Evolutionary Psychology

10/24/2019                                                           and Transgender

                        Believe Me, I am not for one minute trying to promote transgender as a life-style, as it is not a Choice,

             as after a life time of trying Not to be a "Female-roled-male", only to realize I can't un-become a "Female-roled-male"


   “The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” - Albert Einstein

                        -We have to remember; we are Evolving psychologicaly much, much more, compared to biologically-

                                                                                           or least if we TRY!


                         "humans have been regarded as a species so dependent on culture and technology that cultural adaptation ,                                                                                                                      

                                                                      has replaced biological adaptation

                                                                                       - Are humans still evolving?

Technological advances and unique biological characteristics allow us to adapt to environmental stress. Has this stopped genetic evolution? - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

                                     Can transgender be a part of human evolution?


If there is a genetic component, it could be that (for example) one version of the “transgender gene” causes a person’s kids to be born more healthy while two copies or an alternate expression of the gene cause the person to feel transgender.

Or more likely, perhaps a transgender would serve in an extended family as an extra caregiver resulting in a better survival rate for the cis-gendered members.

There are several scenarios where transgender is either a completely neutral adaptation or potentially beneficial to the species.

Evolution doesn’t care one whit for the individual. It only cares about the species as a whole. And even a seemingly negative trait for an individual (NOT saying transgenderism is “negative”, btw) could still be very beneficial for their group and the species as a whole.

                                                             -Stephen F Roberts, studied at The Human Race and Condition


Only thing I'd inject into Stephen Roberts comments is ; as far as psychological evolution goes, the "birth of change" begins with a individual's thought , "Idea"-me


Not a mental condition   ( more of a dilemma and cognitive dissonance issue , I feel )-me

Sexual Inversion is not a mental condition per se, but a physical, innate one that does have psychological consequences These are principally caused by distress at having a sexuality that is a mismatch to physical sex and by the social expectations of gender that is considered correspondent to their birth sex. Since gender is inextricably linked to sexuality, people with Sexual Inversion naturally desire to present in the gender opposite to their birth sex and feel great distress if they are prevented from doing so.- rodfleming.com

" In the first place, the idea that people with Sexual Inversion never have procreative sex is an unsupported premise; they might well do, if there were enough social pressure. Further, since Sexual Inversion is the result not of a mutation, with positive or negative results that might or might not lead to it being retained, but instead the result of a variation in a complex biological mechanism which might affect one sibling only,  we have to think rather more constructively. Such variations are extremely common in all animals and humans have, for hundreds of generations at least, accommodated them. One reason that human society exists at all is that collectively we can overcome individual limitations; we must always take care to see the process of evolution, in social animals, within the context of their society, which is itself an artefact of Evolution." - rodfleming.com

Some argue that transgenderism was caused, or at least influenced, by evolution.[i]  Some of them support the notion of transgender transgender by claiming that Transgenderism “Showed Evolutionary Benefits in Ancestral Societies,” namely they helped others with child care and other tasks.[ii] In a 2013 paper in Nature, VanderLaan and his colleagues studied 146 non-transgendered societies and 46 transgender societies in both current and older hunter-gatherer societies. He defined his subjects as transgendered androphilia, a gender role markedly similar to that of females in a given culture. VanderLaan found that transgender men were useful to their communities as extra help in supporting the family, such as by helping to raise the children of others. He concluded these transgender benefits “provided an evolutionary advantage to the societies in which they belonged, allowing them to survive and remain healthy, and that in turn provided the opportunity for transgender attributes to continue into future generations, despite the fact that many transgender males did not have biological children of their own.”


If we simply look at the " Role it's self ", that is a biological male that needs to identify as female like, and that  "Role " was what was accepted in cultures / tribes, thus became a permanent element of human evolution, which seems to be the case.

                                     1. Thus this Role had to have, most likely some important traits, to have become accepted in many cultures
                                                                        What are they ? and or what potential purposes could the role have ?
                                      2. Are female prostitutes part of human evolution ?, I believe so as it is known in all human history
                                             thus clearly accepted by many
                                      3. The term it's self " berdache " was used as a word (thus symbol) of " male prostitute "
                                              and has successfully became a evolved element of humanity, if one has the ability to read and                                                               understand - many terms for male prostitute, are there in all human history.

                                       4. For myself , I was clearly in a " prostitutional " role as a "female roled male", and clearly employed by                                                    many heterosexual men for sexual purpose only and reciprocal, as I being psychosexually so female
                                               sexually, it seems strange to myself to look at sex with men , as being homosexual or a same sex                                                          encounter, thus heterosexual male with berdache seems much fitting, I simply love sex with men,as a                                                    female actor, one could say, and have no desire at all to be a male actor in this" play" ( life )

                (  when a berdache symbolizes a biological male whom has become psychosexually 100% female like,
                    thus symbolizes this by dressing female like) Yet a individual can have many duties,skills etc...……...……………….) 

                                        5. For  the early hunter-gather groups of people , the berdache role seems very much needed to shield the                                                young females from the young breeding ,puberty age males , as for many young females to become                                                      pregnant at same time would most likely hindered their ability to move,travel etc. Thus the young males                                                could be with the berdache for "prostitutional " purpose. I could clearly see that at age 13, this could of 
                                               played out for myself, as by choice and desire I wanted to have sex with many males, not only my age,
                                               yet males as old as mid to older 20's, I would of likely been a berdache for them. I am by no means                                                        endorsing / promoting any one be in the prostitutional role, simply stating that I very likely could of been,
                                               or had potential to be, due to my desire to have sex with many men, and that there where many whom
                                               I believe whom would have used me in a prostitutional sexual purpose, which I would find out later from                                                1998-2005.
                                             That said, Say I was part of tribe of say 150 individuals, they would of clearly have known I was a                                                            berdache type, thus likely the role is established.  A question I have for myself, is not if I would of                                                        continued in the Role, if it were a role the tribe accepted, thus allowed. I clearly know I would of allowed 
                                               many of the males  in my school have me sexually at "Least Once" , yet if I allowed a male                                        to again would of been  fitness of that male, Meaning , how he treated me, his hygiene etc.
                                     And there are where some males whom I would of clearly rejected due to their " fitness".
                                                        "This is clearly a aspect of natural selection by the berdache "

                                                              If the berdache was very respected by the female,
                                                                 the rejection by the berdache,of a male,
                                                          most likely would of been questioned by the females, they
                                                          most likely would of asked the berdache "Why are you rejecting him?"

                                                    Thus maybe indirectly, yet the element of promoting ethics, morals could of                                                                                                   been happening.

                                     Looking back, I was selecting " fit " males, and like a heterosexual male may look back at
                                     their post-puberty years and say " I was attracted to this female sexually ", I look back                                          and say ;   (I was never attracted to females sexually)
                                              " I was attracted to this male sexually " and in a prostitutional berdache role.
                                               and most of the males I would of likely to have performed fellatio on, or allowed to                                                penetrate me anally, have gone on to be non-trouble makers, productive individuals

                                              Even my two boyfriends clearly knew and wished to have sex with me in a prostitutional berdache role,
                                                and where telling other friends about me, which I liked, and until I was discovered and the                                                                       shaming,being made fun of began, I very much wanted to have sex with many males- if "fit" and age                                                    didn't seem to be factor, as I know if given the opportunity, I would of willingly performed fellatio and or                                                  allowed my gym teacher to anally penetrate me. (yet in society then and now, he would of been breaking to law)
                                                   Thus after being discovered, I stopped taking showers at school for rest of year (as we had open showers)

                                                                 Yet in a close tribe environment, where all is transparent, the berdache likely could of                                                                              allowed the males of any age, if the berdache did not reject the male for whatever reason
                                             And from my experience from 1998-2005, I had many older males whom greatly provided guidance in
                                              sexual ways, such as deep-throating, taking big cock in myself anally, positions etc. Took their time!

