Kurdish /  Assyrian people


                                                                 the Syrian Democratic Forces

                            they are trying to build a communal system like democratic autonomy _______________

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

"In a nutshell, the SDF, who call themselves democratic, have been claiming that they are the representatives of the people - of all the minorities and races - from Arabs to Kurds to Turkmen," Abou al-Farouk said.

Assyrians (Classical Syriac: ܐܬܘܪܝܐ‎, Atūrayĕ, or ܣܘܪܝܐ, Sūrayĕ) are a Semitic ethnic group indigenous to Assyria, a region in the Middle East.[36][37] Some self-identify as Syriacs,[38] Arameans,[39] and Chaldeans.[40] Speakers of Neo-Aramaic languages as well as the primary languages in their countries of residence,[41] modern Assyrians are Syriac Christians who claim descent from Assyria, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back to 2500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia.[42]

      I do believe, The Whole " Rojava Revolution " , is only thing that has Meaning,toward a better world, The only true attempt at a ;

                                                                              " Solution " 

                                                                   "A Movement to Protect People's Rights"

based on the paradigm;

 "of a democratic society, a ecological society,freedom of idea ,irrespective of religious belief,language,ethnicity,group or party"

                                 This is unheard of in Middle-East, so a Great Event that all should support !

Oct 9, 2019  

                   Turkey has clearly  Lost it's rational Mind