealing a large very erect cock, then he said "get over here and suck it then".
So this introduced me to getting "Gang-banged", as they very much did that to me for the next few hours.

Gang-bangs became routine on weekends with them,or maybe some of their other friends whom where interested.

It also lead to seeing some individually and to other gang-bang groups for me (my tribes)

I soon realized that the number was a big factor in the dynamics of the tribe , how I had control, as "my type" was so important.
in all reality beyond 4 is there is a "Anonymity" form entering into the mix,

One at this time, has to remember I had read Ruth Benedict's "Patterns of Cultures only a few years prior,and now had a good understanding of Cultural anthropology, and at least was Subconsciously, seeing groups forming.

Soon,and really, looking back really soon, in 6 months, I had formed at least 10 individual groups of "top men",some married,most had girl friends", It was all I could do to see them all and yet work!, 

Then the combining of Two groups happened!, I and one of the guys from one group were alone, he mentioned he and a guy at work where talking and somehow it lead to them mutually knowing me, which lead to; one revealed how!...gang-bang!....
I kinda said something like "we should have a big party"- jokely,,,he then replied "I'll ask him", so it happened a few weeks later,          10 guys showed up, knowing all of them already , there was no threat to me.The interesting thing, none where not the least sexually interested in one another, no sense of ego,was present (partly due they all where "my type"),,no jealousy type stuff, just the mutual enjoyment of either boning me or me giving them a blow-job.or just watch as they talked about non-related things like they would at any type get together,party, festival,ceremony.   "maybe somewhere between ceremony and festival" one main theme,focal point,yet a lot going on , in the "peripheral"...

---------------------------------------------------------This is why I think the "Indigo club idea" isn't a unreal concept--------------------------------------

From my view point, In the Context of the Indigo Group/club etc. It is not only for sexual purposes, yet to study the Third-gender aspect of humanity- as there is not a doubt in my mind,nore millions of others, that 3rd gender type people have been around since the beginning of humanity.

It has been for myself nearly 45 years,since being called gay,made fun of etc. It truthfully is beyond my ability to comprehend that America based on the very foundation of "Freedom of one's very own Belief", is allowing certain groups via, media to deny a group of people as the 3rd gender type, be free from the things like saying "same sex,sex is a Sin!, when will the public see, this is a violation of the U.S Bill of Rights. To infringe upon anothers belief's as in "personal identity "as personal identity evolves sexual identity in a big way!  And so we must get along!, not to, is a poor alternative

to be continued,must work