Altruism in the Female roled male


                                    And Altruism in the Non-homosexual males whom gives them sexual Attention

                    Altruism the forgotten link to societal success

                ( I think we got so caught up in the individualistic mind set, we forgot the "Group" or took it for granted )

What Is Altruism?; 


Altruism is acting out of concern for another’s well-being. Often, people behave altruistically when they see others in desperate circumstances and feel empathy and a desire to help.

"Reciprocal altruism" is a term used by evolutionary biologists and psychologists to characterize the decision to help with an expectation that one will receive some benefit or payoff to oneself. Even when people don’t expect recognition or reward for a good deed, however, they often feel energized and happy afterward, a sensation sometimes called the "helper's high."

Cooperative behavior allowed our ancestors to survive under harsh conditions, and it still serves a purpose in a highly complex society. Humans aren’t the only animals who behave altruistically, though: Many species benefit when individual organisms disregard personal costs and act in service of the larger group.

                                                                                     - psychologytoday.com

A view on Altruism I like; Altruism, by definition,;

 is either a belief or practice of selfless concern for the well-being of others.
You and I and everyone else was a beneficiary of at least one such person - our parents.
They were diligently spending their time on feeding and changing and bathing each of us until we were old enough to do it on our own - their sleep time was lost, their health might have changed due to this and childbirth, yet they still did it.
 Then, some of us went on to perhaps having a life partner. Again, here, we take an oath - either explicit or implied to forsake all others to be with that person. So, if your loved one - your partner or your child - need, let's say, a blood transfusion or a kidney (of which you have two), would you not share them?
So, we have elements of altruism which guide our life and our actions.
We are, of course, self-centered and are after our own interests, yet we have a predisposition to be selfless when the occasion calls for it.
The hope, of course, that we do not severely harm ourselves while helping others.
 And what would a world be without altruism? It would be a sad and dark place that will have price tags on things such as affection and taking care of infants and sleepless nights while tending to elderly.

Group selection. It has controversially been argued by some evolutionary scientists such as David Sloan Wilson that natural selection can act at the level of non-kin groups to produce adaptations that benefit a non-kin group even if these adaptions are detrimental at the individual level. Thus, while altruistic persons may under some circumstances be outcompeted by less altruistic persons at the individual level, according to group selection theory the opposite may occur at the group level where groups consisting of the more altruistic persons may outcompete groups consisting of the less altruistic persons. Such altruism may only extend to ingroup members while there may instead prejudice and antagonism against outgroup members (See also in-group favoritism). Group selection theory has been criticized by many other evolutionary scientists

As a Female Roled male, sure I have a Want to have straight males to have sex with me, yet my pleasure comes from pleasuring them, and their ability to make me feel lady-like, for example , performing fellatio is "Work", yet by having a man's penis in my mouth,  is very symbolic, in terms of Feminization, the Act of accepting his semen into my mouth then swallowing it, is a very Feminizing,

                     Yet if one can call it Altruism, for myself it was "Selective ", as the male must of had to of been " Fit ",or no sex

                                                                  Thus a Selection process did take place

"Sociologists have long been concerned with how to build the good society" ("Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity". American Sociological Association.[41]). The structure of our societies and how individuals come to exhibit charitable, philanthropic, and other pro-social, altruistic actions for the common good is a largely researched topic within the field. The American Sociology Association (ASA) acknowledges public sociology saying, "The intrinsic scientific, policy, and public relevance of this field of investigation in helping to construct 'good societies' is unquestionable" ("Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity" ASA). This type of sociology seeks contributions that aid grassroots and theoretical understandings of what motivates altruism and how it is organized, and promotes an altruistic focus in order to benefit the world and people it studies. How altruism is framed, organized, carried out, and what motivates it at the group level is an area of focus that sociologists seek to investigate in order to contribute back to the groups it studies and "build the good society". The motivation of altruism is also the focus of study; some publications link the occurrence of moral outrage to the punishment of perpetrators and compensation of victims - wikipedia


Non nobis solum (English: "not for ourselves alone") is a Latin motto. Common variations are non nobis, sed omnibus ("not for us, but for everyone") and non nobis solum, sed omnibus. It means that people should contribute to the general greater good of humanity, apart from their own interests.


                                                         Multilevel selection theory

In 1994 David Sloan Wilson and Elliott Sober argued that the case against group selection had been overstated. They considered whether groups can have functional organization in the same way as individuals, and consequently whether groups can be "vehicles" for selection. They do not posit evolution on the level of the species, but selective pressures that winnow out small groups within a species, e.g. groups of social insects or primates. Groups that cooperate better might survive and reproduce more than those that did not. Resurrected in this way, Wilson & Sober's new group selection is called multilevel selection theory.

See the source image

"My faction is Abnegation. The rest all call us stiffs. We lead a simple life, selfless, dedicated to helping others. We even feed the factionless, the ones that don't fit in anywhere. Because we're public servants, we're trusted to run government." - Tris' narration in Divergent. Abnegation is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent. Members from Abnegation value selflessless to the point of forgetting themselves for the sake of others.

                                                          Factions (Divergent)  

factions are societal divisions that classify citizens based on their aptitudes and values.[1] The factions are Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the kind), Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless), and Candor (the honest). On an appointed day every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives after taking a placement test.  -In the Divergent book

The test takes place at the school, in dedicated testing rooms. The test administrators consist of mostly Abnegation volunteers, but also include 1 Erudite & 1 Dauntless for the Abnegation-born students. Tests cannot be administered by a member of the same faction as the test-taker. No preparation for the test is allowed.
Electrodes connected to a computer are attached to both the student and the test administrator, and the student is then given a serum to drink. This connects them to a simulation. The simulation provides a series of scenarios which the student must react to. Each stage, monitored by the administrator, should eliminate at least one or more of the factions, ultimately eliminating at least four factions and leaving one single faction as the result. (In the rare case a test proves inconclusive, with the elimination of only three or less factions, the taker is a Divergent.)

