The fact is that Antidepressants are dangerous drugs !!

Question is why are so many people taking them?

I personally have suffered from depression a good part of my Life,and no longer do,or at least in comparision to my past,which at times was severe for long periods(as long as a year,with no relief,I can remember thinking,"On how I felt,and once described it as- ,I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy!"- every morning hoping this day ,might be better,total did-interest in Life in general,no ability to feel joy,like the most terrible sadness that isn't getting better,by the day,by the week,by the month, imagine you are caught outside in the cold,in the wilderness,and you can't get warm,,your stuck in that "State" of discomfort,constant unrelenting mental discomfort:

     Persistent depressive disorder (also called dysthymia) is a depressed mood that lasts for at least two years. A person diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder may have episodes of major depression along with periods of less severe symptoms, but symptoms must last for two years to be considered persistent depressive disorder.

excerpt from Wikipedia on-Dysthymia- In addition to individual psychotherapy, both group psychotherapy and self-help, or support groups, can be an effective line of treatment for dysthymia as well.[28] Through these treatment modalities, issues such as self-esteem, self-confidence, relationship issues/patterns, assertiveness skills, cognitive restructuring, etc., can be worked through and strengthened.[28]

   I personally think "Cognitive restructuring" such be main Focus.,,it is very important to get to changing as quickly as possible.Example: I explained how I felt to a psychologist at one time after coming out of a major depression,when I was done explaining to him how I felt,what I had gone through, he looked at me with great empathy,and said "Michael,your lucky to be sitting here even talking to me,as I am you, as you see,most people,don't get to tell the story you just told",,I asked him why?,he replied " They Kill themselves"
   Depression is a Bad thing,,I am lucky ,I got bit once,and on constance guard of the Signs,,as everyone should be,and empathtic to those whom suffer.
 I'd say my love of Nature,is how I have survived. Understand ,or seeing Nature in many ways, from it's very violent ways,to seeing it from it's most Beautiful ways'

My depression partly was caused by "Gender dysphoria"(being a fem-male type),,so I have had to find ways that,can relieve the distress of this,which are socially acceptable.and I can handle,for example I can't wear a dress in public,due to the way it may effect others,and the Attention it would draw.One reason for "Drag shows",main thing now,I am aware of the distress of gender-dyshoria

     Start looking for something to look forward to-a simply ,tiny thing..realize to survive you must start letting go of old ways,you can't care how society see you,you must focus on what is going get you old of this hole you've fell in!.Once difference now then say in the late 1980 and 90's seeing a mental heatlh professional,was taboo,a thing not spoken of!,I even had State Farm cancel my heatlh insurance policy,after checking myself into hospital for major depression.(need-less to say I will never endorse state farm again.)-especially after having them as my auto insurance carrier since I was 16 years old,and never having a claim except for hitting a deer once,which was not the deer's fault ,nor mine.Over 22 years,,where is the Saying "Like a good neighbor state farm is there"?

If now I feeling blue,I might listen to Leo's "A rant against Culture-Actualized.org

  I see Culture a lot as he describes,I try to always be aware of "group-think",social-dogma's etc.
  As a culture we have failed or not evolved as needed in the "Mental Heatlh " department.-my opinion
 As a Culture we are greatly failing in the" Parenting" department.-my opinion.
As a Culture we have,and continue to Fail in "Education",because of the root ,due to Failure of Parenting-(Parents send their kids off blindly to be taught what?..Parents need to demand a better education,then there would be,yet due to the madness to work,make money,kids get thrown into what?-Do most Parents see it Like a Gamble,hope the best,with no involvement into what their kids are being taught?.

    When I was in Alcohol rehab.(two years)..not a day went by I didn't hear-"What is Insanity?..doing the same thing over and over,and expecting different results!"

 Automatic Thoughts
Those immediate, first, quick thoughts that go through our mind in response to a situation. They are our initial thinking reactions that go on to affect emotions and behaviors. Problematic automatic thoughts are negative. Sometimes they can go unnoticed and usually they go unquestioned. Learning to monitor thoughts is a essential first step in Cognitive and behavioral therapy. As obvious as these surface thoughts can be. It does take practice to capture them. Regular thought monitoring helps us notice these more easily. 
“ She thinks I’m weird” “ I won’t pass that test” “ My heart might stop beating” “ I will get AIDS from that doorknob
Intermediate Beliefs
These are more under the surface but influence the direction our automatic thoughts go in. They are very important in maintaining anxiety and depression. Discovering these beliefs help us move toward change.  Key aspects of Intermediate Beliefs are:
• expectations and assumptions about ourselves, relationships and situations around us • Rules and guidelines we follow • Attentional priorities and biases which influence what we notice or don’t notice and the ways we think and respond to a given situation. Examples:
“ Meeting new people is something to avoid” “ Not exerting myself, will keep my heart from failing”  “ Always look for danger and expect it to be there”  Core Beliefs
  These beliefs, in the Cognitive Model, are considered to be at the deepest level of our thinking. They represent our 
• underlying self-values and perceptions and  • Underlying views of ourselves, others and the world around us.  • Core belief statement have an absolute quality to them such as:
“ I am worthless”  -  “ I am inadequate” - “  “ if I fail, I am worthless”  -“ I am unsafe in the world”
Patterns of thoughts and behaviors
  Researcher believe that our biology, genetic predispositions and our life experiences come together to form our beliefs, perceptions, rules assumptions and expectations. Over time, it is thought that we develop certain repetitive cycles or patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that can be self-reinforcing

Remember nothing is more Powerful then "N.A.T.U.R.E".no human conceived gods,no social constructed religion,nothing-Nature is All. and find your part in Nature,and do best you can..all we can do- my advice

,,,and try to see what Leo is saying in " A Rant against Culture"

Remember "Balance"and Nature will have it's way in the end.

Are you a Empath type,HSP type-highly sensitive person