My Idea's/"Losing the Art of" -hope is not to!-

( I consider Life Drawing,one of my greatest passions,my site contains Nudity)

To lose "Art",the Individual is Lost,nothing handmade,all mass production.

My Web Journal /research project

note; due to fact some pages have content- NSFW- (sexual content), one simply must use password iamofage

..an a Apocalypse- greek meaning of Apocalypse is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation
-(Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning "an uncovering"[1])

-There are no 100% certainities here,yet a lot of study-

I do believe our Ultimate Goal as Human beings is as follows;
" Transcend beyond Ego, thus Transcend to our highest level of Pure Consciousness; thus transcending to the Highest Level of Spirituality" -me 9/22/2018


This site is Some what a Research Aid, Note Book, Study Aid for myself to Contemplate Art, Culture, Philosophy,sexuallity, etc. for my three current Writings- 1. "Terrace" 2. " Pre-Concieved Notions" 3. " Beyond-Chiefdom " (please bare with me as I work all day as a carpenter in all weather etc.,usually to bed by 7pm,arise at between 1am to 3am at which do research,study,read,contemplate,until 7am, at which time,go do my carpentry job)

(and I got a "D" in typing in 9 grade,,and ain't improved much!)

"Art is the most " intimate Touch " the Individual can display to the world,outside of themselves"-Michael Emery

" It is in away simple,to live simple, yet not until in the culture of simple. I think my writing T.V set represents how I feel ,well


The Moment "Art Dies" is the very Moment,Humanity begins to Die, The Moment, we are not Daily inspired to do Better,and Achive, is the Moment, "of "- No Meaning-, Thus "Losing the Art" is not a Option.-me

My main,...."number one" objective of the Site is to realize,teach and help understand how The importance of Art and Creative thinking...is to Society.and seek the Truth

This has to happen so lets figure out how

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.”
Albert Einstein ....

So this Site ,spends much Time Looking at "Psychology of self"


.This is the Number Objective of the Site..1or one english, 数=( number 1 in Chinese), один =(Russian) Japanese = ߌ;Ӗ; (hitotsu), Spanish =uno " I did this to show what "One appears like in other Languages"

And whether=(expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives, expressing an inquiry or investigation (often used in indirect questions, indicating that a statement applies whichever of the alternatives mentioned is the case)...we as individuals grasp the fact, that in last 30 years "The World ,just got together as ONE",culturally,econmically,Philosophically...to survive we must embody this fact,and work together peacefully..this is not a "Theory"

One thing to remember when viewing my site is .I am very influenced by "Plato’s Form of the Good "

"If one steps back,takes a long hard look...one may see,..almost every judgement,problem,conflict,,is in some way linked to :"Pre-Conceived Notions"

Here one must understand my theory on where all "Growth" forms, ←(this meaning of forms, is it is the-" in process of becoming",yet has not become the True Form ,..yet !..)........In what I believe Plato mean't by Good..I believe he also was saying-"GOD" or some great soul etc. are in our minds..all connected related Through a shift in the brain,where the" Right Hemisphere" (Intuition,diffused thinking,meditation,solitude )...takes the dominant role,thru some form of medition such as creating art don't be pre-conceived by the Art(the song,drawing etc.) created,it is the "Act of creating the art " "medition of" this is the part I find people can't seem the grasp,,"it doesn't matter what is formed(painting,sculpture,poem,song...these themself's are a reflection/imitation of what acured by the way of the Act,

. To see glimpse of the True Form one has reached the Highest point of Spirituality possible by a living human being,...and my belief is,... Also that only The True Creator or Creators know this Form

I believe also,or possible that Plato held the Idea that all the Greek Gods where in essense "Forms". one must remember at this time many "ideas,&belief's were exchanged by story telling(as now"wizard of oz,the return of the jedi etc.)