 The majority of people born Divergent are from Abnegation.
There is also a high population of Divergent's in the factionless, as someone who has aptitude for multiple factions may find it hard to adapt to one way of thinking. 
The most factions a Divergent person has ever gotten in an aptitude test is three. (If you've read Divergent you'll know who this was!)

                                Third-gender as a divergent element of society

                                       I think it may be important to change  " Gender is a Social Construction ", to;

                                                   "sexual identity/orientation is a social construct"

Two-Spirit Peoples typically took on tasks appropriate to the other gender. They often but did not always “cross-dress.” Many had special ceremonial roles in their communities. While some have glossed this as “homosexual,” it really does not correspond to such designation, and many contemporary Native Americans have rejected this gloss. For an elaboration on Two-Spirit peoples, see Two Spirits: A Map of Gender Diverse Cultures. “Hundreds of distinct societies around the globe have their own long-established traditions for third, fourth, fifth, or more genders.” In June 2017, Teen Vogue provides a great summary: Gender Variance Around the World Over Time: It’s nothing new.

Of course given this biological sex variation and gender role variation, the question of sexual identity and sexual practices gets really tricky. We have typically thought of heterosexuality as both normal practice and identity. More recently there has been an idea that both homosexuality and heterosexuality are normal variants, and surely there are biologists searching for that “gene for homosexuality.” Others have talked about homosexuality and heterosexuality as a continuum. However, none of that gets at the even crazier range of human variation. For example, sex with a “Two-Spirit Person” would be considered neither strictly homosexual or heterosexual. There are also societies in which male homosexual practices are considered vital in order for men to later engage in heterosexual intercourse. Other societies gauge homosexual or heterosexual activity not by the biological sex of the partners but by their role in the sex act–a man can be perfectly “heterosexual” and have sex with other men, depending on the type of sexual practice involved. Hopefully we’ll soon be finding the genes to explain all that stuff. (That last line was supposed to be a joke, based on the idea that it would be silly to search for genetic causation for that sexual diversity. However, I may have to be more circumspect, as the idea of faster genetic evolution combined with ethnicity–what I’m calling ethnobiogeny–may indeed result in such claims. See the end of Race Redux.)

                                                                                         - livinganthropologically.com

              What is Divergent Evolution

Divergent evolution is a gradual process. Organisms of the same species, with marginally different variations in genetic code, are subjected to vastly different environmental conditions due to voluntary or forced migration from the earlier familiar habitat. Over a period of time, every group and its succeeding generations face different environmental conditions and challenges. The criteria for survival are different for these groups now, who once belonged to the same ancestral stock. Therefore, different characteristics are promoted by natural selection in these groups.

                                                                                                         -  biologywise.com

          What is an Evolutionary Advantage?


Today, we often think of gossip as a bad thing. Gossipers are frowned upon, even though the person doing the frowning is probably a gossiper themselves. Still, the word “gossip” has a negative connotation. Which is funny, considering it was one of the greatest evolutionary advantages ever taken by humans.

You see, before gossip and language, humans lived in small groups of 100 – 150 people. This is called the Dunbar number, which means that humans are naturally only able to personally know up to 150 people. During the early days of our divergent evolution, humans could only trust another human if they met and interacted with them personally.

Robin Dunbar: we can only ever have 150 friends at most…" Dunbar number "


Dunbar's number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships—relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person.[1][2] This number was first proposed in the 1990s by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who found a correlation between primate brain size and average social group size.[3] By using the average human brain size and extrapolating from the results of primates, he proposed that humans can comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships.[4] Dunbar explained it informally as "the number of people you would not feel embarrassed about joining uninvited for a drink if you happened to bump into them in a bar".[5]

Proponents assert that numbers larger than this generally require more restrictive rules, laws, and enforced norms to maintain a stable, cohesive group. It has been proposed to lie between 100 and 250, with a commonly used value of 150.[6][7] Dunbar's number states the number of people one knows and keeps social contact with, and it does not include the number of people known personally with a ceased social relationship, nor people just generally known with a lack of persistent social relationship, a number which might be much higher and likely depends on long-term memory size.

Dunbar theorised that "this limit is a direct function of relative neocortex size, and that this in turn limits group size [...] the limit imposed by neocortical processing capacity is simply on the number of individuals with whom a stable inter-personal relationship can be maintained". On the periphery, the number also includes past colleagues, such as high school friends, with whom a person would want to reacquaint himself or herself if they met again.[8]


"The Plains Indians had a remarkable record of nutritional and health success, despite the enormous pressures they were under," Steckel said ; 

Steckel and Prince used recently discovered data collected by Franz Boas, one of the founders of American anthropology. Boas collected and analyzed data from several thousand Native Americans during the late 1800s as part of research he was doing for the Columbian Exposition, a fair held in Chicago from May to October 1893.

The researchers used data from 1,123 Natives from eight Plains tribes, including the Cheyenne, Sioux, Blackfeet and Comanche.

Steckel has conducted a variety of studies using stature as an alternative way of measuring the standard of living and overall health. Average height is a good way of measuring health in populations, he said, especially nutritional status, as determined by diet minus claims on the diet made by work and by disease. Genetic differences that are important in the heights of individuals approximately cancel in determining the average heights of entire populations.

