When We Need to Change, Why is it so Difficult ?

                                Say One has a Addiction, first One has to realize they have a addiction,then Realize One can Change.

                                    And One must realize that the Addiction may of become a "Way of Thinking",a way of our own Culture and                                           belief, One resigns to the idea of self as "This is just the Way I am"....And it is True for the moment.

                               ♥ Example in 2012 ,I was so deeply entrenched in my Alcohol Addiction, in my own mind I felt this is just the way                                       I am,by fate,a mere Death sentence. Until I met Some One whom told me "If you want to Change,you can,and                                     we will Help you.      My point here is Many,Many things we can change,some we can not, yet the Way we see                                     ourselves,the Way we see the World, we very much can Change.

                                Example,  Ask to yourself , "is there any thing I can change about myself ? " most people will most likely have                                       " a topic "

                                                         We think we are Civilized, yet is that simply a comparison to Old ?

Here are some examples I found from individuals, attempting to define Civilized ;

                           "Civilized" is a human social construct, but I will give it a shot. To be civilized is to have a decent respect for human life in that one feels the demise or suffering of another human being brought on by another is wrong and stems from some misunderstanding. A simple respect for the quality of human life against the elements of the world could be rationalized as "civil."

                            To be civilized is to be cultured. To be most civilized is to have works of literature, art, music far grander than                                       that of the others.Also, to have reached a state of conditions beyond impoverishment.

I think end of history illusion helps show , why change, thus becoming more civilized is a slow process

           Think about the the Thought " if we are evolving as humans,which it seems we are, at any given moment ,what we are doing will change, be improved or at least the majority of inventors.creators,artists are striving in that direction, unfortunately many are not.                                                                 If there is a Great Creator - God/Nature - then the Creator at least gave us the ability to find/seek perfection, or the "Absolute Truth", so to be aware that at any given moment

                               " We do not know this Absolute Truth " is Reality."

                                              This is where All human beings must submit,must be humble

                Maybe I am not correct as this is exactly what Plato meant by his " Forms " ,yet it instilled the idea in myself ;


  " Even if we may never find "Perfect ", we where given the ability to at least seek and strive for it"


I think personal Hygiene represents how civilized we are in one way.

For example ; " To me, the fact that most people simply use a dry piece of paper to wipe their "bottoms" is not very civilized. Then maybe by being a Artist's model, and needing to pose completely nude before a group of people, I evolved differently,and one way was the need to be as clean as possible,especially my "bottom".

group of ladies filmed me this day

Funny thing about this pose, later on ,a female whom was not there are the time commented " oh that's disguising,he is sitting on that horse, his dirty "bottom" on it" . Number 1, why did this person assume my "bottom" was unclean ?, when in fact, I was meeting up with these ladies, because they said I could pose on their horses, and my orginal objective  was for all the ladies to "peg" me with a strap-on, so my "bottom" was squeaky clean

                                                                                So in essense this individual was commenting,projecting a view of her perspective                                                                                  based on her own history, thus she had a distorted view of reality.


Change and Empathy, are always holding hands, one might say, for example if one asks me what it involves being a artist's model..which it is funny never in 20 years,no one has anyone ever asked me that simple question ;

                                                  " whats it like to be a Artist's model "

                                                                       - Never -


A excerpt from Peter Russell's writing " The Challenge of Ever-Accelerating Change 
 Finding Inner Wisdom in Uncertain Times"


"How can we prepare ourselves as the winds of change whip up into a storm of change? Some hints can be found from how trees withstand a storm.

First a tree needs to be flexible; not to resist the wind but to bend with it. To move with the flow of change we need to be able to let go of past assumptions and learn to think afresh. Taking time is essential. As change pushes us to make more decisions faster and faster, it becomes increasingly important not to fall into the trap of rushing our decisions. We often feel that the quicker we get a problem solved the better things will be. But this seldom leads to the best solution. Quality decisions require we slow down, sleep on it perhaps, and create the opportunity for insights and feelings to emerge in our awareness, ." 


Jill Bolte Taylor,  very much changed very quickly.

I like how she describes right- hemisphere thinking, as I am much more right-hemisphere favored,so related well, yet I believe the right-hemisphere holds the empathy aspect of human thought.

    she describes the "Silent Mind", this is why meditation, as drawing/sketching is so important, as only way I know to reach this "Silent Mind" state.

------------------------------------------------Change can only occur at the individual level---------------------------------------------------------------------

   and until many,many individuals understand the need for Balance (left brain-right brain ), we will not change as a whole.

     I said this many times. I you look at our current leaders, none are highly self-actualized,near all seek their own agenda, none can even submit a plan,a agenda publicly.So if waiting for them,it will not happen.

I think everybody needs to fully understand Iain McGilchrist's video below, and thus understand a truth, and where change is needed, matter of fact if we don't begin this change, the future is most likely bleak.

                                                           Few of Adam Westbrook's Videos on Vimeo ( I think they show change )