I do like Fem things to wear

I used to dress like this often when seeing a Man,not with garter anymore,they are a pain

I must say when it comes to Dressing,I am very practical,utilitarian,..for example I wouldn't wear heels,if one thinks about it,wearing High Heels (female or male or Fem-male) is insane,there is no practical reason whats so ever, to ever to wear them, very good example of a "Cultural Dogma"

For myself,if I indentify that there is at least for myself,another gender,,called "Fem-male " gender,,and that there are other genders as well,,I then don't have to appear just as female,cause I am not female,and I don't have to appear as male,cause I am only male by appearance,,,I am a whole other gender,I call "Fem-male",,I have no need to change my body

I believe if Society would accept us as a separate gender or genders (mine being Fem-male,or role of heterosexual female,I am attracted to straight men). I think if we just wore things like shirt dresses in public for example,others can indentify us,or say I wore these leg warmers,and the shirt dress below to go out in public ,hopefully most mentally stable people could think to themselves,when seeing me,"he is a Fem-male",,simply

Social constructs or social constructions define meanings, notions, or connotations that are assigned to objects and events in the environment and to peoples notions of their relationships to and interactions with these objects. In the domain of social constructionist thought, a social construct is an idea or notion that appears to be natural and obvious to people who accept it but may or may not represent reality, so it remains largely an invention or artifice of a given society.

Gender, which represents ways of talking, describing, or perceiving men and women, is also a socially constructed entity. Generally distinguished from sex (which is biological), notions of gender represent attempts by society, through the socialization process, to construct masculine or feminine identities and corresponding masculine or feminine gender roles for a child based on physical appearance and genitalia

Social class is yet another socially constructed entity. While most scholars agree that class appears to represent a universal phenomenon, its meaning is often contextually located because what determines class varies from one society to another, and even within a culture different people may likely have different notions of class determinants.

Depending on the constructionist perspective, social construction may be the outcome of human choices rather than of immutable laws of nature. Here, then, lies the core issue over which social scientists diverge. Are human ideas and conceptions generated more on subjective criteria than on objective realities? Debates have raged in the social sciences along the divide of science versus objective truth. In the social construction of reality, the question has often been asked: To what extent is our claim to knowledge supported by reality? In other words, to what extent is this claim a social construct? Some writers believe that to the extent that knowledge is aligned with reality, it approximates objective truth, anything less represents a social construct. According to this thinking, even morality is a social construct. However, others believe that all knowledge is social construction.

I love wearing thigh high leg warmers
skirts such as this
shirt dresses
I buy tube tops,cant wear as short skirt
sweater dress
I'd love to wear this out in public
I think I could have my hair like this
I think if I had transformed to Look "Female",I would have liked her "Looks"

Though "Garters and Thigh highs" are not really practical,I do love wearing them..heres some I'd like to wear

I like her hair-style to

bought this today while shopping,,ready for summer 4/14/2018


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