This study shows that despite the many technological advantages that the European-American settlers had over the American Indians, the Plains tribes enjoyed better health, at least nutritionally.

"The modern perception that Native Americans were hapless and in poor health probably comes from the era at the turn of the century when Indians were put on reservations," Steckel said. "Native Americans often did suffer high rates of tuberculosis and other manifestations of poor health on the reservations, but they weren't always that way." 

"The Plains Indians had a remarkable record of nutritional and health success, despite the enormous pressures they were under," Steckel said. "They developed a healthy lifestyle that the white Americans couldn't match, even with all of their technological advantages."

"Hunting and gathering " was humanity's first and most successful adaptation, occupying at least 90 percent of human history. Until 12,000 years ago, all humans live this way."


               Just as I believe, from my own experience cuckolding is a form of;                                                                "Desensitization (psychology)"

   In psychology, desensitization is a treatment or process that diminishes emotional responsiveness to a negative, aversive or positive stimulus after repeated exposure to it. Desensitization also occurs when an emotional response is repeatedly evoked in situations in which the action tendency that is associated with the emotion proves irrelevant or unnecessary. The process of desensitization was developed by psychologist Mary Cover Jones, and is primarily used to assist individuals in unlearning phobias and anxieties.[1][2][3]

I do know that even through-out my marriage(7 years to a very attractive alpha female), in the back of my mind I longed to be a 

" female roled male"  for a straight Alpha type man,that desired to totally emasculate me, and 100% put me in the female sexual role.

Thus I convinced her to start cuckolding me, though the topic never came up, I am certain if she asked me to have sex with her new lover in my female role, I may have cooperated. Due to fact that I was highly emasculated already due to my desire to be in the  female role sexually with a man already,(feeling I was wrong for even marrying,thinking my desire to be a fem-male would go away) then when I was actually cuckolded, I was even emasculated more so.

                              Due to fact , as small clans of close kinship  moved about, they encountered other bands, 

                                                             other bands with single, virtuous young males.

                              Say for example ; I am partner with a female,her and I may or may not have children,thus 2 scenarios 

                               Scenario 1.   Her and I have a child together, yet after our clan merges with another , I spend a lot of time hunting                                with a certain male from the other clan, we become good friends, thus he spends much time with my wife and                                      child. Just by nature of attraction , my wife and him form a good bond, I can see this happening, I image them                                      together sexually. I have 2 options..become jealous or adapt, as if I become jealous..I will likely lose his                                                friendship, and the bond between my wife and him will not change, and I can't leave the Band, nore can they.

                                   In my case, having been feminized at a early age, and I do find my new friend sexually attractive, I ask him if he                                 is sexually attracted to my wife, and if he is, maybe he could see me in a new way,  as a Female role male, in 

                               order that we can keep my family intact, if my wife agrees, he can take the husband (Alpha)role, while I take the                                    (beta) male role, yet as a Female roled male, due to my desire and acceptance to be emasculated and thus                                          sexually only pleasure him with my wife's permission. Thus the Female Roled male, remains part of the close

                               family , to the child, and there is not a conflict. Thus in a way the Female-roled-male was selectively Altrustic

                      Yet indirectly the cooperation of the Wife accepting her husband as emasculated male, allowing him to take the role as                          "Female-roled-male",creating a (Polyandry union) thus allowing him to sexually pleasure the new husband, it                                     created a much stronger family as well as biological diversity, once the Wife breeds with the new husband, ;

                                                                                               and a new child is born. 

                                                                                    Thus both males genes are carried on

                                                                                verse the Polygyny (one male-multiple wives)

          This doesn't mean the cuckolded male, has to take the female-role sexual with the new husband or mating(alpha) male,
                                                           yet I feel it would create a much stronger bond between the three.
                                                As the fem-male doesn't have to look outside of the relationship for a new partner,
                                             as he can now take the passive sexual role with the Alpha male, still hunt with him,etc.
                                                                     And now the Female has two males supporting the Family

notes;  both the wife and the alpha male would have to be both altruistic and empathetic toward the emasculated male.
             If something would happen to the Alpha male,death etc. The emasculated male is there to maintain the "group"
             In my case ,I would likely help in finding a new male partner, if she desired, or we would both simply be celibate.?

                                                         Facts about the American Indian Tribes of the Great Basin

Marriage practices varied from the norm in response to sparse scattered populations and the difficulty in finding eligible mates. In some of the tribes, a woman would sometimes marry a set of brothers. This was called fraternal polyandry by anthropologists.


A form of Polyandry in which several men who are not brothers, marry a single woman. (Greek: poly- multi, andres - men) It is not a common practice. However, it used to occur in the Himalayas and in South Asia and in the Nair community from Kerala, India, in older days. It was also practiced in some parts of Africa and Oceania, certain Native American tribes are also known to have practiced it.

Given the choice between discarding or honoring a person, who did not fit neatly into rigid gender compartments, many Native American groups chose to find a productive and venerated place for the berdache. A Crow traditionalist says, "We don't waste people the way white society does. Every person has their gift ( 57)." According to the Mohave creation story, "Ever since the world began, there have been transvestites, and from the beginning of the world, it was meant that there should be homosexuals. (Roscoe, ed. 39)."

With the arrival of European settlers and pressure from Christian and governmental sources, the tradition of the berdache changed in dramatic ways. The homosexual aspect of the role was all that was seen by the whites. The white powers attempted to remove all traces of berdachism.

As Native Americans began to convert to Christianity, internal pressure developed to disown the berdache tradition within the Indian Nations. Although pockets of traditional berdache practice survived, these were seen primarily among the old. As these people began to die off, the tradition, which had gone underground for the most part, was lost to upcoming generations.