Walter Williams (1986, 1991) traces the origin of the word to Arabic (bardash) meaning "kept boy" or "male prostitute." The term was introduced in the New World and found in the Jesuit relations with Natives who observed men dressed as women among the Iroquois.



adjacent, adjoining, contiguous, juxtaposed mean being in close proximity. adjacent may or may not imply contact but always implies absence of anything of the same kind in between. a house with an adjacent garage adjoining definitely implies meeting and touching at some point or line. had adjoining rooms at the hotel contiguous implies having contact on all or most of one side. offices in all 48 contiguous states juxtaposed means placed side by side especially so as to permit comparison and contrast. a skyscraper juxtaposed to a church 


Disorders of gender identity affect as many as 1 in 100 people. Transgender individuals are those who identify with a gender that differs from their natal sex.- sciencedaily.com


                     Transgendered males seen as an asset to some ancestral societies 

                                  " finally some people are seeing reality "


Ethnographers say ancestral communities with transgendered males rarely frowned upon homosexual behavior

Transgendered androphilic males were accepted in traditional hunter-gatherer cultures because they were an extra set of hands to support their families. Conversely, by investing in and supporting their kin, these males ensured that their familial line – and therefore also their own genetic make-up – passed on to future generations despite their not having children of their own. This is according to an ethnographic study led by Doug VanderLaan of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada, published in Springer’s journal Human Nature. The study reports that this “kin selection” is still at play in pro-transgender societies today.
‘Androphilia’ refers to a predominant sexual attraction towards adult males, and takes on one of two possible gender roles depending on the cultural context: sex-gender congruent male androphilia (the typical male gender role) or transgendered androphilia (a gender role markedly similar to that of females in a given culture). Typically one of these variations is dominant within a society. For example, sex-gender congruency is more common in Western cultures, whereas the transgendered form is more typical of non-Western cultures, such as that of the Polynesian island nation of Samoa. 
The researchers also wanted to test predictions that enhanced kin-directed altruism is prominent in societies in which transgendered male androphilia is predominant. To answer this question, VanderLaan and his colleagues compared the sociocultural environment of contemporary transgendered societies with ancestral small-group hunter-gatherers. Ancestral group size, sociopolitical systems, religious beliefs and patterns of residency were analyzed in 146 non-transgendered societies, and 46 transgender societies. The analysis utilized ethnographic information about well-described nonindustrial societies from the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample.
VanderLaan and his colleagues found that transgendered male androphilia is an ancestral phenomenon typically found in communities with certain ancestral sociocultural conditions, such as “bilateral descent.” This term refers to societies in which the families of both one’s father and mother are equally important for emotional, social, spiritual and political support, as well as the transfer of property or wealth. Also, the acceptance and tolerance of same-sex behavior evolved within a suitable, accepting environment in which discrimination against transgendered males was rare. Importantly, kin selection might have played a vital part in maintaining genes for male androphilia these societies. For example, it continues to be a driving force in contemporary Samoan fa’afafine transgender communities.
Unless transgendered androphilic males are accepted by their families, the opportunities for them to invest in kin are likely limited. What was true of our ancestors still holds true. A society’s specific social organization and its general acceptance of transgenderism and homosexuality is even important today. When supported by society, transgendered males invest their time and energy in their kin in turn.
VanderLaan, D.P. et al (2013). Male Androphilia in the Ancestral Environment: An Ethnological Analysis, Human Nature DOI 10.1007/s12110-013-9182-z.


Blanchard categorized trans women into two groups: "homosexual transsexuals" who are attracted exclusively to men, and who seek sex reassignment surgery because they are feminine in both behavior and appearance; and "autogynephilic transsexuals" who are sexually aroused at the idea of having a female body.

                                       Transgendered androphilic males

                          I personally identify strongest with being sexually attracted to male, yet psyhosexually 100% female

             Mentally very much female like desiring sex only with heterosexual males, whom treat as though I am female sexually,

                  Thus sure, I want to look "Feminine" for a male, thus my strong desire to be physically emasculated;

                                               by means of having, female like "Vulva", and not having a penis.

Androphilia (from the Greek andro-, an adjective/adverbial form of male; and -philia, meaning love) is attraction to adult males.It is believed that the term originated from Hirschfeld's systematics of homosexual males

Autogynephilia;The term translates from Greek to something like "self-woman-love," with the intended meaning "love of oneself as a woman."...I use it in terms of " I want to be" Lady-like" or in "Role of Lady"

Yet wouldn't say in these termsAutogynephilia: A male's sexual arousal upon imagining himself as a female.

                                                         I can't be female, yet I can try to be sexually in the female Role,

                                                                           simply not in reproductive sense

                                                                            And try to be identified as such

                              Thus the "Female roled male" takes themselves out of actual mating process, yet can be ;

                                                    sexual surrogate, care-giver, helper for whole tribe/society

Transgendered androphilic males were accepted in traditional hunter-gatherer cultures because they were an extra set of hand                                                                                   to support their families."


                          -Recalled Separation Anxiety in Childhood in Istmo Zapotec Men, Women, and Muxes-

"The Istmo Zapotec are a pre-Columbian cultural group indigenous to the Istmo region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Istmo Zapotec recognize three genders: men, women, and muxes. Like Istmo Zapotec men, muxes are biological males. However, unlike Istmo Zapotec men, most muxes are exclusively androphilic (i.e., sexually attracted to adult males), relatively feminine, and routinely adopt the receptive role during anal intercourse. Furthermore, the Istmo Zapotec recognize two types of muxes: muxe gunaa, who resemble the transgender androphilic males that are common in many non-Western cultures, and muxe nguiiu, who resemble the cisgender androphilic males ("gay" men) common in Western cultures. Retrospective research conducted in Canada and Samoa demonstrates that cisgender and transgender androphilic males recall elevated indicators of childhood separation anxiety (i.e., feelings of distress related to separation from major attachment figures) when compared to males who are gynephilic (i.e., sexually attracted to adult females). The present study compared recalled indicators of childhood separation anxiety among Istmo Zapotec men, women, muxe gunaa, and muxe nguiiu (N = 454). Men recalled significantly lower levels of childhood separation anxiety compared to all other groups (all p < .042). No additional group differences were found. Our results are consistent with previous research conducted in Canada and Samoa, suggesting that elevated childhood separation anxiety is a developmental correlate of male androphilia that is cross-culturally universal. This research is also consistent with the conclusion that cisgender and transgender male androphiles share a common biological and developmental foundation despite being different in appearance.- researchgate/




      Cavemen were Gay-Friendly Employing Homosexuals as the First Nannies

In hunter gatherers' culture homosexuals were widely accepted as extra help to support families, according to a study published in the journal Human Nature

Canadian researchers at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto and the University of Lethbridge examined 46 ancient transgendered societies (in which homosexual men took transgender role) and 146 non-transgendered societies (in which gay men took the typical male gender role similar to that of females in a society).

The societies were compared on the basis of these factors - population size, socio-political systems, religious beliefs and patterns of residency.

The researchers found that transgendered male androphilia (male sexual attraction to adult males) is an ancestral phenomenon and was accepted by many communities.

"Among transgendered societies, negative societal attitudes toward homosexuality were unlikely. We conclude that the ancestral human sociocultural environment was likely conducive to the expression of the transgendered form of male androphilia," the researchers wrote in their (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs12110-013-9182-z) report , named Male Androphilia in the Ancestral Environment.

Societies which accepted homosexuality were those with bilateral descent system of family lineage. In the bilateral descent system, inheritance and descent are passed equally through both parents.

"Our results show that ancestral sociocultural conditions and bilateral and double descent systems were more common in transgendered than in non-transgendered societies. Across the entire sample, descent systems and residence patterns that would presumably facilitate increased access to kin were associated with the presence of ancestral sociocultural conditions," the researchers concluded.- thefreelibrary.com


               Heterosexual males sometimes attracted to androgynous- feminine males

                                             What does gynesexual mean?

With the prefix gyne- coming from the Greek for “woman,” gynesexual is a sexual orientation that describes someone who is attracted to females or female body parts, regardless of whether that person identifies as female. Examples include someone who is transgender or a cisgender male who presents as feminine. That means that heterosexual men and lesbians are gynesexuals, but the term is especially meant for when a person is attracted femininity in nonbinary or genderqueer persons.

