I personally have done much study on the meaning of this pose,asked my self,"what is so striking,eye catching or simply Beautiful about this pose,and seemingly universal to all of humanity(psychologically)..I then started researching..."contrapposto- balance between contemplation(theorizing) and action or encounter(doing)"

.   Very little can be found about the topic..as it was formed by the Greeks.in essense to define.".Life-balance-action".to myself it is as well,,a good way of helping to define/illustrate-"Plato's Forms",in that we see a object(the human figure)...but within that object,that is so much more meaning.

“Escapist creativity is that which lacks encounter.”-Rollo May

Contrapposto was an extremely important sculptural development, for its appearance marks the first time in Western art that the human body is used to express a psychological disposition.

contrapposto/implies movement thus Life
contrapposto pose


lifeless pose
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
"Fountain of the Observatory", also known as the "Fontaine des Quatre-Parties-du-Monde" or the "Carpeaux Fountain",
in clay

look at the word it's self-

......Con trap pose....I see it as countering the trap of the pose-coming alive!

I personally have Rollo May's book.."Courage to Create"..and recommend reading.I also think watching Leo's video "Balancing -Theory(contemplation)-verse-Practice(action,May calls it "Encounter")