.for example.I have high feminine traits so by the greek,,I might of been said to be like "Hermaphrodite." by society- A person who has both sexes, or the natural parts(mentally) of man and woman.
This term comes to us from the Greeks; they composed it of the name of a god and a goddess, in order to express in one word, according to custom, the mix or the conjunction of Mercury and Venus, whom they believed to have presided over the birth of this extraordinary being. But whether the Greeks drew this prejudice from the principles of Astrology or from hermetic philosophy, they cleverly imagined that the hermaphrodite was the offspring of Mercury and of Venus. An honorable place is due to the child of a
god and a goddess, and this is why legend continues to honor Greek illusions. The nymph Salmacis having fallen desperately in love with a young hermaphrodite , and not being able to awaken him, prayed to the gods to make their two bodies into one; Salmacis got her wish, but the gods left traces of both sexes on the new being.
Nevertheless, this prodigal of nature, who united the two sexes in the same being, was not favorably welcomed by all, if we believe the account of Alexander ab Alexandro, who says that the people who bore the sexes of both man and woman, or to use a single word, the hermaphrodites , were regarded by the Athenians and the Romans as monsters, and thrown into the sea at Athens and at Rome into the Tiber.
But are there true hermaphrodites ? One could raise this question in the times of ignorance; one should no longer propose it during the enlightened centuries. If nature wanders sometimes in the production of man, it does not go as far as metamorphoses, confusions of substances, and perfect assemblages of two sexes. That which is given at birth, even, perhaps, at conception, does not change into another; there is no person in whom the two sexes are perfect, that is to say who could reproduce in herself as a woman, and also outside himself as a man, tanquam mas generare ex alio, & tanquam foemina generare in se ipso [...for as much as the male to produce out of another and the female to produce in her own self...] in the words of one canonist. Nature never permanently confuses these true signs, nor its true marks; nature ultimately shows the characteristics that distinguish sex; and if from time to time these are hidden in infancy, they are definitively revealed in puberty.
All of the following is equally true for both sexes: although nature can sometimes hide a woman in the exterior of a man, this exterior, this superficial bark, this appearance, does not impress enlightened men, and and does not make this woman into a man. If there have been men who passed for a woman, it is certainly via ambivalent characteristics; but it is during the age which is the season of pleasures that the profusion of life, the source of force and of health, can no longer be contained inside, and searches in this happy age to be seen outside, announces itself, and definitively succeeds. This is what happened to the supposed Italian girl, who, during Constantine's time, became a man, as reported by one of the fathers of the Church. In this invigorating

A Quote that has always had a heart wrenching pain ;
--------------------------------------------------A child left in the wild,remains Wild!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When I started building " Pre-Concieved Notions", it hard to describe exactly how I felt, yet just recently I was reading about G. I. Gurdjieff, and this was his outlook " Gurdjieff believed that because of our conditioning and education most of us live our lives as unconscious automatons. Oblivious to our own real potential, our essence, we are totally “identified” with our personality, our self-image, and with whatever thoughts, feelings, images, daydreams, or sensations capture our attention at the moment. Because we so quickly and mechanically say “I” to each impulse as it arises, says Gurdjieff, especially those impulses that support our self-image, we believe we are masters of ourselves, seldom noticing our own inner fragmentation and our lack of will and choice as a result of this fragmentation. We lose ourselves at every moment in one or another aspect of our lives, out of touch with the remarkable wholeness that is our birthright." - This was similar to how I seen the world at that time,and still do,and even to a greater ,growing extent-me

Through-out this site,,,in the back of your mind,,keep in mind the name of this little Ship,"Pre-Concieved Notions"

Pre-Concieved Notions

“Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.”

― C.G. Jung

As all topic's on my site,...just because I post it does mean I follow it as a complete truth,-I have become a great skeptic of almost everything...that what a humans- being says,,that is-,most everything someone passes on through speech,writing all forms of commucations are subject to Naïve-ness,pre-concieved notion,etc..yet worse of all Deceit

My this Writing of mine ,Defines my Philosophy best

"The Artist,,,,whether their trade is painting,writing,scuplting,drawing..sewing a dress,while they compose a song,must be a great observer and seek not to just apply a word to something,but see the "Essense",...the whole of it all, and un-preconcieved by what they think they already know " -me

"Pre-Concieved Notions"