Throughout the literature there are references to the berdache finding no greater purpose than that of serving his fellow tribesmen.- altruism


There are some characteristics of the sexual practices of berdache, which differ from those of other same sex relationships. Berdaches almost always observe an incest taboo which involves the avoidance of sex with another berdache. One explanation for this is that sexual partner of the berdache must, by nature, be masculine (93). This belief is consistent with the emphasis on the gender aspects of the role rather than the sexual aspects. It also dovetails with the information on berdache marriages to masculine men. In these unions, the berdache is considered a wife and is valued by the husband not only for the domestic duties the berdache performs, but also for the socially acceptable homosexual relationship.


In a sense, Native American cultures have institutionalized and socially sanctioned homosexual relations by utilizing the berdache role as the preferred same sex partner. When men want to have male/male sex, they are encouraged to do so with a berdache.


Berdaches frequently are available for sex with both unmarried adolescent boys and married men who occasionally seek out same sex partners. Because of this, female prostitution is not needed. Traditional berdaches were also available as sexual partners during hunts and in war parties (102). This was yet another reason why they were welcomed on these excursions.

           A general trait of the Men whom where having sex with me was Empathetic, as well as altruistic in varying degrees

For example I might have been routinely performing fellatio on a certain man, and then I would convey to him I greatly desired for him

  to start penetrating me anally so I could take his semen up in me, often he might be reluctant,or simply saying no, yet after awhile, seeing that I really wanted,needed him to take me anally, so as to totally emasculated me psychologically, he very well then might taking me anally on a routine basis. For myself this seemed very altruistic on his part, also nearly all the men whom had sex with me where very empathetic, kind, gentle while taking me anally.

   What was I gaining, as I had no need to ever have a orgasm, yet the men where  emasculating me psychologically,accepting me as a female-roled-male, making me feel important by being a passive sexual partner for them.Thus the more a man made me feel feminine, the better I felt, and the more I wanted to please him. I think most females can relate to this desire.

                        My point in part here is ; The "Female roled male ", by nature has to be very selective in mate selection, selecting                                 empathetic males only, any male that didn't show kindness and empathy ,I rejected.

        I believe thanks to David Sloan Wilson, the Altruistic individuals can be seen as a vital element in Societal success ↓

Though many of these societies may refer to transsexuals or homosexuals as a third or separate gender, most of the time, these extra genders represent individuals who identify neither as men nor women. To most of these cultures, this means that the third gender symbolizes the intermediate condition between the genders or a state of being both. (This is often described as the “spirit of a man in a woman’s body” and vice versa.) In layman’s terms, this means that individuals included in this third gender either have no gender affiliation, have the ability to cross or swap between genders, or are a gender category all together independent of the traditional male and female roles.- Third Genders: New Concept? Or Old?

                                                     Can transgender be a part of human evolution?

                  This is a very silly , naive question, when transgender people have by evidence been around as long as humanity itself,

                         Yet a " Divergent " aspect of the group, the question is " how did the thirdgender person benefit the group,in order to                            survive throughout history as a divergent element of, most likely all human societies ?"

                                          I due believe, if society had not been hijacked by morals related to condemning third-gender people, had                              been accepted as the Native Americans had accepted the " berdache " which is a model for people like myself.

                         Once I had been emasculated psychologically at age 13, I would of done as the berdache , similar to the Native                                    Americans, dressed female like, done work with the females, it would of clearly defined I was female roled sexually,

                        thus a male whom might be interested in me to treat Lady-like, would clearly know, or would be at least free to ask me.

                               I think a huge problem, and only getting worst is ; We have lost transparency, thought even the neighbor now is,                          anonymous person, imagine living in tribe of 100 people, and really not knowing but 1 or 2

                                                                         pretty much what society has become. 

I only use berdache as a " Model" for a " female roled male" due to fact the most common definition is " Among certain Native American peoples, a person, usually a male, who assumes the gender identity and is granted the social status of the opposite sex."  Due to fact this is the way I identify, the way I have always felt to be,wanted to be.

   The role of the berdache in assisting the females of a group in mate selection

Obvisiously the berdache would of been spending nearly all their time with the Females, this is well recorded, it is also well recorded the berdache was a passive (sexually female roled partner for the males), thus would have known many of the males through sexual encounters, thus learning of each males qualities,traits,mannerism etc.

  Gossip is a well known human trait, thus by nature, the females would have been asking the berdache, at least in private about the certain males they were maybe interested in, like "whats it like to have sex with so and so ?"

  For example, from my experience as a Cuckold, I very much was playing a form of match-maker for my then wife, then later girlfriends, and in all cases I wanted them to select a very good partner, a partner for long term success.

   Writing " Terrace " , which I believe is the nearly perfect way a " triad group-MF-femmale" (Jodi,William and I), could form.

Ideally William and I have been good friends long before I meet Jodi, I have been a fem-male sexually for William, who altruistically

lets me fellate him, and penetrates me anally out of pure friendship,knowing I am a female roled male, and needs sex like anyone.

  Thus when I meet Jodi , begin posing for her for art, her develop a platonic love, she is single, William is single, thus I very much am driven to try to get them to fall in love, get married, and be a permanent part of the relationship, to help the group as a Whole and 3 is a group, Jodi does soon get pregnant by William, and has a baby girl, now it is 4.

