My Passions

Cultural anthropology

  A great passion of mine,which I have studied with much interest since reading Albert Einstein's book "Ideas and Opinions" back in       mid 90's. In it he states "if you want to read about a truly great culture read Ruth Benedict's "Patterns of Culture" and her studies         of the Zuni of the southwest and the Kwakiutl of western Canada.

Under-Water World

Dive Medicine

Traditional Carpentry

Traditional Sign Painting

Traditional boat building

Beautiful Black Men

Life Drawing Modeling

Flying bush planes /float plane into wilderness areas

I flimed this from right seat of plane while flying into Canada

I went down to Mexico,Mo. (Zenith Air Co.). and flew this plane back in 2012

..Great Planes,in my Opinion

Classic Whitey's location

My Favorite Ice Cream- "Whitey's"