Contrapposto poses 2

I personally believe the Contrapposto pose is the most Natural,yet the most beautiful pose

This model has achieved a truly great pose,in my eye

This is a pose that can be held for only about 15 minutes,,,before she is told to take a few minutes break(any pose where ones hands,arms are held up are tough for extended times.

I'd love to look similar to either of these two people in reality

I would like to see "3rd gender" types posing in artistic fashions,instead of just for adult entertainment


 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Opposing Forces---------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have always known that the "contrapposto" pose has been,or can be the most Dynamic of all poses,yet difficult to achive to a intense degree, then I realized it is due to "opposing forces" of the body and mind.One aspect of you wants to go one way,the other the other way.

A lot of times ,after reviewing a video,after filming in the woods, I see I achived the pose,yet didn't push it further to more clearly define it as " contrapposto"

I never really thought of yin and yang symbol of anything other the opposites nor as Androgyny, never had really thought of it as opposing forces