                                                     Key component here is all three of us are empathetic/altruistic people;

                                                                        Thus the child will be raised in that environment

                                                                         Thus in part, evolution toward a better society

                                                     As Scott Peck stated in " A road less traveled " the meaning of love;

                                                     is to help another to their highest potential with no strings attached

                                              And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain,

                                                                       "I always related to this phrase"

                                                            Yet in this world,it harder and harder to be nice !

                                                      That in it's self is a huge problem for societal success!

excerpt from ↑ ; 


In a book certain to change our thinking and our actions, science writer Stefan Klein argues that selfishness is self-defeating and proves the evolutionary advantages of altruism "The future belongs to the altruists, ' Stefan Klein proclaims in this wide-ranging and often surprising exploration of why generosity, and not selfishness, is the means to achieving lasting personal and societal success.
A highly readable synthesis of an extraordinary array of material'including current brain research and genetics, economics and social psychology, behavioral and anthropological experiments, history and contemporary culture'Survival of the Nicest clearly establishes just how evolution has hard-wired us to act for one another's benefit. At once serious, entertaining, and grounded in the most up-to-date science, Klein's book helps us to clearly understand how and why caring for and about others protects us from loneliness and depression; makes us happier, healthier, and more successful; and can even extend our lives.

Though I don't follow any religions any longer there is wisdom to be gained from them, and One I often think of, and have pondered a life time is;                                        " The Meek shall inherit the Earth "

                         The very sad part about religion ; for myself, it condemned me for being a " Female-roled-male "

                                                                     Thus I had to go my own way

William Donald Hamilton, FRS (1 August 1936 – 7 March 2000) was an English evolutionary biologist, widely recognised as one of the most significant evolutionary theorists of the 20th century.[1][2]

Hamilton became famous through his theoretical work expounding a rigorous genetic basis for the existence of altruism, an insight that was a key part of the development of a gene-centric view of evolution. He is considered one of the forerunners of sociobiology. Hamilton also published important work on sex ratios and the evolution of sex. From 1984 to his death in 2000, he was a Royal Society Research Professor at Oxford University.

Hamilton's rule ;

                                           Much of the discussion relates to the evolution of eusociality in insects of the order Hymenoptera (ants, bees and wasps) based on their unusual haplodiploid sex-determination system. This system means that females are more closely related to their sisters than to their own (potential) offspring. Thus, Hamilton reasoned, a "costly action" would be better spent in helping to raise their sisters, rather than reproducing themselves.  I can relate to this when desiring to be cuckolded, as I felt in ways ,I'd trapped my wife,by marrying, thus she had married a "Female-roled-male", thus I felt guilty and needed her to find a "real-man", though at time I didn't fully understand, and kept denyng to myself (for next 8 years), when finally I met the right man to fully and finally, totally emasculate me into a 100% female-roled-male,....it is very hard to explain simply how good it felt, to finally know this was the role mean't for me and know I should never mate with a female ever again.

excerpt from ; 

If you have a simple idea, state it simply


William D. Hamilton

You write that evolutionary ideas "turn out to have, or are perceived to have, the un­for­tuna­te property of being solvents of a vital societal glue". What kind of glue is this?


The glue that I am thinking of is various myths that tend to hold societies together. When these myths are wrong, I think that they exist because they have helped people to be more cooperative than they would be if proceeding with a full understanding of evolutionary theory. This is the most unfortu­nate fact about teaching evolution. I also think that it is the threat that is dimly perceived by all religious people. They think that if people 'believe' evolution instead of believing, say, the gos­pels, they will no longer be able to celebrate simple honesty, or kindly and warm feelings toward others, as unequivocally 'good'.

I think they exaggerate the danger, but they don't exaggerate a nothing. There is a danger of that kind.


How are evolutionists trying to deal with this problem?


They are trying to deal with it by showing that the implica­tions of a fully rational and evolutionary theory of behaviour, and that includes human behavi­our, is not such a nasty thing as it may seem at first. If you believe that we evolved out of animals, -are animals-, and have the same kinds of drives, it doesn't mean that we have to be selfish and inhuma­ne. When you fully work out the consequences of the rules of kinship and of reciproca­tion, and ensure maintenance of the standards implied, you will see that the outcome is in fact quite a moderate kind of behaviour, avoiding evil and as good in holding the society together as are the religious myths. Indeed, under a rational theory we should be able to do better for human happi­ness by avoiding various naive errors.


You write that long ago there was a man who claimed that humans descended from bears, and not from apes. As his theory got rejected and the man got more and more isolated, he probably looked like an angry bear. Didn't this description for a long time fit sociobiologists? "The world doesn't under­stand us and doesn't like us"?


I guess it fits anyone who feels himself to be very iso­lated, so I guess and hope we have gone recently from being angry bears to being rather com­fortable and accepted bears. I wish I could remem­ber who it was that founded this ridiculous theory about bears. I am sure that it exists, but I have not managed to recall the book. Perhaps one of your readers can help to remind me.


               altruism and the levels of selection                                                                                                                           plato.stanford.edu

The problem of altruism is intimately connected with questions about the level at which natural selection acts. If selection acts exclusively at the individual level, favouring some individual organisms over others, then it seems that altruism cannot evolve, for behaving altruistically is disadvantageous for the individual organism itself, by definition. However, it is possible that altruism may be advantageous at the group level. A group containing lots of altruists, each ready to subordinate their own selfish interests for the greater good of the group, may well have a survival advantage over a group composed mainly or exclusively of selfish organisms. A process of between-group selection may thus allow the altruistic behaviour to evolve. Within each group, altruists will be at a selective disadvantage relative to their selfish colleagues, but the fitness of the group as a whole will be enhanced by the presence of altruists. Groups composed only or mainly of selfish organisms go extinct, leaving behind groups containing altruists. In the example of the Vervet monkeys, a group containing a high proportion of alarm-calling monkeys will have a survival advantage over a group containing a lower proportion. So conceivably, the alarm-calling behaviour may evolve by between-group selection, even though within each group, selection favours monkeys that do not give alarm calls.


