Symptoms, Issues and Oddities of Androgyny -Nsfw-



Below is picture of myself back in 1998, I put breast on myself to see how I would like to look then,by this time I was referring to myself as "Fem-male"

   I would say that in all reality, I am most attracted to she-male types,so similar to myself gender like,though they would need to be able to be in male role with me, as my desire is only female role.

   I am very attracted to someone like below,and have been for along time, so might say this type might be my ideal mate.

Finding imformation about Androgyny is difficult at best,and one has to be creative to find it. For example I this weekend found this site about Asperger's Syndrome;



I think it is maybe easy to Forget why Nature, instilled in Us the Desire to have Sex

1. We are by Nature's way,Innately designed to procreate / reproduce, the one most Important aspect of Survival of a Species

2. By Natures design, Desire was instilled in Us,to find, by selection a mate, in a Females case, find a male, whom she hopefully

       feels has the traits needed for Survival. Then her desire "Psychologically", is to get the Male to ejaculate his sperm up inside her!

   3 This is very simple, For Myself and the Autogynephilia aspect of me, I by Natures innate design, some how, some way have the 

      Female sexual desire to reproduce (have a selected male ejaculate in me)- verse -the Male desire

      Though rationally I very much know this is not possible, That does mean the desire isn't there, For example ; One may wish to Fly       as Bird, yet has not Wings, yet man has developed ways of flying similar to a Bird.

   4. So in away being -Autogynephilia- is a creative process, a evolving process for a male


If One listens to Rod Fleming in the below video, One see how complex "Autogynephilia", can be, and how difficult it is for the individual whom is "Living with these feelings".

  I agree with most of what he says, yet for myself, I believe the Individual can transition through the whole spectrum of the feelings he describes, and some not at all, while some intense, for example I have never experienced say at 15:25, "functioning as female(lactating). then Anatomic, only thing I would ever dream of is Breasts.. In essense I think for myself I would very much lean toward AGP type non-homosexual / yet can and have experienced the intensity of HSTS (the in Heat aspect)

             I have always been attracted to males whom are similar in body type as my own (slim/tall), those that are educated/wise etc.,those whom are heterosexual, (only take male role), and my over-whelming desire is to be bred by them as if I am a female, thus my number One objective is always to have them ejaculate up inside my bottom.

Cognitive dissonance/ Gender dysphoria

          Cognitive dissonance has always been apart of my life.(cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.)



     I am to a fairly high degree "Autogynephilia" thinking. example;


What is Autogynephilia?

Human sexuality is diverse. There are boys who like girls, and women who like punishment, and men who like animals, and girls who like girls, and women who like men, and boys who like boys. Amongst this wide range of tastes and desires is one known as autogynephilia – in which a man is sexually aroused at the idea of being a woman.

Almost certainly, autogynephilia is a behavioural disposition that is genetically inherited, meaning nobody chose to be an autogynephiliac, or was made into one by some family member dressing them up like a girl, or any other type of early life event.

Autogynephilia has three principal forms:

  1. Anatomical: the man desires to have a vagina or another part of the female anatomy (or a complete female body.)-for myself "breasts" I have always greatly desired having, I have never had desire to have a vagina, only tiny limp penis,     when I am with a man ,I want him to see me as un-masculine as possible. In my case "Breasts"
  2. Transvestic: the man likes to dress as a woman.- fits me
  3. Behavioural: the man likes to act like a woman.-fits me
  4. Idea / Want of taking his Climax deep in my bottom,is very over-whelming if I like him a lot verse if I don't like him as much, I may ask him to pull-out before he ejaculates.

In some cases, the three types co-exist.

Another important characteristic of autogynephilia is that it usually co-exists with other sexual tastes and dispositions – often heterosexuality. In other words a person is rarely a pure femephiliac who can only get turned on by thinking of themselves as a woman.