  For example ; As a youth and adult  I looked more " Androgynous ", "feminine",  thus I believe this     was a factor in order for Straight males to find me acceptable enough to allow me to first perform     fellatio on them,or hand-job,.... then if they desired and I felt good about the relationship,I ask if 

    they like to start penetrating me anally and ejaculating up in my bottom;

                                                 " My Hope ,main objective if possible"

                   Once we actually met, They seen first hand " my femininity ", how " Lady-like ", that I                        could perform for them sexually, thus taking away as much " homosexuality " stigma                      from the " encounter " was very important. From telling them I was a ;

               "wanta be transsexual", wearing a skirt,dress,padded bra and garter / thigh-highs,

                to simply being "Feminine".

                               Thus I believe men are attracted simply to " Femininity " in it's self

                                               -as long as it is not themselves being feminine-

                     Thus the Men could see me as a Alternative sexual person (with very female like traits)                      to have sex with, with no commitment,  no emotional attachment ;

                                                     "kinda like a sex surrogate"     


                                            Cognitive Dissonance and the Artist

                                 Every artist / creator knows the feeling,

                                   In the process of bringing forth a creation, standing back,looking at,

                                   seeing something "just ain't right,don't fit here or there", yet can't put 

                         your "Finger on it ", yet also know, one must keep on trying to find something;


                                         Very much same for myself as "Female-roled-male, society said;

                                     you can't be this way, it's sick, so bad, thus you start to become sick,

                                                  Unless you realize Society, just Don't know,

                                     And realize unless Individuals had existed (the Artists/Creators)

                                  to think of the "New", humanity would still be living in caves and huts,

                                                   That is if Humanity would of even survived,

                                            Without Divergence of Individuals within the "Tribe"   

               Just as I feel Cognitive Dissonance  allowed us to form → "Morals and Ethics"   

                         For example; I loved having a lot of sex in my female role with many men, yet the Cognitive Dissonance of the

                                               way in which I had to go about it, secretly etc. finally forced me to become "celibate "


          Thus one of the First creations of humans had to of been coming together into groups/tribes, thus the need to "Create";

                                                       a role for each individual within that group, a role that suit them best!

         "I am a carpenter building a house, a group of individuals come seeking to help, I must find each a role that suits them best"

                 " Yet I am a Female roled male, sexually attracted to male roled men, in the "tribe", what roles might suit me best "

                                               Thus the Third gender like the Muxe,,the Fa'afafine the hijras etc. 

                  Yet if I were part of a tribe , of say 150 individuals, a highly cooperative / evolved peoples, and was re-living my time at

                   my puberty, becoming sexual activity and as I did (in the female role), and the third-gender was part of that culture, first,

                   I wouldn't of be shamed for sexually pleasuring my friends, and most likely would of become available for many other                          males, if they showed they were fit (kind,gentle clean,right morals/ethics etc), as I had the desire to be with many of the                        other males my age, as well as older males (such as one of the gym teachers that was mid 20's I believe). 

                   Thus, I would of started dressing for the role (female like) , I would of been sexual available for the males;

                    (only in the female role for them) through puberty,until a female was available for them, which could of been many years.

                    There would of been older "female-roled-males"  to guide/teach me in the ways of being. (evolution)

                    Such as not letting the males touch my penis in any way , Which was a very distinct desire then.

                    Even at age 18, when first actually having sex with a female, the desire not to have her touch my penis,try to fellate me,

                    very much remained, and even though the physical aspect of penetrating her as a heterosexual male should ,felt good. 

                    The cognitive dissonance set in, a feeling as though "I am in the wrong role, I should be the one getting penetrated "

                     A feeling I struggled with ,if trying to be with a female, until finally in 1998 , then meeting a male, whom felt I might be a

                    " female-roled-male ", then having him asking me to be in that role for him, "It was like I'd been waiting for a man to ask                         me that question , since 1975 when I stopped having sex with my two male friends, so very eagerly I started being a 

                     "girly-boyfriend" for a man again which I feel is very much my true role.

      In essense I felt good sexually pleasuring the men, in turn they made me feel good by putting me in my proper sexual role of ;                                                                                                    being " lady-like "

                                                            and the more a man could make me feel "Lady-like", the better.

                                                                As well as the more I wanted to make him feel like a "Man"

              Another aspect of evolution I can pass on to other "female-roled-males" and females , is my long evolved methods for;

                                                       preparing for anal sex(being clean and ready to be penetrated anally)

                                                                         and it has been a long evolving process!

                    From getting "boned" once a week to my "last man standing parties" where I'd get " boned" many hundreds of times,

                                                                  by 50-60 men throughout course of a 12 hour period.

                                                                          " The need to stay lubed and clean "


                                                          David Wilson talks about evolution as a group/tribe

                                                        " I believe the only way we could of evolved socially "

                                                                 And they talk as if this is a " New " idea ?

                                                       How could a person alone in woods evolve socially ?

                     On the Virtues of a Meaning Systems Framework

           I use the following "Model" of how some of history has written of peoples described as "berdache"                                

                                        " Thus how I relate to it "now", what can work, what can be evolved "

      In Essense , How to Create a role for a "Female roled male " like my self, by learning from past, not wishing to repeat past,

       wishing to create a "New" model, as evolution is Not, doing the same thing all over.

The first case example of one of these gender-shifters comes from Latin America
at the Time of the Conquests (circa. 1560), from the view of Spanish soldiers,
missionaries, and a few mestizo3 sources.4 The author writes the term berdache is
applied to the gender-shifting individuals who are characterized by several consistent
One of these traits is that the word always implied men transvested as women.  In
most cases these individuals were involved in homosexual behavior, always playing the
passive role opposite another male,
who penetrated their mouth or anus.5 It was also
observed that in this particular case these individuals possessed no special spiritual 

  powers, and were not shamans or priests. Although, they did have a role in religion,
serving as a submissive sex partner to a “chief” type individual during divine services. In
this case the gender-shifters played an important social role because they were dressed
as women,
in addition to participating in most all of women’s social functions and rites;
however, they had the tendency to lead or be the best at these functions, due to their
larger size and strength. Many of these individuals also served social roles by becoming
sex partners for young braves
, who would end up violating the chastity of the girls that
could be married, rendering them unfit for marriage
and practically socially inept. In this
situation these gender-shifters have distinct characteristics and their role switch

appears to be permanent, reminiscent of the “institution of the berdache”.  

Third gender could be considered parallel to transsexual, but it is significant to note that people of the third gender did not take any measures to physically become a member of the opposite sex.

Another main idea that is central to understanding the third gender is that they did not adhere to the binary standards of either being fully male or fully female. These highly respected individuals experienced the gender spectrum fluidly and they were never 
condemned for who they were.

Another main idea that is central to understanding the third gender is that they did not adhere to the binary standards of either being fully male or fully female.

                 Wolfs to dogs and Humans evolve together

Jung and Pörtl write:  psychologytoday.com

Paleolithic people and ancient wolves were living together closely in the same ecological niche hunting the same prey with the same cooperative methods. It is likely that they met very often and knew each other very well. We have some hints, that ancient wolves and people treated each other with respect. We have hints for an active cooperation from humans and dogs starting in the Upper Paleolithic period long before it would have even been possible scavenging human waste. We have hints for emotional bonds between ancient people and dogs. Emotional bonds would have been unlikely for an animal hanging around human settlements while scavenging carrion and feces, like the scavenging hypothesizes describe. Looking at recent dogs and humans we have evidence for strong unique similarities in the psychological and neurobiological structures eventually allowing interspecific bonding, communication and working. Interspecific cooperation decreased the level of the stress axis of both species in the Paleolithic period and even does so today, what improves our social and cognitive abilities. 

