Understanding Addiction


                     I have been very reluctant to give much advise about Addiction, partly due to lack of time of being free of Alcohol addiction, fear o being over confident, having not spent enough time back in mainstream society without support of the "ARC" (Adult Rehab Center / Salvation Army), I wasn't at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in Minneapolis, I was 2 years a Detroit Center, However I met Jerry here.

 At this time This Type Center is only type .I will endorse / recommend due to the following key components Salvation Army Understands the Addict needs to succeed.

               Within a Christian atmosphere and philosophy, the center offers men the opportunity to regain their self-respect and                            acquire the life skills needed to take their rightful place in society.                                                                                               

                The rehabilitation process is intensive and requires a strong commitment by the residents to the full six-month term or                           longer. The center is not a temporary shelter or a place to stay while seeking employment.

                 The men receive education, counseling and spiritual support at night. By day, they perform volunteer “work therapy” for                       40 hours per week, mostly distributing clothes, furniture and other donations to Salvation Army Stores.                                            

                  The program teaches men how to change their lives to become productive citizens in the community, better fathers and                       husbands in their homes, and valued employees in the work place.

                 A very Key component is "Drug or alcohol rehabilitation works  by taking you away from your daily triggers and stresses                     that lead to your drug or alcohol use in the first place.(The Individual in Essence must Learn to live a                     New Life Style,and a minimum of a year is most likely needed)                                                                                Once you are in a safe environment (Culture) away from drugs or alcohol, you can concentrate on starting the process of                    living a life free of substance abuse, willingly.

First of Let me kinda describe how bad my own personal Alcohol Addiction was:

In 2013,february(5 years ago)..I was extremely suicidal-

Only with the help of my Brothers and Sister-in-law, whom where able to intervene,they realized I could no longer think for myself, which I personally at this point was aware of. They knew I needed long term help,thus Rehab. Let me point out,as the System in the United States currently stands,,if I didn't, have their Care,their taking the" reins" , I would not be writing this.

Even They could not believe how hard it was to find the proper help for a person in my situation.

     This is changing,yet the public needs to be educated on the signs of Addiction,how a person is crying for help,simply by being addicted!,
      Being Addicted comes in many,many ways,from over eating,to shooting Heroin in one's veins.
      Addiction is maybe the best defined as the result of:

            Some form of Stress in a Individuals Mind, from a "cognitive dissonance " to a "Oppression"

             I hate to say this , Yet Society in all reality is the very Root of most Addiction,.. in a very sneaky way.

                                          My work as a carpenter ,craft-person,demands extreme attention to detail in order for myself to do the best job I can,Yet in our current society,,speed is the "State of the Union"...the two don't mix well!

                                           My self being a Fem-male,in a society that judges,"pre-judges" others by sexual "nature"..here is a quote                                              by Scott Peck that I believe clearly defines our current culture,at least by many individuals:

                                               “Since [narcissists] deep down, feel themselves to be faultless, it is inevitable that when they are in conflict with the world they will invariably perceive the conflict as the world's fault. Since they must deny their own badness, they must perceive others as bad. They project their own evil onto the world. They never think of themselves as evil, on the other hand, they consequently see much evil in others.”
M. Scott Peck

"It’s not craving entertainment – 6/23/2018-  A hallmark of an immature mind is its constant tendency to want to distract itself in entertainment, which usually manifests as forms of greed, over-indulgence, addiction and depravity. The entertainments can be in any form – food, drinks, drugs, sex, shopping, hobbies, TV, internet, work, mysticism, religion, social events, denial-based spirituality etc Entertainment can be a means of enjoying your waking hours, but if it becomes your “craving” you are just a prisoner to it, with no real sense of wisdom. It’s easy to get addicted to entertainment because it allows the mind to deny its reality for a while and get some temporary relief. A mature mind enjoys entertainment but can easily sustain itself without it, it’s not “restless” and it can find alignment with the most ordinary moments. - calm down mind.com

                               Immaturity and Addiction                                   


When I enter Salvation Army work Alcohol rehab. They stressed very much,the basis for an Addiction is "Some aspect of All addicts,have a very emotionally immature aspect to themselves, and they where there to help me fix it. (No other rehab. had ever even mentioned the process of fixing addiction by fixing the aspect of emotional immaturity )

Comparison between Mature and Immature:




Definition (Merriam-Webster)

Having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult

Having a fully grown or developed body : grown to full size

Having reached a final or desired state

Not fully developed or grown

Acting in a childish way : having or showing a lack of emotional maturity


Mature refers to someone who acts their age or someone who acts like an adult.

Someone who acts like a child or tries to act younger than their age.


Acting like an adult

Acting like a child

Acting their age

Acting below their age

Accept responsibilities

Avoid responsibilities

Talk about situations and feelings

Avoid talking about situations and feelings

Accept blame when at fault

Will not accept blame even when at fault. Will blame others.

Talks about appropriate topics at appropriate situations

Will talk about inappropriate topic at inappropriate situations

Have self control

Lets emotions get the better of them

Are independent and self-reliant

Are dependent on others for things

Tries not to get too frustrated

Gets frustrated easily

Will forgive others

Unlikely to forgive others


Take things out of proportion

Use sophisticated humor

Use sophisticated toilet or crass humor.

Secure in their position

Extreme jealousy

Don’t care much about what others think but accept constructive criticism to try and make personal improvements

Inability to take criticism, rather taking it too personally or taking yourself too seriously

Do not need constant attention and gratification. Are confident with who they are.

Constantly seek attention and gratification

Think about other’s needs and give love and affection

Extremely self centered and selfish

Deal more with reality

Deal more with how things should be or live in a dreamscape rather than reality

Learn from experience and improve themselves

Do not learn from their experience and keep making the same mistakes over and over again

"When I was in Alcohol Rehab, the number one thing we where told,or taught to realize was- Our Minds where immature in some Aspect-

              Moving Towards a Mature Mind - calm down mind.com


I think,  Dr. Gabor Maté  talk below is very insightful on Addiction,best I ever heard.

Simone Weil's book " Need for Roots" stresses the need for Unity,the community.