Why did Nature create a Third-Gender variety

I personally didn't wake up one morning ,and decide to be a "Fem-male type person" and due believe that to a high degree I was Predisposed or born with much more "Feminine type traits",then most males.

  It has been a life long struggle to try to not to reveal my "Feminine traits",to try to be like a "real normal male". I can't           begin to explain the mental anguish,depression,cognitive dissonance of fighting a internal battle.So why would any               male choose to be like myself?- one that modern society,the majority consider strange and odd at best, threatening             and freaky, and should simply go away and die or be Eliminated at worse. -Believe me,I have had people tell me           to go kill myself-!

I love this picture because I can see myself as what the French early explorers called a "Berdache" (a Native American transvestite), working with the women and children,,and when the men return from hunting, and one or more of the men have sexual need ,they can choose me to treat as a→ Female sexually,thus fulfilling a need of the "tribe" for all.

 Because I have the feelings more like a "Female",it is easy for me to be in the sexual role as a female would. I can see one or a group of the unattached males (no females for them),taking me somewhere secluded on this river,and as we stand out in the river, he or they take turns "boning" me(gang-bang me) and it would be very accepted as a way the tribe functioned,so everyones needs where fulfilled. I have wondered if they practiced "Fellatio" then,what type of sex was used→ would I masturbate one,while one boned me,and sucked one's cock ?

   ♣ It would be my guess, the Berdache could of helped eliminated Jealousy in the tribe,especially if there was a higher ratio of                males then females.

    ♣  When did "Mating" or the act of →become shameful, or secret, something not talked of etc.Was it introduced by the Europeans?

    ♣  For example,if you where a Observer from another planet see American Cinema, Violence is not only not suppressed !,it is                   demanded by the public or is this what the Movie Makers simply give?, thus accepted by the public,,Yet nudity is highly                       Suppressed! → who,when did people begin thinking Nudity needs Suppressed ,due to it being Harmful ? to myself this is a                 →base for brewing of a view of distorted reality→ creation of a mental illness in a entire society.

         " So the Observer,might simply conclude,"These People love Violence,yet are ashamed of their own bodies "
Waiting for the Men to come home from hunt

I have been roaming the Woods nude,all my life,since early youth. believe me even the wildlife doesn't fear me, as when clothed,they have evolved to know people as "Clothed" and to be feared!.

I truly hope my nudity doesn't offend,yet I have to be myself

For example I am only wearing these leggings, because of the weeds,undergrowth of summer,I am not trying to be Provocative,Yet that's not to say,I can't wait til the young men of the Tribe return from the Hunt,so I can please them as a Fem-male ! everything has it's time and place,a act is "Appropriate" when the time is right,yet not ,when it is not.

Winkte (also spelled wíŋtke) is the contraction of an old Lakota word, winyanktehca, meaning '[wants] to be like a woman'.[1] Historically, the winkte have been considered a social category of male-bodied people who adopt the clothing, work, and mannerisms that Lakota culture usually considers feminine

      Not a women, Like as for a femininity / sexual role