I don't think Ann Rand would agree→ Ayn Rand rejects altruism, the view that self-sacrifice is the moral ideal. She argues that the ultimate moral value, for each human individual, is his or her own well-being. She argues that the ultimate moral value, for each human individual, is his or her own well-being.

I think as well ,many misunderstand a individual's realistic ability to be Altruistic ; for example 


In Bleak House Charles Dickens poked fun at Mrs. Jellyby, who neglected her own children in order to help people in Africa about whom she knew very little. But today it is much easier to know what people living far from us really need and how best to help them get it. There are also many affluent adults who have enough money to provide for the needs of their own children while making a big difference to people living in extreme poverty in developing countries.

Effective altruists who act in this way probably do feel some empathy for others, but—as Bloom recommends—they use their capacities for rational deliberation to decide what they actually do. Unlike the majority of donors to charity, they are not prone to give to local charities, nor to particular children in developing countries who will write them thank-you letters.

                     In my opinion true Altruism is only productive within the group, or a known                                                   person in need (emergency,etc.) 

                          and a group size fitting the Dunbar number (100-150), 

                                       at this level the group is still a single entity, 

                      beyond that,(at least in a daily practice) people become anonymous. 

               And at societies current evolution, the individual is unable to truly be Altruistic, 

                                   that is " give up everything(life) so the group survives "

However, suppose that altruists are discriminating in who they share food with. They do not share with just anybody, but only with their relatives. This immediately changes things. For relatives are genetically similar—they share genes with one another. So when an organism carrying the altruistic gene shares his food, there is a certain probability that the recipients of the food will also carry copies of that gene.- plato.stanford.edu

Who better then the berdache, belonging to a tribe, say of 150, and since age 13, I had taken role of berdache for example with only 2 males,yet if the berdache role was known, and part of the culture, I would of been helped / guided in ways of being a berdache by elders, the older males, and females,(I didn't know how to be a berdache type,all I knew these 2 friends liked me doing what I was doing,luckly they where kind,and gentle) the males my age also would of been educated as how to treat me sexually, with respect etc, making it possible for myself to be available for the males,.. at least the males whom met my own personal ethics / fitness. And through out their lives (at that time, once it was known in school,that I was performing fellatio on my 2 friends, many males approached me asking if I'd perform fellatio on them)

  Though I am, passive, I very much was not willing to go where I didn't want to go,you might say,,and as I wrote above ;

   The "Female roled male ", by nature has to be very selective in mate selection, selecting empathetic males only, any male that 

    didn't show kindness and empathy ,I rejected. and in a group of 100-150, it would be known why,if that male didn't shape       up.......order , has to be able to be maintained, by even the lowest members in a group, or chaos begins, a very real                 problem in society today,....the individual has lost the power to control their own tribe, cause there is no tribe.

                        If a male say talked disrespectful to me, I very much rejected him.

                      However if in the tribe setting, if I rejected a male, and say he started acting kind, or cooperative etc. I might ,                          as I did in real life, simply give him a hand-job, then if next time he cleaned up etc, I might fellatio him. and even

                    later let him start penetrating me anally if trust was formed etc.

                          " Native American cultures have institutionalized and socially sanctioned homosexual relations by utilizing the berdache role as the preferred same sex partner. When men want to have male/male sex, they are encouraged to do so with a berdache." - for myself this could be seen as a form of Altruism for the group

                            " Berdaches frequently are available for sex with both unmarried adolescent boys and married men who occasionally seek out same sex partners. Because of this, female prostitution is not needed. Traditional berdaches were also available as sexual partners during hunts and in war parties (102). This was yet another reason why they were welcomed on these excursions."-altruism
       As female prostitution can be a Altruistic act

My point is the berdache likely played a " Cohesive " element in the tribe, helped prevent anonymity,the berdache most likely knew most everyone fairly well, had to be trusted, especially by those whom were having sex with him.


Albert Einstein wrote of the Pueblo people;

  " The study of social patterns in certain so-called primitive cultures, however seems to have made it sufficiently evident that such a defeatist view is wholly unwarranted. Whoever is concerned with this problem, a crucial one in the study of religion as such, is advised to read the description of the Pueblo Indians in Ruth Benedict's book Patterns of Culture. Under the hardest living conditions,

this tribe has apparently accomplished the difficult task of delivering it's people from the scourge of competitive spirit and of foster in it a temperate, cooperative conduct of life, free of external pressure and without any curtailment of happiness."

                                                                                                                                                        - Albert Einstein

                                                                                                                                 Religion and Science; irreconcilable 1948

                                                                                                                                              Ideas and Opinions

When considering the actual living conditions of present day civilized humanity from the standpoint of even the most elementary religious commands, one is bound to experience a feeling of deep and painful disappointment at what one sees. For while religion prescribes brotherly love in the relations among the individuals and groups, the actual spectacle more resembles a battlefield than an orchestra. Everywhere, in economic as well as in political life, the guiding principle is one of ruthless striving for success at the expense of one's fellow. men. This competitive spirit prevails even in school and, destroying all feelings of human fraternity and cooperation, conceives of achievement not as derived from the love for productive and thoughtful work, but as springing from personal ambition and fear of rejection.