The following is a very good example of " pre-concieved notion"

"It has long seemed to me that many journalists and students of dog evolution—especially those in English-speaking countries—have become so wedded to the “dump-diver theory” of dog domestication that they have become stuck in their efforts to understand what happened. (also the basis of Allegory of Cave)

                                                Dr. Havelock Ellis on same sex attraction -"eonism"

Sexual inversion, as here understood, means sexual instinct turned by inborn constitutional abnormality toward persons of the same sex. It is thus a narrower term than homosexuality, which includes all sexual attractions between persons of the same sex, even when seemingly due to the accidental absence of the natural objects of sexual attraction, a phenomenon of wide occurrence among all human races and among most of the higher animals. It is only during recent years that sexual inversion has been recognized; previously it was not distinguished from homosexuality in general, and homosexuality was regarded as a national custom, as an individual vice, or as an unimportant episode in grave forms of insanity.[1] We have further to distinguish sexual inversion and all other forms of homosexuality from another kind of inversion which usually remains, so far as the sexual impulse itself is concerned, heterosexual, that is to say, normal. Inversion of this kind leads a person to feel like a person of the opposite sex, and to adopt, so far as possible, the tastes, habits, and dress of the opposite sex, while the direction of the sexual impulse remains normal. This condition I term sexo-esthetic inversion, or Eonism. - Dr. Havelock Ellis

Sexuality and Gender in Hirschfeld's Die Transvestiten: A Case of the "Elusive Evidence of the Ordinary"
DARRYL B. HILL - researchgate

To achieve his emancipatory goals Hirschfeld needed to undo a clear distinction between the sexes. He acknowledged that most believe in the separation of sexes into male and female, or the "dualism of the sexes" (17). However, he cautioned, "it is a mistake if one imagines that both are two fully separate entities, one from the other; to the contrary, the constantly present merging of both into one ... is the core for the genesis and substance of the personality" (18). Thus, he believed that we are all inherently bisexual (in the sense of personality, not sexual orientation) because we have both male and female qualities. Second, he believed that all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, work toward the blending of these two dimensions of experience. With distinctions between the sexes questioned, Hirschfeld proposed his "theory of intermediaries" {Zwischenstufenlehre). While he acknowledged that men and women are usually two of a kind and can be distinguished by the sexual organs, physical characteristics, sex drive, and emotional characteristics,there are also "mixed forms" he called "sexual intermediaries" (220). These mixed forms are due to variations in sexual organs (as, e.g., with hermaphrodites), physical characteristics (such as gynacomastia), sex drive (as in passive heterosexual men), and emotional characteristics. Indeed, he considered the criteria and their indicators and concluded that there were over 43 million possible combinations of sexual indicators, not merely two. With respect to sex, he maintained, "there are hardly two humans who are exacdy alike" (229), Thus, sexual categorization seems somewhat meaningless because the number of categories are essentially infinite. But when one examines his empirical scientific work, his efforts contradicted his theory. In a very basic sense Die Transvestiten was the creation of a sexual category premised on a theory that disavowed categories. This paradox lies at the heart of the following analysis

Hirschfeld described Mr. D as heterosexual in a chaste marriage. Yet Mr. D had had sex with men as a man and wished to engage in a sexual encounter with a man as a woman. The following passage is quoted at length because it reveals very interesting details about his so-called heterosexual desires:
My sexual wish is not to be the woman of the female impersonator, but rather my ideal would be, as a woman, to lead a genuinely physiological love life with a man. A gentleman who often stared at me on the tram plays in this instance a major role in my thoughts. His outward appearance fascinates me. He was built as I am, elegant as a former officer, his fine clothing fitting well, his beard neatly trimmed, his eyes, which were not overly large, filled with expression. A short while ago a friend explained to me about the different kinds of homosexual feelings. I confess openly that the world of unlimited possibilities that my imagination opened to me has something magical about it, which heterosexual intercourse could not at all have presented to me, (Just writing about this now makes my penis, which had been flaccid before, grow erect.) I imagine that no sexual behavior with a man would disgust me, I have been told that some women like to suck a man's penis as if to wash it clean. I would willingly offer my mouth to suck my lover if he asked me. Indeed, if my friend exposed his large penis to me and wanted me and I was excited, I would be willing to have intercourse with him, I have even dreamed about it, and it was so delightful to be "his wife." He loved me, gave me what my heart desired, and for the first time in my life made me into a happy person. If he wanted me to run around the room naked, as is the case with many men and their wives, I would do that, too, to please him; except that my feet would have to be in fancy ankle boots and in every respect the decorum of a lady would have to be preserved. (34—35)

This fantasy suggests that Mr. D was less than exclusively heterosexual in his desires but had yet to act upon them. As a man, sex with a man was out of the question; yet as a woman, sex with a man would be a lifelong fulfillment. Here's how Hirschfeld reacted to this story: "Mr. D wrote this last paragraph under the momentary influence of an erotic fantasy. These ideas later became totally uninteresting in his case" (35). This is discounted as a momentary and uninteresting fantasy, even when Mr. D identified it as an ideal fantasy that would make him happy for die first time in his life. Mr. I claimed that he loathed sleeping with men, however, he had one exceptional fantasy: being a female prostitute and having sex with a young man. He explained:
The thought of sleeping with men has always caused loathing in me (with one single exception),.,. With my whole heart I long for once to be a prostitute and be able to spend the night with a "strapping young fellow," Not only would he have to undertake penetration me, but also use force, . . . So, the main content of my yearning is to be a woman completely. An extraordinary fascination for me would be to shave myself completely, put on make-up, put on women's clothing; to be sure, truly elegant, the "last word," but not too loud, underwear fine and silky, narrow shoes, lots of embroidery, artistic hat, in short, to be like a  brilliantly entertaining prostitute.

                                                                              relating to the above                 

I myself was like a prostitute for many young men, yet as a "Fem-male", and I wanted them to give me a good hard fucking at times,

"tell me", to get on my knees, bend-over, etc. or just have them pull their cocks out, tell me to suck it and swallow their cum, yet not by force.But by defined frame-work of both of us very much knowing our roles, and taking our role, I wanted my men to be like the 

                                                                      "Leader of the Band "

excerpts from above link ; 

One of the original environmental perspectives on the etiology of transsexualism
encompassed a biological component as well. Medical doctors and gender specialists
Harry Benjamin (1966) and John Money (1986) each conceptualized the development of
transsexualism as resulting from an imprinting process.

 Much like animals encode a deep
and lasting impression of their mother during an early critical period of development,
both Benjamin and Money believed that transsexuals mis-encode an impression of their
mothers such that they grow up to confuse their biological sex with their mother‘s female
identity. Though the imprinting process was thought to be environmentally contingent, it
could only occur within a strict biologically determined window of time, usually before
the age of three, hence rendering the theory part environmental, part biological.

         The Science of HSTS (homosexual transsexualism)


Because of this structure in which humans bond for long periods or, indeed, life, women select long-term partners on the basis of their ability to deliver the parental goods rather than their pretty faces. And who is the model, for most women, of the ideal provider? Her own father.

So, men tend to select partners on the basis of looks while women tend to select them on the basis of behaviour. Men are looking for a partner who looks fit, healthy and fecund, while women are looking for a partner who will be a reliable long-term provider. These different ways of looking at the other sex condition the way that each sex behaves and appears. In other words, the range of behaviours and appearance that we call gender has roots in mate selection.

But if gender is innate, how does homosexuality work?

There is an obvious problem though. What about homosexuals? Homosexuality is, of course, an evolutionary cul-de-sac. If it is innate and genetic, then it should select itself out of existence in a few generations. But we know it has existed since written records began. So, if it is innate, and all indications are that it is, then it must be dependent either on a non-genetic cause, or a gene mutation that keeps happening and somehow never evolves itself out of existence.

In fact, there are two forms that homosexuality can take. The first is indeed innate. In males, this is often called ‘feminine homosexuality’. These individuals begin to show same-sex attractions and GNC behaviours in childhood, typically beginning around 3-5 years old. They are never interested in sexual or romantic relations with the opposite sex. When we use the term ‘innate homosexual’ here, we mean ‘exclusively attracted to members of the same sex since childhood’, to avoid confusion.

The second is acquired and that’s what we will call it. These two forms are markedly different.

How does that work?

