Being cognition and aesthetics/Ego verse Empathy(concept of 'einfühlung')

                                                                                "How it Came to Be"

  First Imagine Plato's Idea of Forms as a "Snap shots of"; a still image
  Heraclitus's Idea of Forms as a video "constantly in changing way"
  for example;  I see a rock near a uprooted tree it sits there "still", yet I can also see, due to the Storm which brought high winds from the south, the tree was vulnerable due to it's location on the south ridge of the ravine, when the Winds Force became to much, the Tree fell, at it's base, the rock I see now had been buried under the soil, yet had been moved to the surface, Thus allowing me to see it now.
  I think Plato upon seeing the rock could of seen it as it's as The Rock it's self, it's very essense of being as this rock how it was a rock , How it it's self formed by Nature became this Rock.
  I think Heraclitus may have been seeing "The Rock's Journey of not only becoming a Rock, but also seeing the Rock's Journey of aging,of the Forces the Rock encountered, and that it is yet to encounter.
  In either case, One is in a Empathy State, through Inquiry,Attention and Meditation.
  Just a thought-me

             Then the Deer comes along while searching for acorns, how does the deer see the Rock, it's thoughts of the rock?

             Then the Owl sees the Rock, how does the owl see the rock,it's thoughts?

                                     Do they see the Journey of the Rock ?, do they see the Rock as a Human might as having a Value?

                                                               How might they see the Rock?

                                     Do they see it as a pretty rock, or a brown/pink colored rock?

                                     maybe it is a smooth rock, does the deer know what smooth is?

                                     Does the deer or owl think of how the rock became smooth,how it got to be at the base of this tree,on the                                              south slope of this ravine ?


Petroforms, also known as boulder outlines or boulder mosaics, are human-made shapes and patterns made by lining up large rocks on the open ground


I personally am fairly sure that any Form of Deep meditation and / or Deep Empathy allows us to to over-come our Ego's at least for a temporary amount of Time. For example when I am sketching/doodling, all time is Lost, no judgements are being made

                                                                            - My Ego is Gone-

            At the same Time, if in a State of Deep Empathy, one could see this as Sketching the Scene, the Circumstance One is in, the Object One is Perceiving. 

       Say for example ; You are viewing a work of art, instead of viewing it as to it's Worth, whom created it, are they Famous, where are they from(Ego), verse Asking yourself " How did a person come to see,what I see now ? ", " where were they, ?", or simply with your eyes simply feel the lines,textures,,the movements etc. try to simply see through the Eyes of the Creator.


I am fairly certain if most people could experience seeing the World with Zero Ego, routinely for say a few hours a day,  We as human beings could greatly evolve.


Lipps was one of the most influential German university professors of his time, attracting many students from other countries. Lipps was very concerned with conceptions of art and the aesthetic, focusing much of his philosophy around such issues. Among his fervent admirers was Sigmund Freud. Lipps then being the main supporter of the idea of the Unconscious.

Vernon Lee was instrumental in the introduction of the German concept of 'Einfühlung', or 'empathy' into the study of aesthetics in the English-speaking world

 ------------ One must be Aware of with Zero Ego, One is to a degree more Vulnerable----------------------


Even the Artists whom painted in the Caves, or out in the Open on a Canyon wall, where "Vulnerable" when in the Meditative moment of creating their Art Form-                         "Where friends of their's Looking out for them as they did their work?"

    One Reason I think stage Purple of spiral dynamics needs looked at as Humanities Base as Social beings, it is essential to evolve this stage, and never forget it, for example; if I am painting on the Canyon walls, there maybe a need to protect me as I do, by others of the Tribe ,the Group whom can defend against all dangers, what ever those dangers may be.

           Vulnerable means to show yourself to others completely and utterly without holding back for fear of rejection or judgment. It means to say “here I am, flesh and bones. Here are my strengths, here are my weaknesses, here is where I stand-take it or leave it”

Because of its phantom nature, and despite elaborate defense mechanisms, the ego is very vulnerable and insecure, and it sees itself as constantly under threat. This, by the way, is the case even if the ego is outwardly very confident. - Eckhart Tolle

Even alone in Woods I feel very Vulnerable dressed as this

I think I feel more vulnerable dressed as my feminine self in the Woods, much more then simply being nude

           Every person you meet with even a shred of their ego still intact has experienced or has succumbed to the behavior of defensiveness at some point or another