Contrasting Ideas

How I came to think of this page;

                                In a way has taken years, maybe in Root form is " what seems right for me doesn't for you ";

                                                                                   and Vice Versa,

                                A narrative of my thoughts ; might be ;  my idea of myself posing is not to create a " idea of me ",

                                                                     but is to create a " Form " for the Artist to see,

                                                                               For example; 

                                         A mother accompanied her 16 year old son, whom must of been talented at drawing,

                                                                    to a Life Drawing study group.

                                                           Movements after I had dis-robed, and got into a pose, 

         The mother began saying to her son, " you can't be here seeing this ", and soon was escorting her son out of the class.

                The great contrast I could see was, this mother viewed me very differently or very much in contrast with the,

                            Artists that simply carried on sketching me, the reality had not changed, I was in the same form,

                                                        Who knows what the mother's " idea of me was ", 


                                                     We all did know, the 16 year old son never got to " Draw "

                                                        I do know we all are filled with " Preconcieved Notions "

                                                      That Judge ourselves right-out of having the ability to Draw.

                                                      Just Imagine if I had posing in a Transsexual style as below 

                          Because that Life drawing class was city sponsered, might that mother have called the city, or the local                                                                                   newspapers etc, thus creating chaos ?, who knows !, 

                            I am fairly certain the Artists of that group would have simply draw images of me in the " Form ",

                                                                               That they simply seen, and posed as,

                                             Not judging as if right or wrong,good or bad, just recording what they seen.

                                In away you might say there was a Form of Cognitive Dissonance going on in that Class, 

                                    Two opposing views, those of the mother and those of the Artists sketching my pose.


The Same
The easiest way into an understanding of différance is (paradoxically) through the concept of the same. The notion of the same concerns a problem with identity, ideality, and concept. In an article called “Plato's Pharmacy,” from Dissemination, Derrida provides a commentary on the law that governs the truth of the eidos (Plato’s word for the idea). If this reading concerns the specifically Socratic version of the law (from The Crito) it can nonetheless easily be generalized. According to The Crito the most worthy object of the philosophical dialogue is:


the truth of eidos as that which is identical to itself, always the same as itself and always simple, eidos , undecomposable, invariable. The eidos is that which can always be repeated as the same. The ideality and invisibility of the eidos are its power-to-be-repeated. Now, law is always a law of repetition, and repetition is always submission to a law (D 125) - 


John Phillips

Think of all the "  Trees " all about me in the pose above, their same ness is  "Tree", other then that each has it's very own unique,

                                                                                   " Identity "

                         So in pose above, one might say " he is male with a vagina " or a Transsexual , many ways one may visually,

                                                 describe me in words, yet only way to draw me is as I " Pose", ;

                                         If you think I am strange, wrong, good or bad, you may have to get up and leave;

                                             Yet to be a Artist, you must simply see " a Unique Identity / Form " you see.

                                                                       I feel in love with this song first time heard