I would love to have Posed for Life Drawing classes as a Fem-male

For myself now, all my poses are centered around or my goal to achive is symbolic ; "Hermaphroditus" poses

,as the pursuit of feeling more "effeminate" or " wanting to be like the girls"

"I always felt for myself "Modeling for Artist's, Students especially was a form of Altruism,"Offering myself to be                         studied,for a better understanding and growth"-me


I have often wondered if I appeared as this in life drawing class, how the students would take it?.I would like to think that, that after the "Initial shock", they would adapt quite quickly,accept what they see,and do some great drawing,,those students I had come to know,,I truly believe had a great ability to adapt quickly,make no judgements that would interfere with their ability to "See".

6/3/2018- Was able to get out to woods to pose a bit

Weekend was so nice was able to get out in Nature to pose 6/3/2018
Weekend was so nice was able to get out in Nature to pose 6/3/2018
fem june 2018

If I would pose today,and say I had a Class which I was comfortable with,and was able to reveal to the class that I identify myself as a Fem-male,a form of transgender,and they where Ok,accepting,it would be nice to try this above pose

 -a pose I would do often growing up and through out my life time-
june 24/2018 posing outside

I think most students realized I was very Fem,and knew I like men,yet I never revealed that I was "Transgender" oriented non-op male to female(truly wished to be like girls,felt female like in my mind,so for myself,I was transgender,just psychological),and I felt if I mentioned,it might cause a problem.

Fem-male pose 7-15-2018

In this photos I am wearing a Tube top,I was thinking,even now if I where to go swimming in a public setting,I would be more comfortable wearing a female bathng suit. I'd love to wear these in public.(the bottoms in style of lower one)Sexy Bikinis Underwire Swimwear Bra and Drawstring Side Pantskirt

Fem-male pose 7-15-2018
Fem-male pose 7-15-2018

Wood Nettles very dense on forest floor,why have to wear Leggings.else these plants cause terrible itching 

See the source image

wearing legging cause of "Wood Nettle"
posing in front of a great old red cedar,long died

American Indian groups, cedar is considered a sacred wood. In the Cahokia area it is the only native evergreen tree, and thus symbolic of life; it has a reddish heartwood, symbolic of blood and life; and it resists insects and decay. These factors led to its sacredness.

Management The following information on the Traditional Resource Management (TRM) red cedar was provided by Lynn Youngbuck, who is Cherokee, Chiracahua, and Fox.  TRM includes the following: • Take only what you need, leaving the best to reproduce. • Speak to the plant, leave an offering of tobacco or sage before harvesting.  The plant will grow back two stems for every one cut. • Humans are another strand in life.  Plants sustain us and should be treated as another living being. • Plants were taken care of by extended family groups of women.  They were taken care of and watched each year for generations. • Materials harvested were shared and traded with the whole tribe. • Cedar bark was harvested in early June or early July as the bark is more easily removed at that season (Densmore 1974).  The gathering of cedar bark was attended with a simple ceremony, followed by a feast.  The next day the tree was cut.  The bark was removed, and the tree was permitted to remain as it fell, and when thoroughly, dry was used for fuel. 

This old red cedar maybe over 1000 years old?

        The wood is marketed as "eastern redcedar" or "aromatic cedar".

         Eastern juniper is a pioneer species, which means that it is one of the first trees to repopulate cleared, eroded, or otherwise damaged land. It is unusually long lived among pioneer species, with the potential to live over 900 years.

I truly wanted to "come out" as a Fem-male / third-gender type at this time,was just to much though.I was very involved by this time in my role as "Fem-male",routinely seeing several straight black men whom accepted me as "Fem".

aug 12,2018 nude pose fem
fem-walk pose - aug. 17,2018

8/19/2018 Androgyny,feminine role,posing


                               -------We all have our Own personal Culture, this is simply part of mine--------                                                                               I like how Ruth Benedict portrays us each as a culture in it's self with the following statement;

                    “A culture, like an individual, is a more or less consistent pattern of thought and action. [...] Each people further and further consolidates its experience, and in proportion to the urgency of these drives the heterogenous items of behaviour take more and more congruous shape. [...]

Such patterning of culture cannot be ignored as if it were an unimportant detail. The whole, as modern science is insisting in many fields, is not merely the sum of all its parts, but the result of a unique arrangement and interrelation of the parts that has brought about a new entity. Gunpowder is not merely the sum of sulphur and charcoal and saltpeter, and no amount of knowledge even of all three of tis elements in all the forms they take in the natural world will demonstrate the nature of gunpowder.”
Ruth Benedict, Patterns of Culture 

Congruous definition, exhibiting harmony of parts.

heterogeneous [het″er-o-je´ne-us] 1. consisting of or composed of dissimilar elements or ingredients; not having a uniform quality throughout. 2. in genetics, said of a trait that can be produced by different genes or combinations of genes. het·er·o·ge·ne·ous (het'ĕr-ō-jē'nē-ŭs), Comprising elements with various and dissimilar properties …

“Such men will never know the added love of their culture which comes from a knowledge of other ways of life.”                                                                                                                                           - Ruth Benedict

       One might tell I have a had a great love of Ruth Benedict,for a long time, some one it would of been great to          hang out with. Matter of fact after reading her book "Patterns of Culture" back in 1995, it was through her                thoughts, that inspired me to greatly inquiry into the meaning of "Pre-Concieved Notions", then name the boat        I was building that.

Pre-Concieved Notions under construction