I personally have selected to be Celibate for last 13 years as a Fem-male,17 years with a female traditionally,other then once about 11 years ago,she was a past girl-friend,whom knew I was in the role as a fem-male and had been since 1997,but we tried regular intercourse,I was unable to perform,and told her "I just can't be with women anymore,like a real man.I had been only -in role as Fem-male from 1997 to 2005 thus 7 years (and very promiscuous,yet very selective,I mean hundreds of str8 men),crazy!

..I wasn't even having sex for pleasure,it was simply to be in the "Role of Fem-male" thus relieving my "gender dysphoria".the more guys I could get to "bone me",,the more relief I felt I was getting.I could care less if I climaxed,and most often didn't wish to,cause chances are,as so as the guy that was "boning me" had climaxed,,I was headed to see another guy,do it again!.Like a revolving door.

So far the "SelfDefinition.Org"-website is the most Human/realistic,site I have found,most sadly are bias due to religion,and the self constructed morals,etc of that belief system,thus not universally Humanistic.

For myself to study clearly,I have to study as though there are no socially constructed bia's.


The Difficulty of being Celibate,when I really do want to be Feminine for a man,feel his cock in me

   ♥ I honestly can't say a day goes by that that I don't wish I had a boyfriend ,so sexually I could be in my "feminine role for him"

       ,please him etc.