There are pessimists who hold that such a state of affairs is necessarily inherent in human nature; it is those who propound such views that are the enemies of true religion, for they imply thereby that religious teachings are utopian ideals and unsuited to afford guidance in human affairs. The study of the social patterns in certain so-called primitive cultures, however, seems to have made it sufficiently evident that such a defeatist view is wholly unwarranted. Whoever is concerned with this problem, a crucial one in the study of religion as such, is advised to read the description of the Pueblo Indians in Ruth Benedict's book, Patterns of Culture. Under the hardest living conditions, this tribe has apparently accomplished the difficult task of delivering its people from the scourge of competitive spirit and of fostering in it a temperate, cooperative conduct of life, free of external pressure and without any curtailment of happiness. 


Even the Pueblo peoples understood very well ,that the  competitive spirit had to be kept very much to a minimal

I think everyone could benefit in understanding the core values of the purple stage of spiral dynamics →Purple stage- the much needed on site page


I would think religious people might understand Altruism well, as Jesus Christ: A Portrait of Altruism

, the bible is clearly focused on this concept, yet why is it not working ? What is the church doing to teach altruism?

Now science is taking the lead finally , and realizing altruism is vital for survival of humanity as we know it.

This degree of Altruism is wonderful, yet not likely for a large number til , many groups of people first make it a true focus to change. First realizing there is a problem, then knowing change can occur, then wanting to change, just like any addiction, you have to desire to change, then go through the pain of changing. just my thought

Einstein did not see science as able to do what religion tries to do, teach an ethical and moral approach to daily life. In a 1930 interview in Berlin, he said, “’You cannot speak of the scientific foundations of morality.’ For science, Einstein continued, cannot teach men to be moral and ‘every attempt to reduce ethics to scientific formulae must fail.’”

For Einstein, religion at its best is about those things, “concerned with man’s attitude toward nature at large, with the establishing of ideals for the individual and communal life, and with mutual human relationship.”

There are a few big way Religion can change; adapt, quit condemning, start telling the truth, Nature is Whole,adapt to that fact, and not what was modeled thousands of years ago by who knows who. Least Einstein gave us a positive direction.

Einstein was not an atheist. As quoted above, he saw a direct connection between serious science and belief in a higher power. In one of his most famous quotes on religion, this is how he put it:

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle. A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestations of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty, which are only accessible to our reason in their most elementary forms—it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude; in this sense, and in this alone, I am a deeply religious man.”  (Einstein’s God: A Way of Being Spiritual Without the Supernatural, by Todd Macalister, p, 11)

Einstein was most influence by Spinoza ;


I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it. (Albert Einstein, 1954)

I believe in Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings. (Albert Einstein)

1. The Real Mission Is Lost

2. The Church cares more about itself than the people it’s called to reach

3. Its Members Hate the World

4. Preserving the Past Is More Attractive Than Embracing the Future

5. The Money Isn’t Remotely Tied to the Mission

                                                                                          - 5 Good Reasons A Church Should Close /  careynieuwhof.com

I share the pantheist religion / philosophy of Albert Einstein that All is One and Interconnected (Nature, God), of which we humans are an inseparable part. Perhaps I am a romantic, but it is my hope that in the future Humanity will live by the truth, with greater harmony between different people, their religions and cultures, and to life in all its complex beauty. - spaceandmotion.com

                                                        I as well especially after reading Spinoza's Ethics


The first part of the book addresses the relationship between God and the universe. Tradition held that God exists outside of the universe, created it for a reason, and could have created a different universe if he chose. Spinoza denies each point. According to Spinoza, God is the natural world.

                 I have met so many people in my life that are just completely terrified not to believe in the christian god; 

 stuff like this I have heard so often God is a God of justice and that is the reason to be terrified in the fear of the Lord. We have all spoken and acted upon injustice and must be weary in the knowledge that God punishes sin and injustice. As long as we forgive the fear subsides; but as long as we sin the fear of the Lord takes hold."..thus they are trapped!

                             Most are afraid to even to be known of talking about how they feel, they are so afraid.

This is very real, for example I had friend few years ago, bought a new house, I talked to her first week there, she was so happy, the following week ,I seen her, asked about the house, she broke down crying, mumbling " I have to move ",  asking her why?, her reply was " there is a Port-hole next to it !", I replied .can't you get it fixed, she cried harder, saying" you don't understand, it's a porthole to hell!", so then I least calmed her down by saying, all we got to do is find a Exorcist.!

In some religions, an exorcist (from the Greek „εξορκιστής“) is a person who is believed to be able to cast out the devil or performs the ridding of demons or other supernatural beings who are alleged to have possessed a person, or (sometimes) a building or even an object.

The Catholic Church's Rite of Exorcism was revised in 1999. Paragraph 13 of its introduction states that a priest can be appointed by the local Bishop either for a single act of exorcism, or to the permanent position of 'exorcist'.

                                                                                 Thus she had to have this done

If Nature created a human-male to be psychologically effeminate at a early age,taking away the psychologically urge to mate with females, yet to mate as though a female, by whatever means, say , some divergence at Freud called the Oedipus complex, beyond the individuals control. Say for some reason,traumatic event,some event making a strong psychological impact on them. The  MtF transsexuals form a need / desire for the appearance, sexual and social role of the other sex constitutes a profound personal transformation in and of itself. For myself it was ,as though I was impersonating my mother, as I would at age 6,now and then secretly watch my mother and new step-father having sex late in night after being awaken by their noises.I often watched my mother perform fellatio on him, and not long after that, a male play mate and I were playing in woods naked, and I desired to try to perform fellatio on him, and he allowed me, then with my new step-father, came a step-sister a year older, and I very much liked playing with her, then by chance I got to see her nude, see her vulva, I remember wanting to be as her. I started sneaking my mothers panty hose, wearing them when possible.