Both men and women are known to have convenience sex, when they cannot have the sex they would prefer, with same-sex partners. But that is not homosexuality, because we define sexuality in terms of desire. So-called ‘situational homosexuality’, as happens in prisons, boarding schools, on ships and so on, is not really homosexuality as such. It only becomes so, for an individual, if he or she begins to prefer that kind of sex to any other.

Sex is the most affirming thing a human, especially a human male, can do. It’s evolved to be that way in order to bind an individual man to a woman, rather than running off and impregnating every female in sight. The urge to do that is very powerful in men and it takes a powerful force to counter it; sex is that force. It’s meant to be rewarding, so if you have same-sex activity and enjoy it, then you will probably want more. And if you want more, you might begin to find the partners you have attractive.

This is why ‘reparative therapists’ are able to claim success; the ‘homosexuals’ they claim to have ‘cured’ were not innately homosexual in the first place.

feminine homosexual males

Our interest here, however, is not with this group but the other one, which showed childhood GNC and never has had any interest in opposite sex relationships. Males of this type have been described by Drs Bailey and Blanchard amongst others as ‘feminine homosexuals’. They sometimes describe themselves as ‘femmes’. In females, the characteristics are inverted and the subjects might be referred to as ‘butch’.

So, we are talking about a group of people whose only sexual and romantic interest is in people of the same sex as themselves, from early childhood. They do not develop these feelings as a result of sexual contact, rather the feelings pre-date that and will determine which type of sex they desire. Because these feelings appear at the same time as normative gender behaviour does, but resembles that of the opposite sex, we can be confident that this is something innate, not due to conditioning. Femme homosexual males, in other words, have feminine sexuality and gender, and butch homosexual females have the masculine forms.

At the same time, these individuals showed GNC more or less intensely through childhood and also exhibit distinct physical characteristics, of being slight, neotenous and so on (in males). So their homosexuality needs to be seen as one element in a much broader profile, in which they are naturally shifted towards the norms for the opposite sex.

So far, this all holds up. Childhood GNC is certainly not always a predictor of adult HSTS but it is an accurate predictor of homosexuality. Whether the individual in the end turns out to be femme gay/butch lesbian, openly HSTS, or indeed, is completely covert, depends on three factors: the intensity of the gender dysphoria experienced, the level of social intolerance towards male femininity or female masculinity and confidence in being able to ‘pass’ as the target sex.

(In this context note that in the West, ‘gay’ culture in particular is extremely hostile towards male femininity and feminine homosexuals can suffer greatly within that community. This is not seen, to anything like the same extent, in southeast Asia, where homosexual males are expected to appear and act like girls, even if they are not fully HSTS. At the same time, lesbians look much like boys. This can cause problems for Western LGB people who expect their standards of gender normativity to apply everywhere: they don’t. In the Philippines, homosexual males who do not transition are somewhat looked down on by trans individuals, the opposite of what happens in the West. Western ‘clone’ homosexual models are largely seen as ridiculous, because everyone accepts the underlying truth that gender reveals sexuality. This is the global model; the West is aberrant.)

HSTS, remember, lie at the extremity of a developmental scale (called an aetiology) that begins with feminine male homosexuality (in MtF, the inverse in FtM). It is not quite the case that HSTS are the ‘most homosexual’ but rather that their internal gender and life goals, especially their sexual and romantic ones, simply cannot be squared with an external gender that conflicts with that. The dysphoria this causes can be extreme.

A glance at the situation outside the West might be helpful here. In the Philippines, feminine homosexual males fall into two types: what might be called ‘femboys’ and HSTS. Both have feminised external gender, but the HSTS is fully so, the femboy only partially. It is rare to meet a homosexual male who is not obviously one or other of these. It is literally possible to observe the entire scale of variation in male, feminine-homosexual aetiology just by spending an hour or so in a popular spot in any large city, people-watching. You’ll see everything from cute boys with floppy hair and maybe an earring, to HSTS so passable they are almost invisible, and every gradation in between. (And this does not count the HSTS who are so passable you don’t recognise them as such!)       I see myself,and always have as Femboy / Fem-male type in desire of appearance,yet                      psychosexually 100% female with extreme sex drive (prostitutional like) -me

As we’ve said, HSTS are not ‘more homosexual’ than gender-conforming, but innate, homosexuals. Both have strong libidos and are powerfully attracted to the same sex, from childhood. What is different is another parameter, their femininity (for males) or masculinity (for females), as it is felt in their internal gender and expressed in their external. If these two are in balance, then the GD will be minimal; but if the degree of femininity or masculinity in the internal gender outstrips that of the external, then gender dysphoria is inevitable. The degree of the dysphoria depends on the degree of the mismatch.

We said before that gender is a scale that is made up of many contributing scales and this is an illustration. An individual can have a stronger or weaker sex drive and be more or less feminine; these are not directly related. While all femme homosexual males are feminine by definition in internal gender, the extent to which they express this externally depends on the severity of the GD they experience and other factors. There are many individuals who sit on the borderline between the two expressions and some will switch their external gender dependent on the social situation they are in. We are even aware of some who become noticeably more feminine as an evening progresses and alcohol removes their inhibitions. But these things have no bearing on the nature of their sexual desire itself; they are all completely committed to attracting partners of the same sex.

The bar, however, in the West, is far higher and traditionally only those most passable and suffering, at the same time, the highest GD, would have transitioned. This is because of the extreme hostility, in Western cultures, especially Anglo-Saxon ones, to male femininity. To escape violence and intolerance, an HSTS in the West, at least till recently, had to be able to successfully ‘pass’ as a woman or she would be unlikely to transition. In addition, she would almost certainly have had to leave her home town and move to a place where her history was not known. If she could not do these things she might have to remain a feminine homosexual male; and many of these suffer high levels of GD.

In Asia, there is far less intolerance of male femininity or female masculinity. This means that the ‘passing’ bar drops from ‘absolutely convincing as a woman’ (for MtF) to somewhere around ‘instantly recognisable as trans’. But since nobody in the wider culture cares, neither do the individuals, so they cheerfully grow their hair, don mini-dresses or shorts so tight they look like a second skin, hit the hormones and go looking for a man; this phenomenon can be observed any time after 10 pm in the appropriate areas of any major city.

The cultural differences between the West and elsewhere have other effects too. In Asia, HSTS transwomen and femboys often socialise together. They are never lovers (they would see that as lesbianism) but they have no difficulty recognising the things they share in common. Nearly all of them grew up in communal environments amongst other homosexual and otherwise GNC children and adolescents. In the Philippines, this extends to form an interpersonal support network, which I refer to as ‘beki culture’, because ‘beki’ is the term these individuals use for themselves, rather than one chosen by others. This has become a full subculture with its own language.

Nothing like that existed in the West. Most HSTS there are isolated, either individually or in small groups, mainly because of mainstream society’s prejudice. Also important, however, are the transphobic attitudes of modern Western ‘gay’ culture, which insists that any expression of male femininity must be condemned and suppressed. So are the harmful activities of non-homosexual trans, who simply deny the existence of HSTS as a separate phenomenon.

                  "The issue is the non-homosexual trans. type have a whole different agenda, they are
                   wishing to appear "female like" for that in it's self,...... it not about mating,bonding,being                      part of a family group, ........."It's wanting to look like a female"...yet not about being in                        the sexual role as a female.......a huge difference, same with gays, totally different "

                               A problem in gay culture is this "Top-bottom-versatile"
               the one's whom claim to be "versatile", are one's most likely to spread "Hiv"

                                  The bottom most likely to be transsexual
                                  The top most likely to be heterosexual
       (I think the best sex or best boning I ever got was by a man who claimed Top to simply just                                                                     loved fucking                                                                                                  Fem-males like me, you could tell by his experience,he was 10" of pure Man ! ,
         gentle, but all 10" was going up in me for a good 20min fucking , when he was done with me
                           I felt so feminine, no way did I ever want to be a Man again!,
                                                     I am a Idealist though,
                         yet feel there should be Fem's like me and true Men for us like him

                                  The versatile type ,is type I don't at all understand.

