Fem-male (third-gender variety)


I do know after all my Research, which has been vast, show throughout human history,in every culture,as far back in time of all records,there has always been a "Third gender variety" of peoples.

  Though not a high percent,in any culture,nearly always seemly common in the "Percent" 1 in 200 or half of 1 percent.What I                 have read about the cultures,those that embraced,accepted the "Third-gender types", they where regarded as having a better             understanding of the "Big Picture view of Nature",highly empathtic,spiritual beings.-looking out for the "Tribe's best interest" 

     So it isn't being "Normal" that's for Sure, yet most Creators,most great Artist's,most people that thought of anything "New",where         not thinking " What's Normal !".

     Normal,what really is that word→ I personally can only look out into Nature at this time to know, cause Humanity has constructed        so many Ideas of "Normal", I get confused.

I would say if I was younger,secure in say a Self-employment type job,lived some where that being a "Androgynous/Fem-male",I could transition by means of-Vaginoplasty and breast augmentation,where dresses in public,have a feminine hair style-8/11/2018