Studies on Androgyny 9/6/2018

A common phrase as to what Androgyny is, which I come across;

"The concept of androgyny refers to the psychological wholeness of a person defined as the ability of an individual to identify with both masculine and feminine characteristics, depending on their appropriateness in various situations. "

- I agree with identify with both masculine and feminine characteristics,yet for myself it is more a ability to be self aware of the traits within myself,what socially is seen as ;masculine and feminine

Then by my own intuition, select by desire which trait I most desire, at present time,my desire is to develop my Feminine traits, almost as though suppressed / hidden for so long," kinda like getting a new gift".

To better see from the Female perspective;
                                                                          For example I like now to shop for a new dress,bra,panties etc.
                                                                            I find myself paying attention to how I respond to social situations better and when                                                                                 alone, I have always been very empathtic type person, yet find myself more aware                                                                                 of it in social setting
                        This phrase"depending on their appropriateness in various situations.; which I come across,...….represents "social construct", and " when in context for the moment".  for example; I can't go to work wearing a dress,even though I might like to ,say if the work situation allowed- if I was working on a job alone, I would wear a dress.

            One has to remember the two words here; Feminine and Masculine, and realize,both are social constructs- with Androgyny it is a internal relationship of both "Realized", and the traits themselves are not male or female, they are simply "Human Traits", society came up with feminine and masculine.


The above site is a view on Androgyny I felt open-minded, and I can relate to.and did at very beginning as the author wrote;

     "Many people realise that they are Queer from quite an early age. In my case it was less something I knew innately and more something that my world told me I was."  at least until my "first contact"


Amazon wearing trousers and carrying a shield with an attached patterned cloth and a quiver. Ancient Greek Attic white-ground alabastron,  470 BC, British Museum, London

A helmeted Amazon with her sword and a shield bearing the Gorgon head image, Tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix, 510–500 BC

Mounted Amazon in Scythian costume, on an Attic red-figure vase, 420 BC


Pondering this morning,and  picking away at Scott Pearsons writing "Androgynous Individuation and Two-Spirit-uality" which I came across doing research yesterday, then was editing some "Androgyny Pose pictures"..and thought of role of androgyny male,two-spirit type in early cultures as "tending/staying with  the women and children as the other males ready for a long distance hunt"......as I looked for images to represent this "Idea".....