One final aspect of autogynephilia that is notable is that it is not static; it can wax and wane in a person’s life, depending on their life circumstances. For example, it is common for a first time father and husband to experience a lowering of his femephiliac drive. At the other end, however, all autogynephiliacs should be aware that what you consider a purely sexual phenomona has the potential to develop into transsexualism – usually in middle age.- novagirl.net

When having sex with women, biological males with autogynephilia (regardless of whether they plan actually to undergo transition) sometimes imagine themselves as women sexually interacting as lesbians.( I do this )[7] Blanchard notes that biological males with autogynephilia will also have sex with males: "The effective erotic stimulus in these interactions, however, is not the male physique of the partner, as it is in true homosexual attraction, but rather the thought of being a woman, which is symbolized in the fantasy of being penetrated by a man.(I greatly desire being penetrated) For these persons, the male sexual partner serves...to intensify the fantasy of being a woman."[1] Blanchard (2005) provides an individual's narrative illustrating the phenomenon:[4] (I have also had sexual enounters with eight men....I found I enjoyed the physical aspects of this type of sex and felt I was confirming my womanhood by being a passive partner. All these encounters occurred while I was [cross-]dressed and were all one night stands. I have never been interested in sex with a man when I was presenting as a man myself. (Narrative #54) -lgbt.wikia.com            I can very much relate to this narrative,and has always been very important that I present myself to the man I intend to have sex with, that I am very Feminine,wish to be treated as a "Lady".

 Being in the Female role,where I am penetrated is always my main objective.

Be treated as a Lady by a man is always my desire


For myself, I greatly identify with the "symbolism" of "Hermaphroditus"

I have indentified with Two-Spirit peoples for long time

Sexually I very much related to "Kathoey" (ladyboys/shemales),years ago

I do often think of "Orchiectomy" sometimes, I have been researching,and would consider it in reality.

I often think about Breast Augmentation as a reality, and if had a occupation where this was more socially accepted, may do it

I think finding the "Right type" sexual partner is a big issue

Mental Androgyny by Author: Vivian JarrettB Psych (hons), AMAPS.@ vivianjarrett.com

     excerpt from Vivian Jarrett's site; "

How do You become more Androgynous?

This article is on mental androgyny – not looking androgynous. To increase your feminine and masculine traits, I would make these suggestions for both men and women:

  • Find Androgynous friends and spend time with them occasionally. Learning something as complicated as Androgyny takes many years, and is more difficult if you come from a family or social group with traditional gender roles.
  • Experiment with saying and doing things related to both genders. Try being more attentive to the way you look, versus focusing on the task and aim at achieving more. On different days challenge yourself to approach situations from either a masculine or feminine role.
  • Pull back from judging others when you see someone do something not consistent with their gender role. Perhaps you teenager daughter doesn’t care how you feel and your son wants to learn how be a better friend. Identify your own behaviour as well as the behaviour of others, and practice expanding both feminine and masculine skills.

The American Ego problem

The Problem with the American Egomedium.com

      " The United States of America is a place where individualism thrives and separating oneself from “the next guy” remains paramount. It’s a place where, in order to get what one wants, one must prove to society that they are better than the average. It’s a place where competition rules; where the strong go to survive and the weak go to die. That’s the way it goes. That’s the American way. Whether one likes it or not, those are the definitive cultural norms, rather the aspects that teach Americans the “right” way to live. Where this becomes dangerous is when the ego is introduced to these customs and ideologies. These qualities, which are very much alive in America, inflate the ego. These qualities, over time, have created a society of what Carl Jung would identify as, a collection of “Heroes.”

How to Understand the Male Ego

    " The term "male ego" gets thrown around a lot in popular discourse, often without any clear definition. In order to understand how the male ego shapes men's thoughts and behavior, it's important to draw attention to the ways in which it is socially constructed. In other words, much of what we consider to be the "male ego" is based on long-held assumptions and stereotypes about masculinity and maleness that have social meaning and have been, for the most part, unconsciously internalized by most men.


Understand what the "male ego" is. Stemming from the work of psychologists and psychotherapists in late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the ego can be defined most basically as the self. After all, "ego" means "I" in Latin.[1] The ego is the part of the mind responsible for acting as the “mediator” between the forces and drives of the superego (our conscience and our ideal selves) and our ids (the part that is responsible for satisfying our basic needs). The ego operates in reality, and is also responsible for mediating between our own needs and how to satisfy them within our environments. The ego maintains relations with others, reconciling the drives of the id and the superego with the outside world. Many psychologists posited their own theories of the ego based upon Sigmund Freud’s explanation of the ego.[2]
  • In other words, the male ego is not only a reflection of the individual self, but also of cultural definitions of masculinity and ideas about how men should think and act. Men's identities are thus shaped by social influences. Humans are social beings after all![3]