Sensitivity now becomes concentrated in the genitals and masturbation (in both sexes) becomes a new source of pleasure.

The child becomes aware of anatomical sex differences, which sets in motion the conflict between erotic attraction, resentment, rivalry, jealousy and fear which Freud called the Oedipus complex (in boys) and the Electra complex (in girls). 

This is resolved through the process of identification, which involves the child adopting the characteristics of the same sex parent.

          For myself, however ,I was adopting role of my mother, likely do to fact , I didn't care for, didn't like my step-father.
           I do know I had a intense " Altruistic " type feeling toward my mother, yet at same time a separation like feeling.
          I don't recall alot after that as far sexual related events, until puberty, when I started auto-fellating myself very often,
          ejaculating and swallowing my own semen.

Then at 13, 7th grade, actually in shock at first, a male my age, for whatever reason,he was attracted to me, and very directly told me he wanted me to perform fellatio on him, I very much wanted him to leave me alone, yet with his day after day persistence, he was breaking me down. After seeing him nude in showers,his way of offering himself to me, I soon was wanting to fellatio him very,very much. 

                  All it took then, once I affirmed in my own mind, so when he asked me next, I was very ready to submit to him.

                              Once I was actually performing fellatio on him, swallowing his semen on nearly a daily basis,

                             like dominoes falling, within the first week he was taking me anally ,ejaculating up in my bottom.

                                                 Getting taken Anally was profoundly life changing and emasculating,

                                                   I wouldn't say it totally feminized me,yet greatly set it in motion

             Within the following week he had a friend of his join us, thus now I was routinely getting double teamed, or seeing them                        separately, After several weeks of seeing them both rumors spread through school, that I was doing what I was doing.

                                                    Guess we couldn't hide it well enough, where seen, I never knew.

                                                  Yet I began to get made fun of, thus I stopped seeing my boyfriends.

                                          I think what is so upsetting to me is, knowing of a Culture like the Zuni Pueblo,

                                    which was adapted to accepted a Female-roled-male like my self, if I lived amongst them,

                                  Known my role, allowed myself to be totally dedicated to my effeminate / emasculated role.

                                                         Yet because I lived in a sexual suppressed / non adapting society.

                                                                                   Suppression causes Suppression

                                           By 1987, I knew I needed to be in the Female role,longed to be sexually taken by a man,

                                                                        yet so suppressed, it was though it sub-conscious.

                                   Thus started wanting my wife to start " cuckolding " me, which neither her nore I completely understood,

                                 only thought that persistent was " she needs a real man ", once she found a man and was routinely see him.

                                                                 Soon she only wanted to have sex with him, which I understood.

                                                                                        Thus chastised sexually.

                                                                 My only motived that seemed real was " she needs a real man ",

                                              and due to fact that I wasn't desiring at least consciously to actually be taken by a man,

                                               I simply was accepting she needed a real man, and I very much didn't want to lose her.

                                                                  Soon she asked me for a divorce, which was terribly traumatizing,

                                                               So much so I had to move far away, remained celibate for nearly a year,

                                                                             before trying to date a female, again wasn't right.

                                              Same thing over and over til 1995 meet a female, soon was wanting her to cuckold me,

      She as well started to cuckold me, except she asked me if I fantasized about sucking her lovers cock, she had him take a picture                                 of her while she had his cock in her mouth, then showed me , then asked me if I'd like to suck his cock ?

                                                                                  I then knew I very much did want to!

                                                                                                       I told her yes

                                                                          She was accepting, I told her about my encounter in 7th grade.

                                                             Yet by 1998, when a male asked me if I would like to perform fellatio on him, 

                                                                        I was very ready and eager to be a "girly-boyfriend " for him.

                                                                              He simply was a perfect match, A real man,confident, 

        and very good at putting me in a passive role for his sexual pleasure,making it very clear to me, he wanted me for blow-jobs,

                                                                                                   and boning my bottom.

                         I would say by the way my new boyfriend handled me, he very gently 100% psychologically emasculated me,

                                                                                        set my sexual role to totally Female.

                                                    I know my only desire since has been to be in female role for heterosexual men,

                                                            with main objective to be penetrated anally and recieve their semen.

                                                                                    At that time though very difficult, I had to tell me girlfriend,

                                                                                        I needed to be in Female role with men only,

                                                                                                So her and I stopped seeing each other,

                                                                                  Again very Traumatic, alot of depression for nearly a year,

                                                                                               Again moved away for a short while.

                                                                                                    Remained celibate for about 6 months


                                                                                   Yet this Time 100% took female role with Str8 men.

                                                                        My point here regarding Altruism, is from the Act of Cuckolding,

                                                     The Act seemed like a forced Altruistic event, even as if biological or innate altruism.

                       I was un-aware of why I was desiring to be cuckolded, with always in the back of mind, as though sub-concious,

                                                                Thinking my wife, or later girlfriend, both whom I cared for deeply,

                                                                                    yet still thinking " They need a real man "

    The females that I seen between 1990(after divorce), and did not get very attach to, I never had the desire for them to cuckold me,

                                so the being very fond of or the emotion of love created the need, at least in-directly to be cuckolded.

              Yet not until 1997 aprox. when my girlfriend had routinely for several years, been cuckolding, then asked if I desired to,

                                                                             suck a man's cock ?, even then I wasn't sure, 

                                                 Thus my motive was to Free my Wife and Girlfriend even though I deeply cared for them.

                                                               Sub-conciously realizing I could not be in the role of Heterosexual male.