Henry David Thoreau

When someone asked him why he did not shoot the birds and make a collection of them if he wished to study them, "If I wanted to study you would I shoot you?" was the quick reply. "A gun gives you the body only, but the field glass gives you the bird."

One reason I like Thoreau so well,is I share his love of Nature,and have great respect for it

,,and I as well,spent a good part of life in the "Woods"

He says, "Be not simply good. Be good for something." And again, "It is not enough that we are truthful, we must cherish and carry out high purposes to be truthful about."

In the U.S., anarchism started to have an ecological view mainly in the writings of Henry David Thoreau. In his book Walden, he advocates simple living and self-sufficiency among natural surroundings in resistance to the advancement of industrial civilization.[1] "Many have seen in Thoreau one of the precursors of ecologism and anarcho-primitivism represented today by John Zerzan. For George Woodcock, this attitude can also be motivated by the idea of resistance to progress and the rejection of the increasing materialism that characterized North American society in the mid-19th century."[1] Zerzan himself included the text "Excursions" (1863) by Thoreau in his edited compilation of anti-civilization writings called Against Civilization: Readings and Reflections from 1999.[2]