Eliminating grandiloquence, rhetoric, Verbosity in teaching

I see more and more waste,misleadingness ,simply due to this, "Like a bunch of used car sales men out there"

Verbosity or verboseness is speech or writing that uses more words than necessary, e.g. "in spite of the fact that" vice "although".[1] The opposite of verbosity is plain language

Plain language is writing designed to ensure the reader understands as quickly, easily, and completely as possible.[1] Plain language strives to be easy to read, understand, and use.[2] It avoids verbose, convoluted language and jargon. In many countries, laws mandate that public agencies use plain language to increase access to programs and services. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities includes plain language as one of the "modes, means and formats of communication

     - Deciding Whom to Trust, Follow , Believe in -

                    A bench mark might be, after you've listened to what one has to say, seen how they have treated everyone,

                                                            Ask your self , " What if this person was the Leader of the World ? " 

                                                           The number One 1, Grand Poobah