My self posing nude for Art

began modeling 1997

"I always felt for myself "Modeling for Artist's, Students especially was a form of Altruism,"Offering myself to be             studied,for a better understanding and growth"-me

I personally have asked Myself hundreds of Times "Why do I Pose,what am I getting out of this?"

In my mind the answer is always " Some need to Reveal Self",there is no sexual motive,it is not erotic,it is always in some Form,"Just to portray being Human"

One has to understand..."For me Posing as I do is extremely Symbolic"..in that it is a attempt to break the Societal Dogma of the Male Role of society,,which I see as very "primordial"

..believe it as been very difficult!.....to move beyond a set pattern, in set minds....a Grand Ego Block...I call it

One thing I always found interesting about modeling nude for Art Classes,So many students would tell me "Life drawing" was their favorite class,yet it is so little apart of their studies,and is very,very limited in for them to routinely attend a life drawing class.

I have often wondered if all the student's knew that I was a "Fem-male",if it would have changed the students view of me(I often would hear some of the female students mainly whisper such things like,"do you think he is gay?"),though it never seemed to be in a negative fashion.I was always treated with great respect by the students,much more so,I am sad to say about some of the teachers.

I do believe now,yet I was never really aware of it,I think Life drawing modeling was a way of dealing with "Gender dysphoria"

Warning; this page represent myself posing nude for Art(which I have done since 1997)


One.if they pay "Attention" can tell a lot about another person and your selves by seeing the "Form" in which their's and yours body forms,gestures.

For example; because I am Androgynous, and more feminine, am by nature,and prefer to be more feminine then masculine,it shows in the ways I have always posed....We must learn and take time to pay Attention!, or life will pass you by,and in the end.you'll say "I wish I had stopped to pay attention"

Also my "Modeling",,has, and always has meant to represent a aspect of Society, (the moralizing) and unless we get a grip on "Moralizing" we are greatly hindered to advance in a "Harmonious way" as a society.

One if pays close Attention soon begins to see to the degree they are a prisoner of "Plato's Cave", of "social construct", of a "Moralizing" mindset.

Myself as "Fem-male"
When I realized I was truly "Fem-male" 1998
6/18/2018 nude pose