A Idea of Plato's Forms-a attempt to understand them better,
When we Think, first and foremost,...do we not form a "Idea Of", a attempt to realize the "context".,,the " Form" of what has entered our minds through our senses,..through our eyes,our ears,touch taste and smell..a Form,,begins to to create itself in our minds,...whether it be a event,all situations(forms)...person.place or things..the way the light is shining to the direction the wind is blowing. Forms are being created in our minds,..our own individual abilitiy to allow these forms to merge,,thus create the most accurate ...Form..of what we see,,is maybe as Simone Weil talks of often,,are abilitiy for Time and "Attention"....her talks of the "Void"...we must have the room in our minds..for what we are try to "percieve"...a place for the "context" to dwell.-a Idea I had -me

example of creating a "Form" for another (commincating)
If I walk up to you,and first just say the word "The" to you,,then just stand there,,you soon most likely might ask me.."what do you mean?",or maybe "the what?"...then I just say" the tree"....you may then ask"the tree what?",..then I say."the tree fell"....this could go on and on for some time...yet what is being created,if you stand there long enough and pay Attention...I am Projecting,creating a "Form" in your mind!....it is up to you and I...to take the time and have the Attention,, thus creating the Void,,,to embody,,,the Forms,,and then the Full Context of the "Form" being created...we are learning!

...Simone Weil describes the Void I mention-"Gravity and Grace"
Seekin Truth is what this Site is About


A thought I try to be aware of and way of being is be very careful of the "Clubs" we join,,when I say clubs I mean "dogmas,belief systems,from a church to a school of thought,poltical party to a culture" ...be a individual tyrants can rule over one club,,much easier,then 100 individuals whom form a unity

In my opinion

A sign above most school,church,public institution entrances.. should currently say.."Here we teach the individual methods of how to,Attempt to,Live in Society of Mass Production,brought on by Materialism and Capitalism" we teach the "Mass",not the "Individual"

Where that sign should say something like this: "Here; We- our Goal is to guide the "Individual",Help the "Individual become the "Greatest" Human-being" they can be,within their own personal innate ability"

I believe this↑ may some what define Plato's Form's..in that it is something we must always seek,even thought may never be reached..it is" the Ultimate motivator"..a concept to be held by each...even though..one is limited at a certain point and time..change can continue toward the -Ultimate Goal"

I wrote the following writing in 1998,I submitted it to the Quad-City Times,whom published it,my point being I have been studying this topic a Long time,and it is not improving,only getting worse with technology.materialism.capitalism..we must come up with a new way,,thus that is my Goal here

The reason I believe Art is so important 1. it primes the mind ,prepares the mind,thru means of Attention 2.

Once Attention is achived,,then deep comptemplation can begin 3. Once one enters into a deep Meditative State.this State is the only State which One can, Truthfully disregard most belief's learned from Society,persumed certainities,myths. 4. Thus this State is a unhinder state,..A State of Mind in One can truly see reality.thus can create,contemplate,unhindered by so called truth's handed down by past belief's....thus..Most of this Site is Focused on the Great Meditative Value of Art...Base for a Learning Model,..Over coming " Pre-Concieved Notions "

One could think of "Pre-Concieved Notions" as the stuff on your computer you send to the "Recycle bin", do to the Fact, it is no longer useful,no longer truthful,it is taking up space which could be used for Use full stuff !!!

"Without Art..human beings..could never have become HUMAN,nor ever come close to what we call "civilized"...yet civilized,can't transend to a higher level When it currently stands..without Art and Creativity leading it's way"....I am fairly certain of this-(me)

"Art is transending the mundaneness of life"-me

Like myself..this web-site is under a constant state of..."Under Construction"

....and by no means have I transcended to a state of being,,as many of these peoples here.I am just struggling to better myself

Be True to your self...learn from others,yet study Nature to the highest degree..then create your own "Vessel"..(True-Self)


Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"

I believe the.,or very good place to start,,is the truly understand "Allegory of the Cave" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave ...embody it,or less one can not even begin the journey to self-awareness

Being Cognition Compared to Deficiency Cognition- (I see this closely related to Allegory of the Cave,those in cave in a "state" of deficiency cognition)

I myself read over the below-To remind myself it is easy to fall into the "deficiency cognition" trap


1. Seen as whole, as complete, self-sufficient, as unitary. Either Cosmic Consciousness (Bucks), in which whole cosmos is perceived as single thing with oneself belonging in it; or else the person, object, or portion of the world seen is seen as if it were the whole world, i.e., rest of world is forgotten. Integrative perceiving of unities. Unity of the world or object perceived.


