Empathy and Map is not the Territory


          I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago, They where wanting to explain to me a dilemma they had on their mind ;  they began by saying " You have to Understand ", then went on to explain, what ,to me seemed a fairly clear, understandable dilemma.  My reply to them was " First, I myself, have to have the Desire ! ,in order to take the time to begin to "Understand" what you have explained to me, thus I too!, now have a Dilemma,...

                                                         " Do I take the time to truly understand your Dilemma ? "

Thus another reason we must understand " how is a Desire created ? "

Excerpt from ; nlps.com- "

No map is ever completely true. Maps are static analogs, like a snapshot, while territories are dynamic, like a river. Maps can become outdated. They may be resourceful at one time in our lives and limiting at another.

Imagine a child who creates a belief map of his context in an unhappy family situation from which he cannot escape. He might think, "If I hide, I'll stay out of trouble." For him, given his situation, that might be a pretty useful map. But if he continues to use it when he grows up and functions as an adult in an adult world with many more resources and abilities, in entirely different contexts, that same belief map could be an extremely limiting factor in his life.

The reason I put these two topics together above is to show we have been conditioned in away as a culture,yet we must try to be empathtic to all, due to fact it was the culture we belonged to,yet at same time see we need to change.