        (but I also know what it's like to be in the male role,and that caused me years of,
                               cognitive-dissonance, I can only be in one role 
                                 and clearly I was mean't to be in female role)

          I am not looking down at them, just explaining just a whole different phenomenon
          as Rod Fleming is trying to say here.-me

Unsurprisingly, any HSTS, with the determination to transition, will probably put as much clear water between herself and these people as she can. HSTS avoid LGB ‘support groups’ and other places where gays or non-homosexual trans congregate, because being seen at one of these might well ‘out’ them and literally destroy their lives.( I see this and do not identify with "LGB" ) or non-homsexual trans, actually don't feel the two communities should be connected)-me

         Then there’s sex. Few HSTS transwomen are interested in using their penises in sex; they are almost always completely receptive . That means they have to use their anuses as sex organs. For some, even if they enjoy this and many do, cognitive dissonance can be provoked by it. They want a vagina so they can have sex the way any other woman does.
                                  much more to read at rodfleming.com / allabouthsts.com

 (very much why I have great desire for vulvoplasty surgery)  as by not having a penis is a                   comfirmation to my male sexual partner that I have selected to be fully femininized,totally                 committed to be only in the female role sexually) 

                                       When you want to sexually like a girl, the penis look, is first thing that needs to go!

You would never find me in this position above with a Man, this symbolizes two gay versatile types


                               A article I found about " Eunuchs ", I relate to;

The willingness to engage in homosexual activity (particularly intergenerationally) was widespread among men in the ancient Mediterranean region. Women and boys were considered equally tempting sex objects for ordinary men. Therefore, homosexual activity could not have provided a means of distinguishing a minority of men as "gay" the way we do in the modern world. However, the ancients did differentiate based on an unwillingness or incapacity for heterosexual sex. Certain men were known to fundamentally lack arousal for sex with women, and men of this kind were distinguished from the majority of ordinary men on that basis. The innately and exclusively homosexual men of the ancient world inhabited the category of eunuchs. What we moderns think of as eunuchs, namely castrated men, were simply a limited subset of the category, referred to at the time as "man-made eunuchs." Incredible as it sounds today, society in the past valued gay men so much for their inherent qualities that the market used to try (without success) to manufacture them!

Natural and man-made eunuchs co-existed as distinct categories for at least fifteen hundred years, from the first-reported mass castrations about 600 BCE until around 900 CE, when the classification of "natural eunuchs" was essentially made obsolete, and only the artificial type were identified as eunuchs anymore. In the 4th century CE, Catholic Church leaders began using their new influence over Roman imperial law to recategorize natural eunuchs as males in order to prosecute them as criminal perpetrators of sodomy against their own bodies. Then the 9th century the "natural eunuch" category was retired altogether as a legal concept -- in the Muslim world by innovative religious scholars in the Hanbali and Shafi'i law schools, and nearly simultaneously in the Christian world by Byzantine emperor Leo VI in his reform of Roman law. 

What was called sodomy in the Christian tradition, or the "act of the people of Lot" in Islam, was the sexual penetration of "males" and it was criminalized in many ancient cultures. But before the 4th century CE, it had never been associated in law with sex between exclusively homosexual men, or with sex practised on homosexual men in the passive role by straight men in the active role. Exclusively homosexual men did not meet the definition of "male," because maleness or virility meant the aptitude to play the male role in procreative sex, which they lacked by nature. It had always been decent and respectable for an ordinary man, playing the insertive role, to have sex with an exclusively homosexual man (i.e. a non-male eunuch) as a passive partner, which is why so many Roman emperors had their eunuch lovers. Penetrating an exclusively homosexual man had not been considered a crime before -- the crime was penetration of a potentially heterosexual man, which was sometimes committed for the purpose of profoundly humiliating an adversary or helpless victim. Therefore, sodomy was a crime committed against non-gay men, and mostly by non-gay men. 

The reason why some people now accuse exclusively homosexual men of being sodomites is that, over time, the ancient, even primeval distinction between types of men, based on the presence or absence of heterosexual arousal in them, has been deliberately erased by patriarchal religious leaders. This erasure actually began with the emergence of Greek moral philosophy, but reached a critical turning point in the writings of the "fathers of the church", who were claiming to emulate a heterosexually abstinent role model, Jesus, at a time when absolute abstinence from heterosexuality traditionally implied queerness as well as spiritual holiness. In order to lay claim to the holiness of abstinence while escaping the queerness of it, church leaders declared the greater virtue of their strong, manly abstinence based on will power as opposed to the abstinence of holy eunuchs based on their natural inclination. Probably the greatest incentive for criminalizing eunuchs' sexuality was the power that eunuchs held and the protection that they afforded to imperial rulers, whom they surrounded as an isolating buffer. Religious leaders and scholars used their influence to promote the view of maleness as an anatomical characteristic alone, and they restricted the meaning of the term "eunuchs", whether born so or man-made, to those who lacked reproductive organs. Once redefined as males, exclusive, innate homosexuals became fair game for prosecution as sodomites, because they were subjecting their "male bodies" to sexual penetration.

                                                                                                                                                 - people.well.com

I myself very much relate this passages in above; 

 "Exclusively homosexual men did not meet the definition of "male," because maleness or virility meant the aptitude to play the male role in procreative sex, which they lacked by nature."

 " Certain men were known to fundamentally lack arousal for sex with women, and men of this kind were distinguished from the majority of ordinary men on that basis. The innately and exclusively homosexual men of the ancient world inhabited the category of eunuchs.


                                                   "My sexually role , because I am psychosexually much more like a female, 

                                                        thus for myself having sex with a female is like being in a lesbian role.

                                 or it seems Natural for me to be female like for a Man whom is only attracted females sexually,

                                                  And be some what Surrogate Female, strictly for sexually pleasuring him.

                                           Thus the total castration,removal of my penis/testicles,replace with female like vulva is;

          A role confirmation, showing a heterosexual male that I am 100% psychologically committed to and wish to only be in the;

                                                                                      " female role " sexually

                                                                       technically in a " prostitutional " type role

                         as from a realistic standpoint, I expect the Men I have sex with , to continue to have a wife / girlfriend.

        In a large part the Men are in away being  Altruistic, by giving me sexual attention, allowing me to perform fellatio on them, and           penetrating me anally, so I can feel female like sexually. For example; Many Men I routinely would perform fellatio on, often were

        reluctant to " penetrate me anally ", saying it was to much like being " gay ", so it often took quite a bit of convincing on my part,

        explaining " in my heart I only want to be like a Lady ", that I have no desire to be like a "Real Man" in his sexual role .

      The only real thing concerning the " Innate " topic , for myself is,... I have as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be;

                                                             " Treated sexually like I am a Female, by a Straight Male "


Sigmund Freud's views on homosexuality were complex. In his attempts to understand the causes and development of homosexuality, he first explained bisexuality as an "original libido endowment",[7] by which he meant that all humans are born bisexual. He believed that the libido has a homosexual portion and a heterosexual portion, and through the course of development one wins out over the other. He also believed in a basic biological explanation for natural bisexuality in which humans are all biologically capable of being aroused by either sex. Because of this, he described homosexuality as one of many sexual options available to people. Freud proposed that humans' inherent bisexuality leads individuals to eventually choose which expression of sexuality is more gratifying, but because of cultural taboos homosexuality is repressed in many people. According to Freud, if there were no taboos people would choose whichever was more gratifying to them – and this could remain fluid throughout life – sometimes a person would be homosexual, sometimes heterosexual.- wikipedia

Ellis is often attributed with coining the term homosexuality but in reality he despised the word because it conflated Latin and Greek roots and instead used the term invert in his published works. Soon after Sexual Inversion was published in England, it was banned as lewd and scandalous. Ellis argued that homosexuality was a characteristic of a minority, and was not acquired or a vice and was not curable. He advocated changing the laws to leave those who chose to practice homosexuality at peace, because at the time it was a punishable crime. He believed societal reform could occur, but only after the public was educated. His book became a landmark in the understanding of homosexuality - Havelock Ellis / Homosexuality and psychology -wikipedia

Kinsey's book demonstrated that homosexuality was more common than was assumed, suggesting that these behaviors are normal and part of a continuum of sexual behaviors

 excerpt from ,

Joseph Nicolosi (1991) stressed that the root of male homosexuality was caused by the inability of the male to fully acquire a masculine identity. Nicolosi states that it is necessary for the male to identify with the father, separate himself from the mother, and renounce his own feminine qualities in order to clearly identify as a male.