1. Seen as part, as incomplete, not self-sufficient, as dependent upon other things.


2. Exclusively, fully narrowly attended to; absorption, fascination, focal attention; total attention. Tends to de-differentiate figure and ground. Richness of detail; seen from many sides. Seen with "care," totally, intensely, with complete investment. Totally cathected. Relative importance becomes unimportant; all aspects equally important.


2. Attended to with simultaneous attention to all cause that is relevant. Sharp figure ground differentiation. Seen imbedded in relationships to all else in world,as part of the world. Rubricized; seen from some aspects only; selective attention and selective inattention to some aspects; seen casually, seen only from some point of view.


3. No comparing (in Dorothy Lee's sense). Seen per se, in itself, by itself. Not in competition with anything Else. Sole member of the class (in Hartman's sense).


3. Placing on a continuum or within a series; comparing, judging, evaluating. Seen as a member of a class, as an instance, a sample.


4. Human-irrelevant.


4. Relevant to human concerns; e.g., what good is it, what can it be used for, is it good for or dangerous to people, etc.


5. Made richer by repeated experiencing. More and more perceived. "Intra-object richness."


5. Repeated experiencing impoverishes, reduces richness, makes it less interesting and attractive, takes away its demand-character. Familiarization leads to boredom.


6. Seen as unneeded, as purposeless, as not desired, as unmotivated perceiving. Perceived as if it had no reference to the needs of the perceiver. Can therefore be seen as independent, in its own right.


6. Motivated perceiving. Object seen as need-gratifier, as useful or not useful.


7. Object-centering. Self-forgetful, ego-transcending, unselfish, disinterested. Therefore, it-centered. Identification and fusion of perceiver and perceived. So absorbed and poured into the experience that self disappears, so that whole experience can be organized around the object itself as a centering point or organizing point. Object uncontaminated and unconfused with self.

Abnegation of the perceiver.


7. Organized around ego as a centering point, which means projection of the ego into the per- ception. Perception not of the object alone but of the object mixed-with-self-of-the-perceiver.


8. The object is permitted to be itself. Humble, receptive, passive, choiceness, undemanding. Taoistic, noninterference with the object or percept. “Let be” acceptance.


8. Active shaping, organizing, and selecting by the perceiver. He shifts it, rearranges it. He works at it. This must be more fatiguing than B-cognizing, which probably is fatigue-curing.

Trying, striving, effort. Will, control.


9. Seen as end in itself, self-validating. Self-justifying. Intrinsically interesting for its own sake. Has intrinsic value.


9. A means, an instrument, not having self-contained worth but having only exchange value, or standing for something else, or a ticket to some other place.


10. Outside of time and space. Seen as eternal, universal. "A minute is a day; a day is a minute." Disorientation of perceiver in time and space, not conscious of surroundings. Percept not related to surroundings. Ahistorical.


10. In time and space. Temporal. Local. Seen in history, and in the physical world.


11. The characteristics of Being are perceived as Values of Being.


11. D-Values are means-values, i.e., usefulness, desirability-undesirability, suitability for a purpose. Evaluations, comparisons, condemnations, approvals, or disapprovals, judgments upon.


12. Absolute (because timeless and spaceless, because detached from the ground, because taken per se, because rest of world and history all forgotten). This is compatible with the perception of process and shifting, alive organizations within the perception-but it is strictly within the perception.


12. Relative to history, to culture, to characterology, to local values, to the interests and needs of man. It is-felt to be passing. Depends on man for its reality; if man were to disappear, it would disappear. Shifting from one syndrome to another as a whole, i.e., it is now a bit in this syndrome, now a bit in that syndrome.


13. Resolution of dichotomies, polarities, conflicts. Inconsistencies seen to exist simultaneously and to be sensible and necessary, i.e., to be seen as a higher unity or integration, or under a superordinate whole.


