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                            After being part of the Home building trades most of my life,the types of homes being built, sizes, styles etc.


                                                                                            Makes No Sense,

                                                  The Methods in large part are driven by customer Ideology, whom are not experts.

                                                It's like going to a Artist , and telling them to create a painting that make no sense, 

                                                   A painting that represents " I'm Lost, know what not I do, so make it as big,

                                               as the neighborhood allows, so I fit in, so the neighbors will like it, so no matter where,

                                                           I put " My House " is has no thought put into it, and that is " Reflected "

                                                                               Cause it shows,  I one of the Crowd, 

                                                                       I have not yet thought what is best for Nature,

                                                                                   The Very Place Where I Live


                                                    We can Learn from the " Turtle "

Quonset Hut Steel Buildings Homes

                                                            I personally would only build a Quonset type steel home , 

                                                                               They are nearly tornado proof, 

                                                                                         nearly fire proof

                                                    One great beauty would be; Here in mid-west with long cold winters, 

                                         The shell could be built, in fair weather, nearly all other work is done under shelter,

                                                               the interior could be fashioned to individual taste.


                   Housing has to be a Huge part in reducing our " Need for Fossil fuels "

   One way is reducing the need for " Clothes Dryers " ,, that means having a " Good Wash room ", in order to " Hang"clothes, I know it can be " Done " as I lived with a dryer for 14 years

  ♥  Digging a basement and hauling most the dirt away is " Insane "

  ♥ Building a house that can easily " catch on fire " is " Insane "


  ♥ By now all new homes at least should have Smoke,Carbon Monoxide,as well as " Gas " detectors with auto shut-off