He states that this is due to the primal affnity that is based in shared masculinity between father and son. Nicolosi identifies various factors contributing to the lack of a masculine identity; these include a more rewarding relationship with the mother, the lack of a salient father, the absence of any father, and failure to encourage autonomy. As described by Nicolosi, heterosexual orientation is a bi-product of masculine identification; homosexual orientation is due to the lack of such identification.

 I can identify with following, as always identifying more as female/desiring to be feminine and desire to be in female sexual role after puberty - me

The evolutionary advantage of homosexuality: a sterile debate

excerpt from 

Theory #1: The kin selection theory

Also colloquially known as the ‘gay uncle’ theory, the kin selection theory suggests that homosexuality is maintained in a population through indirect reproduction. Simply put, because homosexuals are unable to bear offspring, they invest more care and resources in the children of genetic relatives because these offspring carry a proportion of their genes too. In callitrichids, only one pair in a group breeds at any one time to produce twins, while the rest forgo breeding to exclusively aid in the twins’ care — this is called ‘alloparenting’. In an example closer to home, Samoan homosexual men (officially recognized as fa’afafine) were found to exhibit stronger avuncular (‘uncle-like’) relations than unrelated individuals to their kin’s offspring. Samoan culture is highly insular, which may arguably be representative of the environment in which homosexuality evolved from eons ago. However, most modern-day families are geographically dispersed, which lends less credibility to this theory in the world today.

Genetics is a curious thing. Sometimes, traits persist in a gene pool not because they are beneficial to the individual, but because they are beneficial to the population. Sickle-cell anemia is caused by a mutation that greatly reduces the oxygen-carry capacity of hemoglobin, our chief oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. Logically, natural selection should have weeded out this mutation from the gene pool. So why does it persist in human populations? As it turns out, the mutant gene confers an unexpected resistance against malaria. Hence, in some African communities with high prevalence of malaria, up to 10% of the gene pool consists of the mutated gene. While no analogous gene has been pinpointed in the case of homosexuality, behavioural studies in fruit flies demonstrated that males displaying high levels of same-sex behaviour have more fertile female kin. This suggests that while these genes may be reproductively detrimental to males, the increased advantage they confer to females is enough for the genes to stick around in the gene pool.

Theory #2: the ‘tipping point’ hypothesis

A variant of the ‘gay-uncle’ theory — the ‘tipping point’ hypothesis — proposes that these ‘gay genes’ persist in our gene pool because they enhance reproductive fitness in heterosexual carriers, rather than female relatives. Scientists found that men who have a more feminine frame of mind (‘psychological femininity’), possibly conferred by these ‘gay genes’, were more attractive to women. Yet, perhaps if a male inherits too many of these genes — past a tipping point, so to speak — they change his sexual preferences as well.

Intriguing as these models may be, however, the data backing them are circumstantial — fluffy, really — at best. It is also worth noting that these models attempt to explain only male homosexuality, despite the very real presence of female homosexuality. Furthermore, can we really accept instinctive animal behaviour as a model for human behaviour, which is tempered by higher-ordered thinking and decision-making?

While science toils on to elucidate this evolutionary paradox that we are nowhere near solving, the real question is: does it really matter?

The theory of evolution allows us to appreciate our rich natural history, but it has been abused for sinister means; like in justifying racism prior to the twentieth century. Although science has shown that there is no consistent biological basis for categorizing discrete races, racism still exists today because the concept of “race” is so deeply ingrained in our collective psyche. Modern neuroscience has demonstrated that our brains are hardwired to reject information that contradicts personal beliefs (even if it’s true!) in order to maintain a consistent mental worldview. What this means is that even if science irrefutably establishes a definitive answer as to why homosexuality exists, the conflict between pro- and anti-gay camps will likely persist as a war between entrenched social and religious ideals.

More importantly, the spread of human culture has significantly blunted the effects of evolution on our species. Culture — which we can define as human achievements in art, science, technology, etc. — has become a non-biological means of adaptation that buffers the stressors of our natural environment . For instance, fire has allowed us to colonize northern latitudes, while the ability to cook provides us with greater dietary flexibility than our related primates.

Like myself, I love being a "Female-roled male ", why does it matter ? -me


excerpt from ↑ ; 

All evidence indicates that the monkey AIDS virus (also known as Simian Immunodeficiency Virus or SIV), and even the cat AIDS virus (also known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV) have been in existence long before the HIV virus first infected humans. Both SIV and FIV cause diseases very similar to human AIDS, and can sometimes be fatal to monkeys and cats (but these viruses are harmless to humans). In addition, all of these viruses are transmitted in very similar ways (sexual contact, mother-to-baby, blood-to-blood contact, etc.). Evidence strongly indicates that HIV had originated from the SIV virus (based on genetic similarities between SIV and HIV). This most likely occurred by humans being directly exposed to monkey blood. There is no significant evidence that HIV was derived from the cat AIDS virus (FIV).

Realistically speaking, it would be highly unlikely that SIV could have made it's way from monkeys into people through sexual contact. The chances of a person being capable of having sex with a monkey (through intercourse, giving oral sex, etc.) is highly unlikely. If you see the size difference between humans and monkeys, and the behavior of monkeys (either in zoos or in nature), you would see quite well that the possibilities of sexual intercourse or oral sex with monkeys is realistically very unlikely. In addition, humans having sex with animals (also known as bestiality) is very uncommon.

In regard to HIV being derived from FIV, this would be quite unlikely based on all available evidence. I also find it realistically very unlikely for cats to be having sex with humans! The link between SIV and FIV is less clear, although I also find it very doubtful that cats would be having sex with monkeys! But somewhere in the evolutionary past, there had to be some sort of link between AIDS in monkeys and AIDS in cats; this could have occurred either by a direct blood-to-blood exposure (for example by fights between these animals or through predator-prey interaction), or a through a common viral "ancestor".

After going thru the huge Aids scare of 1980's , where people were actually openingly saying " good finally something to kill all these homos, queers etc."

  Sure I was worried about wanting to have sex with men, and especially in my " female role, where the men would be ejaculating in either my mouth, or my bottom.


                              By the end of 1981, if you had a T.V set, everyboy knew about Aids

                                                         Thus I felt it best just to suppress being " female roled sexually "

                                                           "  As being same sex oriented really,really got Hated ! "

             So for myself, because I was as my two friends called me in 1975 " cute and femboy " like

me in 1975

                                                                   They pursued me, yet I also let them catch me

I think because they where very gentle to me, when they started penetrating me anally, making sure I was ready, then well lubing my bottom and their own penis's with vasoline, before they would begin boning me, I never experienced any real dis-comfort / pain, even though the older of the two was very large like a adult.

         This for myself, at that time felt 100% right, and don't recall thinking why I would want to be in any other role with a boyfriends.

         That is until the reality of the Culture / Society, came slapping me down, that what I was doing was completely terrible,                          shameful, un-natural,   All the Trauma came at the Hands of " Societial Ideology ", and extreme

Though I can't be " pretty " like the person above, they represent how I have always wished to appear for a Man, except my penis tiny
Yet, I am content looking like I do above for a Man,I've defined for him that I am completely female role, thus he knows how to sexually treat me

Yet looking back ,the shaming by Society on sure individual matters, not only did no good, it only caused much pain,confusion, and causes those that are different to live in ways, that are suited for their psychology, mindset. Thus the " Trauma ", was as well the 

Trauma of being forced to be like a man,  "  When no part of you Desires to be like a Man ", and living in a Society based who's own pre-conceived notions of what a Male / Man has to be like, and it don't fit mind Ideology  

There was a huge trauma , after experiencing sex with a female the at age 18, and knowing now by Contrast of being in the female role sexually, verse with female, where I had to be in the male role. The Contrast was over-whelmingly in favor of myself needing to be in the female role for men , yet at that time I was not emotionally able to fight social norms, thus complied, and tried to be what society was saying a male should be like, all the while feeling it to be contradictory to how I really felt emotionally.

