Flowers in your Hair nsfw

Once I started posing with "pink rose" in my hair,it helped a lot with my need to feel feminine, yet for some time, I have wondered why females of today, don't wear flowers in their hair on a daily basis, as it is a very simple "gesture" saying " I am feminine", instead of all this makeup,high-heels stuff ?

Personal ,I wish modern females, would see how wearing High-heels is very much a social construct,and makes no sense at all,rather silly.

Just because a female has a female body doesn't mean she is "Feminine, any more then a male with body of a male, each must learn to be which fits them by maturity, say a male builds his body to appear muscular / strong, this doesn't mean he is mature, any more then a female whom tries to appear feminine by means of make-up,clothes etc.

    Maturity is the basis for Self-Actualizing, much we all need to pursue, the most Masculine or most Feminine are those whom are the most Mature, my opinion.

Some Meanings Of Popular Hair Flowers:

Camellia - Gratitude

Daisy - Innocence and purity

Gardenia - Secret love

Ginger - Strength

Hibiscus - Delicate beauty, sensitivity

Jasmine - Sensuality

Lily Of The Valley- Return of happiness

Plumeria- Perfection

Apricot rose - Desire, admiration, modesty

Pink rose - Admiration, happiness

Red rose - Passion, love

White rose - Purity, secrecy, spiritual love

Tuberose - Forbidden pleasures


Myself without penis
Believe me,Ideally sure I wish to be like this.

Ideally and reality, become quite the paradox for myself here, as the picture above represents the wish Not to have a penis, I already can wear fake breasts, even if I really was female, I'd be very Tom-boy like, so no need to change my hair , Ultimately, to my psyhic, though," I would truly be Fem-male and could no longer even be identified as male,nore be in male role sexually- my desire

       I myself being in the "Female role sexually", since 1997, and very adapted to be penetrated in my bottom (keeping clean,etc),              I don't believe it would really matter if a surgically constructed vagina was sensitive,etc ?

        Also publicly I could dress as male, I have never had a desire to appear female, only the desire to project that I am "Fem-male"

          which maybe different for many transgender types,it seems

        I do know I love cock, just not on me, yet I love pegged by females too ! and performing "cunnilingus"

So many times I have wondered " if my first contact would not occurred, would I still feel "Fem-male", and it does no good, I just am, many events,environment,timing etc, I ultimately pushed me into my identity.

Yet in today's Reality, I can put flowers in my hair in the woods,as they don't mind there,wear my fake boobies,and just be content       there.

 However if 3o again, I might just try to look like the photos above.

                         Finding a Mate a sexual partner

I think it shouldn't take the average person very long,and if they engage their "empathy " mind, to see that being transgender has some unique difficulties in finding a person to mate with, appearance, mannerism, at least prior to speaking , start the way most likely, at least at the store, out in public.

       I'd say I met a lot of my men through blind-dating type function, word of mouth.

        for myself ,what at time is frustrating is , I'll be some where, store,etc. see a black guy I find attractive, which sets my mind in               motion " how can I get his attention ", " what can I say if I just go up and strike up a conversation ", "How can I present myself           as "Feminine".

        If do get a chance, to talk with him, how can I as quickly as possible convey my interest in him, convey that I am....;                                                                                                         " female roled sexually"


The majority of the transgender erotic fantasies I have read are anchored in the dream of being affirmed as your target gender romantically and sexually. Most of them are pretty traditional in this respect, and very much "vanilla", to put it that way.

Lehmiller writes:
Fantasies about being desired, validated, loved, and bonded to a partner are common among both women and men – and in part, that's because the need to belong is not something that's specific to one gender.

Breaking gender norms

As I see it, male to female crossdreamers who fantasize about having sex as women, are not necessarily breaking traditional gender norms. The extent they do so, depends on what gender they identify with in the first place. Some male to female crossdreamers identify as men, others as women, and some as something in between.

But it could be that this distinction is purely academic, as it turns out that "gender bending" fantasies are found among many different people.

    " I would say my number one fantasy might be "; 

                           I am with 3 female friends, doing some painting, we are all working to get the inside of a house painted, which one of them just bought. They all knew I was Fem, and currently looking for "Cock"..:)