13. Aristotelian logic, i.e. separate things seen as dissected and cut off and quite different from each other, mutually exclusive, often with antagonistic interests.


14. Concretely (and abstractly) perceived. All aspects at once. Therefore ineffable (to ordinary language); describable if at all, by poetry, art, etc., but even this will make sense only to bee who has already had same experience. Essentially aesthetic experience (in Northrop's sense). Nonchoosing preferring or selecting. Seen in its muchness (different from the concrete perception of young children, of primitive adults, or of brain-injured people because it coexists with abstract ability).


14. Only abstract, categorized diagrammatic, rubricized, schematized. Classifying. Reduction to the abstract."


15. The idiographic object; the concrete, unique instance. Classification impossible (except for abstracted aspects) because sole member of its class.

D-COGNITION 15. Nomothetic, general, statistical lawfulness.


16. Increase of dynamic isomorphism between inner and outer worlds. As the essential Being of the world is perceived by the person, so also does he concurrently come closer to his own Being; and vice versa.

D-COGNITION 16. Decreased isomorphism.


17. Object often perceived as sacred, holy, every special." It demands" or Calls for" awe, reverence, piety, wonder.


17. Object Normal," everyday, ordinary, familiar, nothing special, Familiarized away."


18. World and self often (not always) seen as amusing, playful, comic, funny, absurd, laughable; but also as poignant. Laughter (which is close to tears). Philosophical humor, humors. World, person, child, etc., seen as cute, absurd, charming, lovable. May produce mixed laughing-crying. Fusion of comic-tragic dichotomy.


18. Lesser forms of humor, if seen at all. Serious things quite different from amusing things. Hostile humor, humorlessness. Solemnity.


19. Noninterchangeable. Not replaceable. No one else will do.


19. Interchangeable. Replaceable. Characteristics of Being-Cognition and Deficiency-Cognition of the World'

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My journey


Have you ever heard of Rubricizing? Well, I haven't until yesterday when I read an article for one of my summer classes. Rubricizing means categorizing or putting people in a specific group. As stated in my textbook, "A stereotype is a rubric with a prepackaged set of meanings." There could be positives and negatives rubrics. "When we rubricize people, we quickly scan them for certain characteristics (often subconsciously) and place them into one of our mental file folders."

I believe we all rubricized each others. One example I could think of how we rubricized people is that whenever we see someone eating alone at a restaurant, we immediately think that he or she has no friends or love ones to eat with or something. This is a general example, but of course, not everyone fit to this example. However, thinking about how we all rubricized each others is not what surprises me. What surprises me is that we rubricized people UNCONSCIOUSLY. -unknown

I think we never become really and genuinely our entire and honest selves until we are dead--and not then until we have been dead years and years. People ought to start dead, and they would be honest so much earlier.
- Mark Twain in Eruption

George (my dog )

In many ways and dark times,he has given a reason to to stay alive - always

“I examined the poets, and I look on them as people whose talent overawes both themselves and others, people who present themselves as wise men and are taken as such, when they are nothing of the sort.

From poets, I moved to artists. No one was more ignorant about the arts than I; no one was more convinced that artists possessed really beautiful secrets. However, I noticed that their condition was no better than that of the poets and that both of them have the same misconceptions. Because the most skillful among them excel in their specialty, they look upon themselves as the wisest of men. In my eyes, this presumption completely tarnished their knowledge. As a result, putting myself in the place of the oracle and asking myself what I would prefer to be — what I was or what they were, to know what they have learned or to know that I know nothing — I replied to myself and to the god: I wish to remain who I am.

We do not know — neither the sophists, nor the orators, nor the artists, nor I— what the True, the Good, and the Beautiful are. But there is this difference between us: although these people know nothing, they all believe they know something; whereas, I, if I know nothing, at least have no doubts about it. As a result, all this superiority in wisdom which the oracle has attributed to me reduces itself to the single point that I am strongly convinced that I am ignorant of what I do not know.”

“Prefer knowledge to wealth, for the one is transitory, the other perpetual.”

“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.”

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