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I had to create this page,due to fact that this journal grown to point,keeping track of where I put what ! ,, is growing difficult

note; due to fact some pages have content- NSFW- (sexual content), one simply must use password iamofage



 added ; Plato and Aristotle's view of the nature and capabilities of women. to Studying Plato page


added ; Holding No beliefs - via ; Pre-Concieved Notions -deprogramming them from our minds


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added stuff to ; Beyond Reason-transcending reason

added page ; Epigenetic's hidden role in human evolution, , evolution of Humanity


added page ; - Kant: Synthetic A Priori Judgments-, under Liberation from self / and added stuff to Liberation from self (positive disingration video/ Dąbrowski )


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added page   independent self-concept


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added video ; Who am I ? by Mel Schwartz video to " seeking one's identity -page

added ; " Dąbrowski's theory - of positive disintegration to ; balance of power page

added page ; Positive disintegration - based on Dąbrowski's theory  

  " problem solving and art represent the highest and noblest features of human life." -level 5 (Dabrowski's Theory)


added ; - thoughts on Vaginoplasty to → Eunuch page


added ; "The Role" topic to Eunuch page


added page ; " The " Eunuch " (nudity) 


added ; imfo on " Eunuch " and my desire for that state of being to " Symptoms, Issues and Oddities of Androgyny -Nsfw-

 added ; Jeffrey Daugherty's   video about the Eunuch according to bible, to Symptoms, Issues and Oddities of Androgyny -Nsfw-very good, hopeful


added ; " Why do I Like ?" the inquiry of to ;  Why do we like,what we like page

  added ;  some topics to Courage to Create, → "The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown


added ; How I Wish I could look if I had gender comfirmation surgery    (via paint shop) - page


Added ; sign painting videos to " Mindfulness " page

Added ; video about " Autogynephilia " to " Symptoms,Oddites of Androgyny"

Added ; page → "Different views on the psychology of Art"

  Added ; topic " the Mind-Body problem " to Caught between Two worlds page


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        added a "theory of Cuckolding" to  Is Cuckolding as a sign of being a fem-male / effeminate male


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    added new page ; "Flowers in your Hair"


  created  ; " Opposing Forces " page  under Unity of Opposites  

    added ;  Why the same sex marriage issue represents how civilized we really are topic to   " berdache ways " page,thus one more step out of "Plato's Cave"


added ; "Partnership" page

added few topics /ideas to "Change " page


   added ; sex education page via parenting page


added Leo's video "65 core principles" to Teaching self-actualizing in schools

                                                                I like how Leo starts with ideology


   added to ; Beyond Chiefdom page


added page ; The Ego,Maslow's Needs,and reducing Needs


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added ; "Woman in the Wilderness" by Miriam Lancewood to Alone-life on one's own planet


added page ; Empathy and Map is not the Territory

added video to ; Cultures of Humanity page  "How Did They Build the Peruvian Stone Walls?"

  added a few doodles of this week to "Ways of Meditation", did put a link at top of page about people say that they are meditating /seeking Mindfulness exercises often involve meditation in some form. if it isn't working ,you to try another route,there many many, doodle,sketch just one,only one I know.


added ; Jill Bolte Taylor's video to " The Two Sides of Thought page

  added a few pdf file links to ; Seeing page    , THINKING THROUGH DRAWING: PRACTICE INTO KNOWLEDGE and Art is all about looking: drawing and detail


     added page ; Free Will and Ego under; where do we begin


added page ; Change

added to ; ways of meditation page - Non-Objective drawing


  added page ; Triangulation (psychology) via Cognitive Dissonance

      addeded to ; Purple Stage - the much needed


    added page ; Thought-terminating cliché and Platitudes


    added - Robert Henri quotes to his page- Robert Henri Artist and Teacher


     added page ; Freedom from Thought


      added page ; "Endangered"

        added page ; In your next life,what type of Human would you like to be


  added page ; Native Americans and a study of Enculturation


added page ; " Woods Fairy " (nudity)


  added ; Leo's new video  →The Radical Implications Of Oneness (Halloween Edition) 

                   to Non-duality page

     added ; Happy Halloween !, I added few pictures (nudity) to aug 26 Androgyny nudes, for Halloween it would be fun to be a 

                                                               "Woods Fairy "


    added page ; " The Content and Context dilemma"


  added page ; Mediator in our own minds

   added to ; Insititutionalized mind      ; How Religion/government insititutional us.


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         added ; some excerpts from "Patterns of Culture" to Ruth Benedict's page


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                  added page; "Transcending the Ego"

                                                                                                       I believe now, Transcending Ego,is very much top priority, for                                                                                                                    anyone to work on, and  "Being Cognition"


   added a video of Leo's "Sameness verse difference" to Comparing page


      added ; Rod Flemings video on "Autogynephilia" page Symptoms, Issues and Oddities of Androgyny


                      This caught my eye, and should be of concern for all, Mass German rally against far right 

     what is AfD ?- Alternative for Germany (German: Alternative für Deutschland, AfD) is a right-wing[18] to far-right[17] political party in Germany. Founded in April 2013, the AfD narrowly missed the 5% electoral threshold to sit in the Bundestag during the 2013 federal election.

