Ancient Sumerians

Sumerians—the oldest known civilization on Earth (c4500–c1700 B.C.).

The Sumerians began to worship many of the forces of nature. Their whole world centered upon the power of deities, as well as countless demons, spirits, and ghosts. Their stories, some imaginative, others terrifying, helped the Sumerians explain their unpredictable and powerful gods.

The Great Flood – Long ago, there was a great multitude of people living long and fruitful lives. Because they made so much noise, the gods could not sleep. The irritated gods decided to destroy all of humanity by flooding the Earth. One god, Enki, pitied the humans and decided to warn one good man, Utnapishtim, who built a boat which held his family, possessions, and animals of the field. For six days and nights, the flood covered the earth, turning the rest of mankind to mud. When the waters subsided, Utnapishtim gave thanks and the gods gave him eternal life. But the deities decided the rest of humanity should die younger.

Christians should find this similar, yet was written long before Christianity existed ; 

a concept later used in the biblical story of Noah's Ark.

" In the Bible, Genesis 6-8 records the wickedness of man, prompting God to wipe mankind from the face of the earth. Noah’s               righteousness before the Lord saves his family from a watery death (Genesis 6-8)."