       Tracy a friend of everyone stops by, with her boyfriend whom happens to be a very sexy black man , which they all know I droll over every time I see him, when he walks in ,one of the girls jokingly says " keep him away from Michael ",,..Tracy then says " why is that? " then one says " he is horny",,without a second thought ,Tracy says to her boyfriend " If we all can watch, will you let Michael suck your big black cock ? ",,then she looks at me and says " That is if you might like too?"...I looking downward, shy,meek like I said " I have always wanted to ", Tracy's boyfriend.(Todd).also taken by shock, replied " If it is ok with everybody here "..The silly girls are jumping up and down ,clapping all saying " Yes,Yes ! ", Todd walks over to couch,sits,,Tracy grabbing my hand, assuring me, says "enjoy", I walked over get on me knees ,and begin unzipping his jeans, to discover, I can tell he is growing erect, unbuttoning his jeans ,his beautiful black cock is revealed to us all, I waste no time, and lick the big head,the sweet pre-cum,and swallow it.deep throating all 8" of him, the girls all mutter "Wow,go for it Michael "..I follow their command, after not to long ,Todd is squirming,moaning,,then moans out "Michael I going cum! " , I slowly let him slide out of my mouth,holding his cock shaft,stroking it firmly, holding the big cock head to my open lips just in time for the first big squirt cum to splash onto my tongue,squirt after came,,the girls seeing it all,,til finally Todd got still and and layed back onto couch, I swallowed it all, turn to the girls and said "Thanks for allowing me to do this, and kissed Todd on cheek, and said especially thank you,,and any time you want me to do that again "ASK! ".- yummy..:)

                                                                    I like this Brave Person and can relate to them

The thing is, a woman can feel attracted to a man’s appearance, but if it was the most important thing to women, the porn industry would have grown and exploded because of women wanting to look at naked men. Women would have been buying magazines with naked men and then masturbating to that.

…but, that’s just not how it works.

                                My Role models have always been Women

If I could pick a Role Model (whom I would like to be like) ,as well as simply to have as a friend, from celebrities ,,Jodi Foster would be the one


Self-enhancement is a type of motivation that works to make people feel good about themselves and to maintain self-esteem.[1] This motive becomes especially prominent in situations of threat, failure or blows to one's self-esteem.[2][3][4] Self-enhancement involves a preference for positive over negative self-views.[5] It is one of the four self-evaluation motives along with self-assessment (the drive for an accurate self-concept), self-verification (the drive for a self-concept congruent with one's identity) and self-improvement (the act of bettering one's self-concept). Self-evaluation motives drive the process of self-regulation, that is, how people control and direct their own actions.

Social context and relationships

The presence of the motive to self-enhance is dependent on many social situations, and the relationships shared with the people in them. Many different materialisations of self-enhancement can occur depending on such social contexts:

  • The self-enhancement motive is weaker during interactions with close and significant others.
  • When friends (or previous strangers whose intimacy levels have been enhanced) cooperate on a task, they do not exhibit a self-serving attribution bias.
    • Casual acquaintances and true strangers however do exhibit a self-serving attribution bias.[135]
    • Where no self-serving bias is exhibited in a relationship, a betrayal of trust in the relationship will reinstate the self-serving bias. This corresponds to findings that relationship satisfaction is inversely correlated with the betrayal of trust.[144]
  • Both mutual liking and expectation of reciprocity appear to mediate graciousness in the presence of others.[145]
  • Whilst people have a tendency to self-present boastfully in front of strangers, this inclination disappears in the presence of friends.[136]
  • Others close to the self are generally more highly evaluated than more distant others.[146]


Psychological functioning is moderated by the influence of culture.[147][148][149] There is much evidence to support a culture-specific view of self-enhancement.

Westerners typically... Easterners typically...
Prioritise intradependence Prioritise interdependence
Place greater importance on individualistic values Place greater importance on collectivistic values
Have more inflated ratings of their own merits Have less inflated ratings of their own merits[150]
Emphasise internal attributes Emphasise relational attributes[151]
Show self-enhancement that overshadows self-criticism Show self-criticism that overshadows self-enhancement[151]
Give spontaneously more positive self-descriptions Give spontaneously more negative self-descriptions[152]
Make fewer self-deprecatory social comparisons Make more self-deprecatory social comparisons[153]
Hold more unrealistically optimistic views of the future Hold fewer unrealistically optimistic views of the future[154]
Display a self-serving attributional bias Do not display a self-serving attributional bias[155]
Show a weak desire to self-improve via self-criticism Show a strong desire to self-improve via self-criticism[156]
Are eager to conclude better performance than a classmate Are reluctant to conclude better performance than a classmate[157]
Reflexively discount negative feedback Readily acknowledge negative feedback[158]
Persist more after initial success Persist more after initial failure[159]
Consider tasks in which they succeed to be most diagnostic Consider tasks in which they fail to be most diagnostic[159]
Self-enhance on the majority of personality dimensions Self-enhance only on some personality dimensions[160]
Self-enhance on individualistic attributes Self-enhance on collectivist attributes[20][161]

                                                                                                                                                                             - Wikipedia-


"Indeed, decades of research confirm that we are all above average—at least in our own minds. When comparing ourselves versus other people, we tend to rate ourselves more highly on a host of positive measures, including intelligence, ambition, friendliness, and modesty (ha!). This finding is sometimes called the “self-enhancement” effect scientificamerican.com


there are many reasons it seems we " self enhance ", here as concerning " flowers in your hair " , it might be to get attention, and enhance one's defined "role "- clearly one can see I feel feminine, or at least conveying that need to, unless I was acting ,say as in theater, play,movie.