                        The party has been described as a German nationalist,[2][3][4] right-wing populist,[19] and Eurosceptic[6] party. Since about 2015, the AfD has been increasingly open to working with far-right extremist groups such as Pegida.[20] Parts of the AfD have racist,[21] Islamophobic,[22] anti-Semitic[23][24] and xenophobic[11][25][26] tendencies linked to far-right movements such as neo-Nazism[27][24] and identitarianism.[28][29] -Wikipedia

                                                simply hard to understand,yet must be observered

Hitler’s Guide to Propaganda – The Psychology of Coercion

                   1. Keep the dogma simple. Make only 1 or 2 points.

                   2. Be forthright and powerfully direct. Speak only in the telling or ordering mode.

                   3. As much as possible, reduce concepts down into stereotypes which are black and white.

                   4. Speak to people’s emotions and stir them constantly.

                   5. Use lots of repetition; repeat your points over and over again.

                   6. Forget literary beauty, scientific reasoning, balance, or novelty.

                   7. Focus solely on convincing people and creating zealots.

                   8. Find slogans which can be used to drive the movement forward.

It is said Hilter studied Gustave Le Bon  - According to Steve Reicher, Le Bon was not the first crowd psychologist: "The first debate in crowd psychology was actually between two criminologists, Scipio Sighele and Gabriel Tarde, concerning how to determine and assign criminal responsibility within a crowd and hence who to arrest."[44] While this previous attribution may be valid, it is worth pointing out that Le Bon specified that the influence of crowds was not only a negative phenomena, but could also have a positive impact. He considered this as a shortcoming from those authors who only considered the criminal aspect of crowd psychology.

                        Le Bon detailed three key processes that create the psychological crowd: i) Anonymity, ii) Contagion and iii) Suggestibility. Anonymity provides to rational individuals a feeling of invincibility and the loss of personal responsibility. An individual becomes primitive, unreasoning, and emotional. This lack of self-restraint allows individuals to "yield to instincts" and to accept the instinctual drives of their "racial unconscious". For Le Bon, the crowd inverts Darwin's law of evolution and becomes atavistic, proving Ernst Haeckel's embryological theory: "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny". Contagion refers to the spread in the crowd of particular behaviours and individuals sacrifice their personal interest for the collective interest. Suggestibility is the mechanism through which the contagion is achieved; as the crowd coalesces into a singular mind, suggestions made by strong voices in the crowd create a space for the racial unconscious to come to the forefront and guide its behaviour. At this stage, the psychological crowd becomes homogeneous and malleable to suggestions from its strongest members. "The leaders we speak of," says Le Bon, "are usually men of action rather than of words. They are not gifted with keen foresight... They are especially recruited from the ranks of those morbidly nervous excitable half-deranged persons who are bordering on madness."



              added page ; InQuisitive


           added to ; Anal sex page (found good pump for Rex,for baby oil cleaning/enema)


            added page; Men and Women Can't Be "Just Friends"


              added page; Being cognition and aesthetics/Ego verse Empathy(concept of 'einfühlung')


                added page; the Jedi Order


               Updates to; the Reasons I pose

                      added page;  Philosophy in a New Key

                  updated; Symptoms, Issues and Oddities of Androgyny

                      added page; Words as Symbols


                  updated Hunter-gathers-

                                                                   L'Anse aux Meadows and their reason

                     added ; Beyond Reason-transcending reason page


             updates to Cognitive Dissonance page


                      "The Mystic"- page


                  The Mystery of "Logo-Centric"

10/3/2018 - Unity of Opposites

10/3/2018- Caverns of the past and the Shadows we don't Desire


                 A look at " Scientific Socialism by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels " and 

                    " dictatorship of the the proletariat "  - models of Civilization


                     Opposing Forces of Our Mind- Our Shadow and Spirituality page


This Art being destroyed due to One individual's belief,One allowed to be in power

- How civilized are we as individuals?- remember we allow this destruction.due to our vast un ability to see Humanity as a Whole.


Another example of some one who has a group of people's Attention and then- spreads hate and judgement by way of music, in his song, this Jamey Johnson may think he is funny, yet in reality, he can't see the big picture. another sad moment

,I happened upon while looking for positive ideas. One reason people should keep such negative thoughts to themselves, until they are Mature enough to speak.


added; Purple stage- the much needed

       " I have searched quite some time now for the person whom stated or talks about "stage Purple" as "the most basic maybe,yet the most essential to maintain,evolving along with the other stages or the whole system is fragmented"-me 9/28/2018


added; " static conclusion "


added; "The Autobiography of an Androgyne" by Jennie June


added; Creating; the Space the "Void" called "Desire for Growth"

added; "Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics "


added "Metaphysics"-comparing


"Comparing" added page



Leo's video above takes a good look at a form of Psychological Slavery, and what I term a form of "Pre-Concieved Notions"



"Berdache ways"


  added "Spirituality"

---------------------------------Multi-Tasking ; why it causes problems---------------------------------


to be continued ;