Dynamics of being physiologically male / psychologically female

                              For myself even the term " homosexual " doesn't seem to fit me, other then my body says I'm am male, as 
                                  wishing to Act much more in the " Female role " seems to be what I naturally desire.

I think good place to start is by looking at ;  Psychologically Androgynous

                                                              Gender Schema Theory Explained

"The gender schema theory tries to explain the cognitive process that happens as people learn and internalize gender roles. This theory denotes that gender becomes a core lens through which people learn to see the world, recognize people, things and characteristics as being inherently feminine and masculine. The two concepts, psychologically androgyny and gender schematism, sparked a furry of psychology research into gender and how it affects intellectual health. Experts claimed that psychologically androgyny was linked with positive psychological results, especially in women.

Sandra Bem states that if a person takes on both feminine and masculine personality traits in profusion, they become mentally androgynous. It means that they can pick personality traits as they want and people are not inhibited by cultural stereotypes symbolizing their sex. In her study, she revealed that sex-typed individual favoured stereotypical activities even if it cost them to do so. She also claimed that androgynous individuals were also more capable of showing a minority opinion and having greatest flexibility in approaching situations. These traits are psychologically vigorous for them. 

I think from above this is key component to understanding the Dynamics ; " are not inhibited by cultural stereotypes "

According to Sandra Bem,  " androgynous individuals are more flexible", for myself meaning it is a process of !


                                      The ability to recognize the Traits one desires most, takes those rejects the others.

                                      Example might be ; I seen, experienced what it was like to be a female sexually,

                                                                      then seen what it was like to be a male sexually.

                                                                                         and I clearly knew,

                                                                      I only wanted to be like a Female sexually 100%

   Though culturally not accepted, psychologically I was not inhibited to be with a man in the female role, it seems 100% natural

                                       Common Traits of " Female-roled males "

All these roles share the traits ofdevotion to a goddess, gender transgression and receptive anal sex,

                      From the above traits;  Psychologically I translate these into ↓

                      Goddess → " I've always had female role models, wished to be like them. never have I had a male role model


                       gender transgression  " As been a process of becoming emasculated / femininized, by way of

                                                              actual sex with men in the female role, realizing the desire for only                                                                     that role, thus grow into that role.

                                                              The more Femininized, the more Femininized desired to be, 

                                                              or the more I can feel Lady-like, the more Lady-like I want to be.

                   receptive anal sex   " realizing the only way can be " bred / impregnated " symbolically,

                                                           and no real need for physical pleasure in the act, yet also realizing

                                                           the non-desire to be in male role, use penis to penetrate as a man.

                                                           The intense emasculated / femininizing effect of being penetrated and

                                                            taking a man's semen up inside of body. Which replaces need for self

                                                            to orgasm, if do wonderful, yet not the objective,

                                                           Affirmation of being " Feminine " and desired in female role, primary 

                                                            need / objective.


Wish only to be with " Heterosexual Men "

                                        Sexual Inversion

Homosexual transsexuals exactly fit the profile of ‘sexual inversion’ as defined over a hundred years ago by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895)

‘The truth of the invert was inside rather than on the surface; thus a male invert was “really” a woman, and should be allowed to express a female gender, and a female invert was “really” a man, and should be allowed to dress and live as one. Inversion also referred to the ways in which such bodies inverted the laws of nature, which supposedly decreed that male bodies should desire female sexual partners instead of male ones, and vice versa. The theory of sexual inversion maintained conventional categories of sexuality and gender and did not allow one to be divided from the other. Inversion meant that a man’s homosexual desires, effeminacy, or both did not challenge masculine gender or heterosexual sexual norms; rather, a perfectly normal heterosexual woman with a feminine gender was trapped inside him, yearning to come out. (Encyclopedia.com)

Male-to-feminine transsexuals: classic sexual inversion

MtF transsexuals seem to be universally hostile to the idea of sex with women or with other transsexuals. In fact, they are famous for dumping boyfriends who exhibit any ‘gay tendencies’.


Seeing magazines like Hustler, at age 10-13, which I would find at road side spot near the woods were I'd park my bicycle then hike

into the woods , seeing the Roles the women played, performing fellatio, getting boned(having a man's penis up in them), I clearly 

knew I didn't want to be the Man, and I wanted to be like the Females.


                - Life time of Cognitive Dissonance -

   ♠  Always wanting to be like a girl, yet looking like a man, making it difficult to have a boyfriend,             as a normal girl does. Thus not knowing how to Act.