The Tree of Knowledge..book by Humberto R.Maturana & Francisco J. Varela

I have at this time devoted a whole page to this book,as it's importance is very relevant to comprehending the world

M C Escher

In the very beginning of this book,,the Authors use Escher's art to Illustrate ..it is a crying shame,"Not Knowing what makes up our own world of Experince",..might be one of the worst things to be ashamed of-Read the book..it is worth it just for a few pages

As well as "Seal of Certainty"
(in that there are Few)
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Conceptions of certainty

There have been many different conceptions of certainty. Each of them captures some central part of our intuitive understanding of certainty, but, as we shall see, none of them is free from problems.

"The music of French-American composer Dane Rudhyar (1895–1985) has remained virtually untouched by analysis for almost a century. Even though Rudhyar’s importance in the development of American music has been increasingly acknowledged by historians in the past two decades, his compositions have still received only the most superficial attention. Some of this neglect may result from Rudhyar's musical language itself, which—because of its highly idiosyncratic, personal nature—does not readily invite analysis."

",Is this because he had simply,   a different Point of View?   we must always remember any thing New,only comes with New Thought"-me

“All things change according to the state we are in. Nothing is fixed.”
Robert Henri, The Art Spirit