"Losing one's Religion"

This has to take place,I know from experience,I also know one has to have something to replace it!,or else it is dangerous to the mind.I fairly sure in the Bible,for example there is a verse that says something to the effect of, " Look around all around,the trees,the woods,all of life,the rocks,the earth all of all,,That is Me,,,"Nature"..the "Purest Form"..like Simone Weil tries to explain in Gravity and Grace,,the Void must be created,in order to allow "God" to enter one's being.

Key is becoming Open minded, or the Starting Point, to self-actualization,true Spirituality,is...... Losing one's Religion's(,dogma's,"Pre-Concieved Notions")

Becoming Open Minded

" In my opinion if a " Individual" isn't open-minded, the individual has greatly hindered themselves for Growth "

Being "Androgynous", I strive to see the world from both the male and female perspective, as well as from Natures perspective,as well as Religions,cultures etc.at the bottom of the page is a writing of mine "Male Figure nude, poses and ideas" I say

"see 360 by 360 for a reason".

 - Nature rules though-


I very much agree with Leo in his video here, That we must first,,,,realizing there is no Certainities or everything can't be Rationalized based on what is based on just on Rational thinking.thus one must grow to see with a open-mind,not based on all those "Old" pre-conceived Notions.

Become Eccentric,thus break free of collective "Ego" of society

In Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness, psychiatrist David Weeks explains that eccentrics are physically healthier and significantly happier than “normal” people. He notes that eccentrics are wildly diverse yet share common characteristics. Here are his 25 descriptors of eccentricity, listed in descending order of importance. (Dr. Weeks says the first five are the most significant characteristics.)

Enduring non-conformity

  • Creativity
  • Strongly motivated by an exceedingly powerful curiosity and related exploratory behavior
  • An enduring and distinct feeling of differentness from others
  • Idealism
    • Happily obsessed with a number of long-lasting preoccupations (usually about five or six)
    • Intelligent, in the upper fifteen per cent of the population on tests of intelligence
    • Opinionated and outspoken, convinced of being right and that the rest of the of the world is out of step with them
    • Non-competitive
    • Not necessarily in need of reassurance or reinforcement from the rest of society
    • Unusual eating habits and living arrangements
    • Not particularly interested in the opinions or company of other people, except perhaps in order to persuade them to their contrary point of view
    • Possessed of a mischievous sense of humor, charm, whimsy, and wit
    • More frequently an eldest or an only child
    • Eccentricity observed in at least 36% of detailed family histories, usually a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. (It should be noted that the family history method of estimating hereditary similarities and resemblances usually provides rather conservative estimates.)
    • Eccentrics prefer to talk about their thoughts rather than their feelings. There is a frequent use of the psychological defense mechanisms of rationalization and intellectualization.
    • Slightly abrasive
    • Midlife changes in career or lifestyle
    • Feelings of “invisibility” which means that they believe other people did not seem to hear them or see them, or take their ideas seriously
    • Feel that others can only take them in small doses
    • Feel that others have stolen, or would like to steal, their ideas. In some cases, this is well-founded.
    • Dislike small talk or other apparently inconsequential conversation
    • A degree of social awkwardness
    • More likely to be single, separated, or divorced, or multiply separated or divorced
    • A poor speller, in relation to their above average general intellectual functioning

    See yourself here? A family member or friend?

    The documentary “A Different Drummer” highlights people more overtly unusual than Betty. In fact, Dr. Weeks claims only one in 10,000 people are truly eccentric. I suspect the number is much higher.-lauragraceweldon.com


    Intersubjectivity - wikipedia

    I believe this subject is well to understand,in helping to understand "open-mindedness",or the need for.


    Becoming Humble

    One of the Reasons/the primary reason,I maintain the Androgyny aspect of myself on this site,is as Jane Loevinger states below;

    Integrated (E9)

    According to Loevinger, this is a rarely attained stage. At the Integrated stage,"'learning is understood as unavoidable...the unattainable is renounced".[37] The ego shows wisdom, broad empathy towards oneself and others, and a capacity to not just be aware of inner conflicts like the individualistic ego or tolerate inner conflicts like the autonomous ego, but reconcile and make peace with those issues.[39] This 'Reconciling inner conflicts...cherishing of individuality'[40] are key elements of its Self-Actualizing nature, along with a fully worked-out identity which includes 'reconciliation to one's destiny'.[41]

    Thus to attain any higher level of being "Myself", I had to accept that I am Androgynous,and prefer being in the "female role"


    One thing the Bible states that aways got my Attention, and set forth my thoughts into a state of "Wonder" is the;

      " The Meek, shall inherit the Earth",...another word for "Meek" is "Humble"


    Making Judgement-when multi-tasking

      I believe the moment,we see anything, judging begins, and we can see Ideas,we see our own thoughts,sure in the world we are viewing "Objects" ,yet in reality our minds or busy seeing,collecting imformation,our minds become our "personal  interpreter". this is where the danger begins, for example say your a " language  interpreter" for a meeting between Henry Kissinger and President Putin of Russia, first your need to know both of these individuals languages very,very well.Then while Interpreting, your trying to text on your phone to your girl-friend!, or you need to go to the bathroom very badly,yet holding it!, Your no longer Fit to Interpret.

    Being Apathtic when need to judge

    I had a friend, whom had this habit of saying " I know ", after you said something to him,like he was "Obligated", to know, he wouldn't inquiry about what you just told him,seemed strange to me that he seemed to "just know",so I started making stuff up, I had no clue about.- yet projected it to him in a manner as though I knew,,he still would say " I know"...I finally realized he was very often simply in a "State of Apathy",he also had two letters in front of his name " Dr. ", do to this,my theory was, he had become programmed into a mindset, of  I have a Phd(doctor),so I must project to the "Out-side world",that I am Wise.,,so I must project " I Know " or else I will seem un-doctor like. Thus this person spends a life time, never really being part of Life, just as though wandering around ,always fearing they might be asked something they don't know!- This is good example of " we need to learn to See as The child sees ,unbias by by our history of past so called " Interpreted Truths and Judgements made,thus assumed, this is another area of great concern, due to the fact that "Once we have made a judgement,even if it is false,or mis-interpreted, it is though it got "tattooed " on our skin,it's difficult to remove!

      We are all at some time of the day in a "Apathtic State", when we are very tired,or when we are Flooded with imformation our minds are trying to Interpret.    By the way in 30 years of knowing this "Apathtic friend", I never seen him Laugh!

    Apathy can easily be mistaken for Detachment (philosophy) which is a aspect of seeing the World "in a Objective way" verse "Subjective ", the state of apathy is for me defined - by very much lacking Interest-