"The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man."

- Richard Feynman

I believe we are as Human beings...as much as part of Nature as, a Cloud,a Tree,a stream,a wolf,a mule,a part of the essense of the whole Universe...yet we continue to harm our life source,in a mad dash of hurrying about...We must all stand-up..do our part!

I try to pay "Attention" to Nature.....with all my being,attempt to be embodied with the grandness of Nature's Essence...thus the more spiritual ..I may become.__me

Nature to me...is beyond Amazing!

I believe if we fail to look to "Nature" for guidiance,,we will fail..ourselves

example: here is study of the "Wolf"...we can learn much from their "Society"

Parenting is one..where the wolf ...exeeds humanity!...something to ponder

Big Picture verse apathy seeing

The Sun, the Moon, the Earth and its contents are material to form greater things, that is, ethereal things- greater things than the Creator himself has made.-John Keats