"Content/Context seeing by Scenario"

                                   "Unfolding of Theme "

                                                  " What is Content, what is Context "

A good example of content and context is ; I used to collect the black and white, very artistic nudes of women, and hung them on the walls of my home. A older person (male) I knew came over and seen them and called them " Porn ", he seen them in that Context, where I very much seen them not at all as erotic, but as beauty, something to admire.  - the content was nudity -

   Another example ; sure I post video, photos here on this weblog, in a nudity content, yet my intent / objective is very much not to entice / form erotic feelings in doing so, I very much hope my displaying myself as I do , Does not take that Context, yet conveys my ideas on the need to evolve, learn just as it is in a Life Drawing Class setting, thus the context of my Posing is non-erotic to myself, yet ,I also realize they could be taken as such.

If one goes to a site such as Pornhub, there the actors/actresses are likely being paid, they need to make money to live, yet they are being paid to bring the viewer sexual / erotic experience. Context is erotic experience, Content is Nudity / sex

                                                   " The Harvey Weinstein topic "

The Content was seemly sexual, yet in What Context was Weinstein functioning ? When listening to Dr. Phil's take on the scenario, he clearly sees Weinstein's mental issue as a Power/abuse socipaths  , at aprox; 8:40. there is much more to Weinstein's drive then sexual pleasure, and he shows no signs of caring for the Ladies he has " projected himself onto "

            A Socipath doesn't understand " No ", " Stop " or even the body language of " I'm not interested ". They have no empathy.