Understand that gender roles are socially constructed. In order to understand the male ego, it is necessary to understand how gender roles develop and function in society. Gender roles shape how people think and behave. Gender roles are sets of beliefs and actions that develop within specific cultural contexts and are associated with a particular biological sex (male or female). The roles help to differentiate between the sexes, so that men are seen to be one way and women another. By occupying these specific gender roles, some individuals function better within their particular social context while others may struggle.[4]
  • To understand the male ego, you need to understand how society shapes men's expectations of themselves. This is important because many men have developed ways of dealing with these social demands. In many cases, men aren't even aware of how society influences them. For example, most men don't really know how they came to be sports fans or think that blue, green, and gray are boys' colors while pink and purple are girls' colors.
  • Learn the basic characteristics of the socially constructed male ego. The male ego is driven by recognition, attention, and action. Men are assumed to be more active beings who do important things (such as political leaders, soldiers, scientists, etc.) and who are deserving of attention by others. In this vision of the male ego, men are driven by their physical strength, sex drive, and evolutionary biology as competitors for female attention to be competitive, to strive for greatness and power, and to avoid showing any emotion and weakness.[5][6]
    • For example, in most American communities, the male gender role is typically understood and described in active as opposed to passive terms. Men are courageous, strong, competitive, independent, and stable (in contrast, women are passive, emotional, weak, and more socially-oriented). To give another example, men in many communities in the western world are expected to avoid showing emotion. Remember the old saying "boys don't cry?" Instead, men are supposed to be macho and strong in the face of personal challenges, such as loss, grief, and sadness.[7]
    Be aware that not all men feel comfortable performing these standard gender norms. A lot of men feel conflicted about having to be a certain type of man. For example, what about men who are not attracted to women, even though heterosexuality is still seen as the norm in today's society? Or what about men who enjoy pedicures and facials, things considered "girly" or feminine?
    • It’s important to find out how individual men feel about and respond to these social expectations of how men should be because they will vary in each and every case


Is America the New Rome? – United States vs. the Roman Empire


Parallels Between the Republics

Despite the efforts of some American leaders to set a different course than that experienced by the Roman Republic, an analysis of the two is inevitable. Cullen Murphy, former managing editor of “The Atlantic” and current editor-at-large of “Vanity Fair,” identified numerous similarities between the two civilizations in his 2007 book “Are We Rome?

  • Global Influence and Dominance. Both societies were the preeminent entities in their worlds including “hard” power (military might and economic power) and “soft” power (language, culture, commerce, technology and ideas). Their dominant stature is taken for granted within their own societies and the world at large.
  • Solipsism. Americans have long believed that they are the straw that stirs the drink with qualities and abilities superior to other countries. In ancient days, all roads led to Rome, the center of the Ancient World – or so Roman citizens believed. Publius Cornelius Tacitus claimed that even “things atrocious and shameless flock from all parts to Rome.” According to Murphy, “Both see themselves as chosen people and both see their national character as exceptional.”
  • Political Corruption. Like America today, politicians in the Roman Republic had difficulty differentiating between public and private responsibilities and public and private resources. As a consequence, public services declined while the pockets of the public officials and their patrician sponsors grew large at the expense of common citizens. Numerous reforms were attempted to curb excesses, but were resisted by the ruling patrician class, echoing the partisan battles in American government today.
  • Foreign Wars. For the past century, America has been preoccupied with war, either fighting a war, recovering from a war, or preparing for a war. The list includes World War I (1917-1918), World War II (1941-1945), the Cold War (1947-1991), the Korean War (1950-1953), the Vietnam War (1954-1975), the Gulf War (1990-1991), Afghanistan (2001- ?), and Iraq (2003-2011). The list does not include the continuous fight against domestic and foreign terrorism. As a consequence, domestic problems lack attention and priority. The Roman wars include the initial overthrow of the King followed by 50 years of battle to subjugate the southern peninsula of Italy. Over the next four centuries, they repelled numerous Celtic invasions from the north and fought three Samnite Wars (343-282 B.C.), the Pyrrhic War (280-275 B.C.), the Punic Wars (274-148 B.C.), four Macedonian wars (215-148 B.C.), and the Jugurthine War (111-104 B.C.). These battles do not include numerous barbarian invasions, slave rebellions, and regular skirmishes with pirates who continuously threatened trade routes on which the republic depended.
  • Collapse of the Middle Class. The Roman middle class was crushed by cheap overseas slave labor; the rising income inequality due to technological change and the transfer of jobs to overseas labor threatens the middle class of America today.
  • Loss of Political Compromise. Just as Republicans and Democrats are focused on political gain rather than the public good, the inability of the opposing political parties of the Roman Republic – Optimates (aristocrats) and Populares (populists) – to work together led to the imposition of Caesar as dictator and the end of the Republic.

