Dr Gabor Mate

I really like what this person has to say,and I feel he is very sincere.

                                                                 Gabor Mate ; "Why Capitalism makes us Sick"

I very much agree with Gabor's views on AA, 12 step method, in that it needs to greatly evolve, it is not a way to beat addiction, maybe a helpful tool. Personally I have no use for it , as it has to many similarity to a " Cult " ,contains to much dogma , I have been to ,too many meetings, and gained nothing, yet felt the " Pull of " being "Institutionalized " into a homogenized type belief system.

I like what Gabor says @ 1:06:40...…;  "we can't take the assumptions of our culture for granted "(a  Pre-Concieved Notion ) like a cultural anthropologist  . Assumptions are always  Pre-Concieved Notions