The Muse

Nature ,is the Highest Muse in my eyes, yet that which is "desired to observe ",and induces desire to be in part- "Part of ". "To Know"...my idea of muse


Different ways of looking at "The Muse"

One thing I have Observered, Is Female Artists are Equal to Males in Skills as Artists-" In the Life Drawing Class "

Yet Until the turn of the Century, Females where not Allowed: "Historical accounts reveal that nude models for aspiring female artists were largely unavailable. Women were barred from certain institutions because it was considered improper and possibly even dangerous for them to study from nude models.[8] Though men were given access to both male and female nudes, women were confined to learning anatomy from casts and models. It was not until 1893 that female students were allowed access to life drawing at the Royal Academy in London,[9] and even then the model was required to be partially draped.[10] -wikipedia

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Drawing should be regarded as a major art form, artist David Hockney once said...
Despite long being seen as "almost irrelevant", drawing is a vital part of every creative process, Hockney said.
"Drawing has been neglected for the last 30 years in art education," he told BBC News Online.

Drawing as always been the essence of most art forms. Since the beginnings of mankind it has always been the closest form to nature. It is another form of language to express nature, creativity, (creativity which comes from nature and what we see) and mankind. Probably the earliest forms of drawing date back to the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux.

David Hockney was kind,saying "Neglected"

, for example, " Imagine you play a musicial instrument,and you ,play in a band, yet only for a few months of the year and never in the summer months, do you get to practice with the band,the group,the Class-"How Good,will the group be? ",
Well people, That is pretty much the way our art's education is,The way I know "Life Drawing" is in America-me
drawing by Peter Xiao / Augustana College

I started this group,so people could be able to just Draw,on a regular basis,yet ,what is needed is a more formal place to have it,instead of my home,a place though where very little cost is incurred.

Peter Xiao interview

history of drawing

Women’s life drawing class at the Art Students League, c. 1903. Archives of the Art Students League of New York.

I like how they have their's flipped to support drawing boards

As you view this photo,realize,you may never see people in Higher states of "Consciousness"- I loved observing them ,listening to then breath,hearing their charcoals,pencils moving on the paper.

Different definitions of Muse

1-(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.

The Muses are generally listed as Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Euterpe (flute playing and lyric poetry), Terpsichore (choral dancing and song), Erato (lyre playing and lyric poetry), Melpomene (tragedy), Thalia (comedy and light verse), Polyhymnia (hymns, and later mime), and Urania (astronomy)

2-A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

‘Yeats' muse, Maud Gonne’
‘the landscape was Gorky's primary muse’
to think deeply and at length; meditate

This is a Area Women have historically been oppressed, which in essense has harm men in the end, as so few males where given chance to be Muses for women, as women(models) have been for men, another "morality",ego issue.(male ego)