------------------------------------------------------A Big Issue of being Androgynous-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

My entire Life the issue of Race,gender,etc. have been a issue..to become a "Mature" nation,these not be a issue, for example if it wasn't such a big deal, I would love to wear a dress or skirt most of the time when practical,if going to swimming pool or beach wear a Bikini, and not have a "Bunch of Egos" stare,make fun of, even threaten .

   Like to just be myself, as a Androgynous type person.and not feel like a "Freak",cause I don't see myself/ nore believe myself a threat to society in any way,maybe different than the majority at most.

Addictions stem from lack of Maturity, and America is being overcome by Addiction

   I believe a percentage of Americans know in their hearts we have a Big Collective problem,yet don't know what to do,which is easy to understand,when we have such poor leadership, and by history a "Grand Ego", yet America has a short history(thus immature),and getting a grip on the American Ego, is a start.


Even though I have evolved into my own Spiritual belief(simply Nature), I was raised in the Christian tradition, and have great respect for parts of the Bible. Yet for example; One great wisdom of the Bible is " The Meek shall inherit the Earth" another word for meek is humble, and humble people have a very good grip/control on their Ego's. I will leave it at that!


I think for myself, being Androgynous, and desiring the "Female role", at the current state of society, very un-accepting of this type of behavior,like minded persons as myself, un able to find suitable straight males, most likely will seek others like themselves-Androgyny/third-gender types.

Likes do Attract!


    10/10/2018                          I can envision a State where Androgynous individuals could live apart from tradition society

                                                For example ; take a state Wisconsin, where it is by Law made a Androgynous State, meaning for                                                                               example - there will be no Bigotry , any one whom can't accept this either is educated in Being-Cognition etc. to overcome their Pre-Conceptions, if still on able to resolve this, they must leave the State. With Federal government support this could happen, for Androgyny, Race,etc. create a Safe Haven State

                             I think Our Founders envisioned a America that would constantly evolve, yet we got Stuck on;

                                                                                   "End of History" illusion


End-of-history illusion

The end-of-history illusion is a psychological illusion in which individuals of all ages believe that they have experienced significant personal growth and changes in tastes up to the present moment, but will not substantially grow or mature in the future. Despite recognizing that their perceptions have evolved, individuals predict that their perceptions will remain roughly the same in the future.

Studies on Semen(sperm)

What I do know, is there is A lot We don't Know, and Why Assuming anything is not good idea

,                                      "Pre-Concieved Notion"

Excerpts from -" how Oral Sex or Having Sex Without a Condom Can Be Good For Women's Health"


Results from the study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed that even after adjusting for frequency of sexual intercourse, participants who had sex and "never" used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than women who "usually" or "always" used condoms when having sex.

Additionally, researchers found that sexually active women who never used condoms also had fewer depressive symptoms than women who abstained from sex altogether.

Surprisingly, really promiscuous women who used condoms were just as depressed as women who practice total abstinence, leading researchers to suggest that semen, not sex, makes women happier.

Previous findings also suggest that women exposed to semen perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks and that a woman's body is able to detect 'foreign' semen that differs from their long-term or recurrent sexual partner’s signature semen.

A woman's ability to detect foreign semen may be an evolutionary trait that prevents pregnancy from an unfamiliar source because it signals a disinvested male partner who is not as likely to provide for the offspring. "


Using data obtained from an anonymous survey of 293 females on campus, Gordon Gallup and Rebecca Burch, working alongside University of Liverpool psychologist Steven Platek, were able to determine that women who engage in oral sex or have unprotected sex on a regular basis were happier than those who practiced safe sex.

                               Thus taking a selected Males Climax by way of Fellatio or Anal sex can make one feel good - 

                                                           biological and psychogically

                                                                 I can relate to this