“If you drop one of us naked and alone into the wilderness, you've just fed the creatures of the local forest. But if you drop one hundred of us naked into the wilderness, you've introduced a new top predator to this unfortunate stretch of woods.”
William Von Hippel, The Social Leap: The New Evolutionary Science of Who We Are, Where We Come From, and What Makes Us Happy

                       Alone - life on one's own planet 5-12-2018

                                                                  Would you have a " Ego "?

    There wouldn't be any " Group think " !

    No need for " Money "!

       or " Power "! you are the " Top Dog " !

    Would be need for ;  " Lie ", no " Jealousy ", " Greed ", " even if you wanted to commit a crime, you couldn't " ,or least no one to           judge you !

    No need for a " Smart phone ", nothing to share, don't matter, no one to share with!

                                            Yet would you create, I think so, and Art and Craft would be it.

A Scenario:

Your 50 years old, having grown up in present society,fairly well educated.

Suddenly awake and find yourself all alone,totally nude,you have nothing but you!,.(summer).in a World similar to your past environment: for example: I will select the upper Mississippi river area "drift-less" area,due to fact I know the area quite well,at least best of any,as living in this area and spending much time on the river.


What would you Do?- (after your done freaking out and get a grip on reality,your "Alone"this is going take some days, weeks etc,Yet you only have limited time before your so miserable and die or you kill yourself...(yet your surrounded by the beauty of Nature)

                Maybe starting a fire might be good start- cause even in summer,nights can get cold.- yet can you start a fire,as you have no lighter,no match !..(maybe as looking for what is needed to start a fire,you while find something to eat!)

                  Maybe start finding food,maybe some raspberries,nature has provided everything you need,your surrounded by it,you see the birds,all of nature,they are just fine,going about their lives,unknowing your in distress!,all alone with your Ego,yet how is your Ego going the help us Now?. After all we studied about the Ego,it is suppose to be a Survival aspect of our Mind's,Yet we have no one to use it on!,we have no one to judge,to complain to,We have No one to tell what to do!,No one to depend upon.

If you have any Addictions,very quickly you will start finding out what they are

         for example: I smoke, so starting a fire,is very much on my mind,besides the need to cook,and for warm.

It doesn't Matter to the Least who you where,the last time you where in a World with people and all modern technology,your Ego is lost in this regard,Lets say you Where a millionaire!,or:

a Lawyer
a accountant
a auto mechanic
a Artist
      The Question is now,what skills do you have,in order to Live in and with Nature,the Home you've always had.?

Individualism vs. Collectivism: Our Future, Our Choice

The fundamental political conflict in America today is, as it has been for a century, individualism vs. collectivism. Does the individual’s life belong to him—or does it belong to the group, the community, society, or the state? With government expanding ever more rapidly—seizing and spending more and more of our money on “entitlement” programs and corporate bailouts, and intruding on our businesses and lives in increasingly onerous ways—the need for clarity on this issue has never been greater. Let us begin by defining the terms at hand.

Individualism is the idea that the individual’s life belongs to him and that he has an inalienable right to live it as he sees fit, to act on his own judgment, to keep and use the product of his effort, and to pursue the values of his choosing. It’s the idea that the individual is sovereign, an end in himself, and the fundamental unit of moral concern. This is the ideal that the American Founders set forth and sought to establish when they drafted the Declaration and the Constitution and created a country in which the individual’s rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness were to be recognized and protected.

As long as the Individual lives on earth, you are not Alone,thus  we must live in a balanced harmony between being a Individual (individualism) as part of a society(collectivism). However in America , I see it as a distorted sorted individualism,of a egoism,self-agenda state, which denies the collective state,or sees the importance of nurturing the society,by way of self improvement,and a defined role of government,almost as though we are in a "State of Apathy",a lost of empathy for our society as a whole.-just my thought  8/22/2018

I found listening to Miriam's interview,and watching video's of this couples lives, very enlightening to how human evolution began.

  How they adapted their "roles" herself taking the role as hunter due to her physical ability,more youthful.
Just as the Wolf , Humans are not suited to be Alone