" Creating " Roles for the Fem-male / third-gender

                                                                  My definition of Fem-male / third-gender being ; 


           ♦ Biological male, yet pychosexually 100% female, thus likely more feminine in mindset, mannerism, kinda of need to be in a 

              balance between being both female and male, I my self know I am fully female roled in sexually sense, yet many variations

              on this aspect of being a "  Fem-male / third-gender " , it seems.

           ♦ the third gender is in many cultures made up of male assigned at birth individuals who take on a feminine gender                               or sexual role. In cultures that have not undergone an imposition of Western heteronormativity, they are usually seen as                     acceptable sexual partners for the "masculine" males as long as these latter always maintain the "active" role. - 

            One such term, Uranian, was used in the 19th century to a person of a third sex—originally, someone with               "a female psyche in a male body" who is sexually attracted to men. 

         ♦ By direct experience has been fully Femininized / emasculated psychologically into female role by men

                                                      Like my self , my belief system is ; " I can only be in Female role "

                            What Is the Role of the Individual in Society ? -reference.com

                                         Social role theory.

       A model that contends that all psychological differences can be attributed to expectations of gender and cultural standards

                                                             rather than biological factors.

                                                    Some what of a Paradox ? one moment your are told your biological sex, says who you are, the next                                                     moment it's all psychological ?


     What I don't like, and think that is Harmful to the Whole Third-gender type person

            Drag Shows - Wikipedia  , simply because it makes the whole issue look like a " Freak Show "

            When some one like myself , transsexuals etc. proclaims they really are Female. Looks like another "Freak Show"

                                                                      I have to agree with Posie Parker


 A note describing her video - "My daughter actually said transwomen aren't women, if that's unclear.  She was told she was unkind for saying it would be weird if a trans woman was in the girls changing room"

  I personally think this Bathroom issue etc,  for example; not for one minute would I expect to use female                 restrooms etc. just because I am a Female-roled-male ! . This is my problem not the females, it up to me to find     away to get by. President Obama's bathroom law, may have set transgender issue back 50 years!.

                     " Obama had instructed public schools last May to let transgender students use the bathrooms,

               matching their chosen gender identity, threatening to withhold funding for schools that did not comply. 

                                       Transgender people hailed the step as victory for their civil rights. "

                                                     " This was very,very irrational on Obama's part "

President Donald Trump's administration on Wednesday revoked landmark guidance to public schools letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice !  - I agree,it should be revoked!, it is insane!

                                                     One reason , I personal want nothing to do with whole LBGT thing

                                                                      " Another Group think thing all it is now "

                                  "Matter of Fact the " Bathroom Law " might of been the Worst thing that could of been done!"

                    No Law is going to make being Transgender more accepting to society, only by showing transgender people, are no

                       a threat to the " Normal ", and finding Roles that are fitting , and can be accepted by the " Tribe " you might say."

         Sure , I would like to go to beach looking as a Fem-male, yet dressed in fashion of, in only to define myself as Fem-male 

                                                                 Yet even though I wish to, don't mean I should !

                                                        Just as, as much as, I'd like to have the vulvoplasty surgery,

                                                                  so I symbolically can appear more female like and

                                                        because I feel psychosexually female, doesn't mean I should !

                                    I think it important as well the public is aware that there are

                                              two basic types of transsexuals;

                                                      Thus 2 different "Roles"

                     "  Blanchard divides male-to-female (MtF or M2F) transsexuals into two different groups:

                                       1. "homosexual transsexuals", who are attracted to men,   (myself)



                                       2  "non-homosexual transsexuals", who are "autogynephilic" 

                                           (sexually aroused by the thought or image of themselves as a woman).


                               Rod Fleming's description of " homosexual transsexual "



Homosexual transsexualism, (1)according to Ray Blanchard and many others, sits on an ‘aetiology’; or scale of development with what are often called ‘feminine homosexual males’ or ‘masculine homosexual females’. To keep things concise, I call these ‘transgender homosexuals’ after Bailey et al. This term covers both sexes.

♦Homosexual transsexualism is the end of this scale. It can be regarded as its logical conclusion, but that does not mean that all transgender homosexuals are HSTS. In fact, many are not. But HSTS is the strongest outward expression of the inverted sexuality that gives rise to transgender homosexuality.

♦Essentially, that means that transgender homosexual males not only desire men, they desire to play the role of women, to men. 

♦This is happening because, by puberty, sexuality is established

♦ Remember, we are talking about someone who is transgender homosexual; nothing you do will change that.

                            What are the indications that you, or your child, is HSTS?

  ♦ As you approached puberty, these feelings did not go away but crystallised instead. You began to have real sexual feelings for men.

  ♦ If you saw a penis, you were fascinated by it. You thought about it all the time. You desired to be penetrated. You ached for it. Yet your own penis did not stimulate you and you may even have disliked it, especially if you knew that girls did not have them. You yearned for a man, with an agony that was unrequited. You might have had relationships, even sexual ones, with boys, but they left you hungering for more.

