Autogynephilia / non-homosexual transsexual

      Actually for myself, I assumed growing up that all transsexuals where like myself,in that I am a person that is very              feminine, needs to be treated like a female sexually by a man, not until early 2000's did I start realizing that isn't the case.


                           " primary objective " appear female "
                                                                  "No desire to be in Female sexual role"

                      From my research Autogynephilia trans-people clearly don't fit profile of third-gender / female-roled males
                      Most likely this type of person should be called simply - transgender/non-homosexual  or cross-dressers

                               As gender type reflexs appearance more so, where transsexual reflexs sexual orientation.
    And by having a surgery of any type ,except for maybe " Brain transplant " is going to change one's sexual orientation !


                                 Autogynephilia ; (derived from Greek for 'love of oneself as a woman')

Defined as including those who are attracted to females (gynephilic), attracted to both males and females (bisexual), and attracted to neither males nor females (analloerotic or asexual); Blanchard referred to this latter set collectively as the non-homosexual transsexuals.

Lawrence argues that ; autogynephilic transsexuals are motivated by their sexual desire and romantic love for being women.

According to Bailey and Lawrence, transsexuals who are active on the internet are overwhelmingly autogynephilic.[48] Bailey states that the two kinds of transsexuals rarely interact with each other or appear in the same spaces

                                               ( I think for myself it is due to fact , I simply don't relate to autogynephilic type )

Lawrence has proposed that autogynephilic transsexuals are more excited about sexual reassignment surgery than homosexual transsexuals. She states that homosexual transsexuals are typically ambivalent or indifferent about SRS, while autogynephilic transsexuals want to have surgery as quickly as possible, are happy to be rid of their penis, and proud of their new genitals.


       HSTS " primary objective; to be in female sexual role / or just female working role"

                                   ( myself I truly love being bred / impregnated by men)

                                                  And 100% sexual female roled with high sex drive

      Lawrence also states that homosexual transsexuals who seek sex reassignment pass easily as women.

       example for myself, to " pass " as female is un-realistic, thus only real surgery I desire is vulvoplasty, thus have female looking

       vulva, and Not have a penis  in large part to show a Man, that I am sexually involved with, that I am fully femininized           and emasculated, 100% committed to being in the female role sexually for him.


                           Kristin Beck, is type person I'd say is transgender / non-homosexual

                                                     A real problem in the " Transgender World " ↓

The pseudo-matriarchy that has been formed in the West is not a true matriarchy at all, because it is not based on the love and nurture of children and the nuclear and extended family which supports that. Instead it is founded on hatred of men and the absolute determination to eradicate masculinity, along with, to boot, the very nuclear family itself, which is the basic building block of matriarchy. This is a toxic culture and so, if social autogynephilia begins to operate with in it, this too is toxic in nature. Stymied in their attempts to become powerful men, males may become powerful quasi-women, ready to simply shove real women out of the way; after all, they are ‘not-men’ and do not have ‘male privilege’ (a canard anyway) so they may legitimately compete with women — voir Fallon Fox, a former US Navy SEAL and trained barehand killer, beating actual female opponents to a bloody pulp; and nobody dare challenge this because that would be ‘transphobic’.


One thing I've noticed in my studies is autogynephilic type individuals seem to have ;

                                                                                                                                " a competitive masculine ego "

                                                                                                                                            All most Toxic

Compared to HSTS types  like myself whom are fully psychosexually femininized

I can only speak for myself, yet many Third-gender types seem like myself , have  Feminine ego as I have, more submissive,competitive only in limited way, empathtic , desire to nurture / teach, big picture / right brain thinking.

                                                 " The Feminine woman meets the world with a calm submission, and this is manifested in her                                                           genuine desire to nurture. In teaching women to grasp at power like wild beasts, Feminism has done                                                     the disservice of endowing women with a Female Ego which runs opposed to the calming                                                                     presence of Femininity."    (I believe there is a truth here, and a balance needs met )

                With a man, I do have great ability to surrender and fully take a Feminine receptive role, which I much desire

Rod Fleming talks of first experience of ejaculating, I can't recall that clearly, yet I do know my way of masturbating from puberty on , was auto-fellatio,always til about 17, where my growth had made me to tall to , so as it was just to difficult to get my penis all the way in my mouth.

Yet my real awakening was when at 13 started sucking my two boyfriend's cocks, and taking them up in my bottom, in both cases taking their semen into me. I knew very much this is " My Role "

            In 1975 there was no imformation available to myself, homosexuality was seen as a sickness,and you were condemned!

For myself, I am psychosexually female like , where I think the individuals whom appear in the magazine below seem to desire more then anything to appear Lady-like.

And from where I come from it is Rare to see women dressed like this, except maybe special occasions,weddings etc.