Dysphoria and Cognitive dissonance

In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. The occurrence of cognitive dissonance is a consequence of a person performing an action that contradicts personal beliefs, ideals, and values; and also occurs when confronted with new information that contradicts said beliefs, ideals, and values.[1][2]

In A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957), Leon Festinger proposed that human beings strive for internal psychological consistency in order to mentally function in the real world. A person who experiences internal inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to reduce the cognitive dissonance. This is done by making changes to justify their stressful behavior, either by adding new parts to the cognition causing the psychological dissonance, or by actively avoiding social situations and/or contradictory information likely to increase the magnitude of the cognitive dissonance.[1]

Dysphoria (from Greek: (dysphoros), δυσ-, difficult, and φέρειν, to bear) is a profound state of unease or dissatisfaction. In a psychiatric context, dysphoria may accompany depression, anxiety, or agitation. It can also refer to a state of not being comfortable in one's current body, someone over-weight, not attractive, particularly in cases of gender dysphoria. Common reactions to dysphoria include emotional distress; in some cases, even physical distress is seen. The opposite state of mind is known as euphoria

Though cognitive dissonance is most often described as a conflict created by opposing external events, I feel it just as much is caused by opposing internal events.

Gender Dysphoria maybe the most extreme, due it isn't very socially acceptable, even if one has Gender Comfirmation Surgery, this is not socially acceptable to any great degree, or say your a miget, a elephant man, there are people whom will stare at you, not want you around, make fun, etc. even though logically them must understand that is the way you are. Anyone who is different has added stress, upon them

""Suicide is a huge issue within the dwarfism community and until recently discussions of mental health have really been seen as a        taboo subject.

I don't have the answers, especially concerning cases like Bruce Jenner where it is turned into a big drama,or allowing kids to undergo surgery (which I don't agree with)- I don't think , no matter what I did as far as -Gender Comfirmation Surgery-, I still would be male, with vaginoplasty surgery I be a male without a penis and a artificial vagina, no different then a female having artificial breasts.

   What is surprising is so many peoples / cultures of the past knew this Phenomenon occurred in people, and most clearly accepted it as part of nature, they didn't have ability for surgery.   Yet instead of helping the people whom are different, society overall remains in a state of Apathy or worst a "Condemning state".

    If one looks a my page " The Eunuch " by my rendering myself without a penis, that doesn't me be a female, nore ever can, if I had     boobies, still a male, list goes on and on, at what point would I suddenly be a female ?.  to me never, yet I can be in the Role of                                                           So for myself " The Role " is what it is most about, the psychological self identity

    So especially for the young people, the Question is how can we Nuture the Role they feel they desire, until older. I have dealt with        it my entire life, when there was no options,no imformation,I was aware of, no one to talk to, now people can talk about it, yet              instantly getting surgery without exhausting all other options is leaping before looking.

                                                                                                                                                   -just my 2-cents

Look at groups like Amish people. Jewish, different people yet blend in to society without conflict ,etc. then truly study Plato's Allegory of the Cave,  theory of positive disintegration (TPD) by Kazimierz Dąbrowski  then watch this video 

At level 1 which is where the majority of people identity with, are not going to change at all, or will be very slowly, to even expect their views to change, is at best a Dream , a hope. For example the idea,of, say for myself, because I identify as a Fem-male, I should be able to use a ladies restroom is insane, unrealistic. I am going out on a Limb even having the topic of myself being a Fem-male on this Site, yet due to fact that it is part of the " Whole " as to what this site is about, it remains, Sure I wish I could maybe go the the grogery store, etc. yet that not reality, least for me.  We much better off, if we study ways to get people Out of the Cave .

                                  Because at the End of the Day,this year 2018, this is the State of Reality

                                                   and most likely has been for the last 2500 years

                                                                  So how do we Change?