   ♦ Once you were through puberty, this just got stronger. Performing as a boy in society was next to impossible for you, a torture. Your sexual desire — always powerful in adolescent boys — was now fixed on the idea of being penetrated, being the submissive partner. You might have thought you were a ‘gay boy’ and may have experimented sexually with ‘frotting’, fingering and even being penetrated, with other boys, perhaps transgender homosexuals like yourself or maybe straight boys who just wanted to have sex. But these encounters did not slake your thirst, even if you enjoyed them. You wanted a man, not a boy and especially not a ‘gay boy’ whom you recognised as being as much a girl as you were.

                                                                                                                     - allabouthsts.com


                        I personally don't relate to  - (2) "non-homosexual transsexuals", who are "autogynephilic" 

                        so can't explain or guess how this type person feels.

                                          -Yet as individuals being "trans" one needs to know the " Role " they wish to be in-


                        Becoming a Artist's Model was best Role for myself

     One, posing was a way to be myself, show that I am very Feminine, and be around people who accepted me as Feminine.

                                 A job sewing, making clothes is something that has always been appealing to me

                          Especially " Fem-male " type items, I make my own garter belts, skirts, have made my own leggings

                                                I simply make this type garter, by sewing clasps on a simply sports bra 

                              By nature, I want to look as Feminine as is realistic for myself, in order that I can convey to Man,

                                                                 that I wish to be his " female roled sexual partner ",

                                                                 that I am 100% psychosexually female roled,

                                                                 100% femininized, emasculated psychologically

                                                             " I wish him to have sex with me, as though I am a Lady"


                                                The Indigo club idea for myself as far as a Role

                                                      - Truly would be the Ideal role -

                                                for me

                                                                      As I love having men Bone me 


                                                                               Building a wood fired kiln for a potter,

                                                               Fun, as was on remote farm,thus I worked nude a lot

by this time, I was self employed as carpenter and having sex with men in my Fem-male role

                                                               " Femininized as a eunuch "

being me, I wonder very often, if only I'd had surgery to be femininized at this time 1998

How would life been different just being a " Femininized as a eunuch ", where when dressed no one would know I am a Fem-male ?

Would I be allowed to pose nude for art classes ?

The men I was having sex with knew I wanted to have surgery,be Lady-like, yet how would they react in reality seeing me nude          after surgery ?

Would more Str8 men be more accepting of having sex with me, seeing that I was as Femininized / Emasculated sexually as I           could in my power and desire to be. ? Would they be more likely to take me as full time partner ?,

                                                          give up having sex with real females ?

                    ( this a big issue for me, as I don't feel I have the right to ask / expect a man to give up having sex with women )


                      Third-gender / Fem-male Flight attendant be great job for me

                                                                          ♥  Must have Good set of teeth! ♥ 


I've always wanted to dress as this publicly to show my " Femininity "

I have always loved Flying, and have at times desired to be a Flight Attendent, dress like above, showing that I am clearly a ;

                                                    Third-gender / Fem-male type, don't identify as Male or Female but as;

                                                                                          " Fem-male "

                                                              ( which in my case 100% female sexually roled )

At least in my opinion ; For transgender people to be accepted, they must be social defined, as distinct and different, the role of 

Flight Attendent is good start;

                    Where there Airlines have clearly defined ; Male attendents , Female attendents, and Third-gender attendents

             My hope is some day Third-gender people can walk in public, be in public, clearly defined in their role / identity, like the;

                            " berdache " / Two-Spirit peoples did for 100's of years accepted prior to arrival of " White man "

                                                                             on the North American Continent


                                          Same-sex and third-gender marriages

Several kinds of same-sex marriages have been documented in Indigenous and lineage-based cultures. In the Americas, We'wha (Zuni), was a lhamana (male individuals who, at least some of the time, dress and live in the roles usually filled by women in that culture); a respected artist, We'wha served as an emissary of the Zuni to Washington, where he met President Grover Cleveland.[43] We'wha had at least one husband who was generally recognized as such.[44]

While it is a relatively new practice to grant same-sex couples the same form of legal marital recognition as commonly granted to mixed-sex couples, there is some history of recorded same-sex unions around the world.[45] Ancient Greek same-sex relationships were like modern companionate marriages, unlike their different-sex marriages in which the spouses had few emotional ties, and the husband had freedom to engage in outside sexual liaisons. The Codex Theodosianus (C. Th. 9.7.3) issued in 438 CE imposed severe penalties or death on same-sex relationships,[46] but the exact intent of the law and its relation to social practice is unclear, as only a few examples of same-sex relationships in that culture exist.[47] Same-sex unions were celebrated in some regions of China, such as Fujian.[48] Possibly the earliest documented same-sex wedding in Latin Christendom occurred in Rome, Italy, at the San Giovanni a Porta Latina basilica in 1581.[49]

                                                                               I  want to be a Man's Wife

                                                                            Just how and in what capacity  ?

                                                                                     Plural marriage ?  

                  One dilemma I have pondered since writing " Terrace " is am I Williams wife, or Jodi's husband or just a partner ?

I do know if you came to our house, I'd like to be dressed maybe like this