Myself trying to be as transparent,honest and humble to myself,thus anyone else whom may visit this site.

                             First above all Objectives is to simply understand " Being Human"

Objectives of this Site

1.To show the importance of Drawing,it's great Meditative value.

2. To outline / research a better educational system based upon past experinces,and ultimately present it to people,groups etc.Like the U.S. Department of Education , school districts,newspapers, anybody whom interested in our chilldrens future

3.To study / research, Self-Actualizing,(reaching for Maturity)

A Question that continues to come to my Mind

Seek the Truth the reason : "Why over 2000 years ago there where many Brilliant people,like Plato,Heraclitus etc.",why even the average human being doesn't show the type of self-actualizing as them,is it due to environment,parenting,education,why and what ?"

"I personally see "End of History Illusion",creates the wall,the road block to evolving for most people,"They remain in Plato's Cave",they step into the River thinking it is the same river,! I see this as the primary or a root form for human beings as a whole have not evolved to any degree in 2000 years."

4. To do research for my writings:

Beyond Chiefdom "Need for Unity and Roots"

"Pre-Concieved Notions"


5. Make it Clear "Ego and Groupthink" are humanities biggest hurdles to overcome

Understand the reality of " Pre-Concieved Notions" better

Understanding " Certainities"

    For example: for myself,realizing that only when I am sober,self aware, that then I can be fairly certain,"I thought what I thought",yet what I seen while walking in the woods,I can try to describe the best I can,yet I can't be certain that , I 100% realized what I seen,thus I can't be 100% certain,what I try to explain is 100% true or certain.- all we can do , is be aware of ourselves claiming anything as a "Certainity"