    So 10 years later, married with a child, and knowing it isn't right for my wife to be married to a male, that doesn't want to

act like a male, at least in the sexual manner.

    So now 1985 I have this over-whelming desire for my wife to "Cuckold " me, have her meet another man, who can be a 

Real Man for her, yet by programing myself to be in male sexual role, becoming used to the simple erotic pleasure of sex it's self, that is exactly all it was " just sex " without my true self part of it !

    So she found a Real Man, we got a divorce, I tried being celibate for awhile, met few ladies tried short relationships, again

I desired to be cuckolded, then started asking them to " peg " me , until finally in 1996 after being with a girlfriend whom was routinely cuckolding, she asked me if I desired to get boned by men, suck their cocks, I told her I very much did, and I was very much attracted to black men sexually, and desired to be a Man's "femboy friend " like I'd been in 1975,  she told me , she would see if she could find a man for me, yet I ended up meeting a man in 1998 whom took me as a "Femboy ".

  Once he started routinely " boning me ", I knew 100% then that my role was the " female role ".

Yet due to fact I was only interested in Heterosexual men, whom would be or ever  had ever been 100% in Male role themselves , this presented the dilemma of finding a Man whom would take me in a full time lover / wife role.

   Thus I took 2nd seat, knowing these men needed to be with females, and use me strictly for sexual pleasure, in a 

prostitutional type role.

Thus my New boyfriend quickly started introducing me to friends he knew, that might like having me give them blow-jobs.

which would often lead to having them " bone me ".

The only thing I was in control of was , was the type of men whom I had sex with, make every effort to be as safe as possible, and pray for Luck. 

                                    ♥  Thus once one Man introduced me to another,then another,


One issue that I did find alarming in 1998, which is now nearly 18 years since Aids, is called a;

                                              “Mysterious Fever Now an Epidemic.”

Getting tested was like pulling teeth, for example after asking the nurse at my family doctor's office if they could give me a Aids test, 

her exact reply was; " No!, this is a Family practice, and hung up on me ". Another was I'd routinely go to the county health dept. where they had been testing me monthly, then one day I go to get tested , and They Refused to Test me , on grounds that I was changing sexual partners to often, even after telling them my dilemma, that I was having sex in a prostitutional type role, just selectively and not for money 

                          reply  " To Bad ", upon asking " where can I get tested, the nurse turned in disgust and walked away.

                                                                So started using the " By Mail test method "

                      Things have changed a lot since, which is great, and now with the New " PreP " drugs for Hiv prevention,

                      for some one like me that is what I know I'd do if I started having sex again.

                      I also believe it might lead to men whom might find me attractive enough to try having sex with me, knowing the likely                         hood of my having Aids would be greatly reduced.

                      And like if I were in a relationship as I define in " Terrace " where William is very close loving friend, and by empathetic,                       altruistic ways he allows me to sexually please him, by allowing me to perform fellatio on him, and he routinely                                     penetrates me and ejaculates up inside me. I very much don't see how he can be " labeled " as Gay or homosexual.

Believe me, I tried to get some of the men whom were married, to have their wives meet me, even be with them to watch as I performed fellatio on their Man, a few came close yet would back out. The scenario I felt could be seen as both a type of a husband for her as well as a wife for him, simply for sexual pleasure ,never was it to be that I would be involved with her in any sexual content, and only with him in a way of him receiving fellatio from me, or him penetrating me anally. For me this would be perfect role as a;                                                                                                 " female-roled male "

                                       as I could be in partnership, and help each of them in all ways of everyday life.

Key West 2000

                                                      By this time I was involved in my " last man standing parties "


           -The evolutionary paradox of homosexuality-

                                                                                                                                                                - sciencefocus.com

excerpt from  ;    

Paul Vasey, from the University of Lethbridge in Canada, believes that homosexuality as it manifests itself in most of today’s world is unusual. In more ancient cultures, he thinks you can see homosexuality as it was practised by our ancestors in deep time – as a “third gender”.

And in looking at these third genders – in particular the Fa’afafine – he believes we can find clues as to why this evolutionary paradox of male homosexuality persists.

What is interesting for Professor Vasey is that, firstly, there is no recognised gay identity in Samoa and that, secondly, the Fa’afafine occur at the same proportion as male homosexuals in the west. He believes there is a simple explanation for this.

“I’m gay,” says Professor Vasey. “But if I’d grown up in Samoa I wouldn’t look like this. I’d probably look like a really ugly Fa’afafine.”

Fa’afafine translates literally as “in the manner of a woman”. Boys who appear more feminised in their behaviour will often be classified as a Fa’afafine, and brought up as something between a woman and a man. There is also an analogue for masculinised girls – Fa’afatama.

The fact they also go on to sleep with men is not the only similarity between Fa’afafine and western gay men. “There’s all kinds of traits the two share in common. Both exhibit elevated childhood gender atypical behaviour, both exhibit elevated childhood cross sex wishes, both exhibit elevated childhood separation anxiety, both prefer female-typical occupations in adulthood.”

For Professor Vasey, it seems obvious that being Fa’afafine and being gay is the “same trait, expressed differently depending on the culture.” He even argues that the oddity is the West – that the way homosexuality manifests in Europe and North America may even be an expression of our repression rather than our freedom

What if simply having an extra man around, a benevolent uncle to provide for the extended family’s children, was enough to ensure more of those children survive to reproduce themselves? This could be where the Fa’afafine come in. Alatina says that there are clear and defined roles for them.

“They become almost like the caretakers of families. They are responsible for taking care of the elderly, parents, grandparents, even their siblings’ children. Because they are feminine they take up this motherly role in families.”

Having an extra hardworking adult without dependants is no minor advantage. Everyone has extra fish, extra firewood – and fuller bellies. It is not implausible that, particularly in difficult times, a childless Fa’afafine could ensure more nieces and nephews reach reproductive age. That is the idea behind the benevolent uncles hypothesis, that good uncling becomes a form of reproduction in itself.

Of course, in order for a gay uncle to be useful you need to ensure he actually has nieces and nephews (and preferably a lot of them) to be useful for. There’s no point in being a good uncle with no one to look after. So it would be good for this theory if gay uncles were more likely to pop up in big families. Incredibly, they do.

One of the best-established and more intriguing results in homosexuality research is that the more elder brothers a man has, the greater his chances of being gay. The mechanism, only discovered this year, seems to involve each pregnancy leading the mother to develop antibodies against a protein involved in male foetal brain development.

The result is, 

                           As families get more likely to benefit from the services of a gay uncle,

                                                     the chances of one appearing increases

He found that the grandmothers of the Fa’afafine were indeed better breeders. The theory is simple. By passing on their genes these grandmothers might end up with the occasional grandson who wears dresses and doesn’t reproduce (though always remembers his nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays). But they themselves, thanks to the very same genes, were also better at reproducing – so made enough other grandchildren to make up for it. There is a problem, though, given the way the theory was originally framed. Somehow, the “sexy grandmothers’ hypothesis” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Homosexuality May Have Evolved In Humans Because It Helps Us Bond, Scientists Say

excerpts from  ;

Now researchers from the University of Portsmouth in England have put forth a controversial new theory. They say homosexuality evolved in humans and other primates because it helps us form bonds with one another.

“From an evolutionary perspective, we tend to think of sexual behavior as a means to an end for reproduction,” Dr. Diana Fleischman, an evolutionary psychologist at the university and one of the researchers, said in a written statement. “However, because sexual behavior is intimate and pleasurable, it is also used in many species, including non-human primates, to help form and maintain social bonds. We can all see this in romantic couples who bond by engaging in sexual behavior even when reproduction is not possible.”

“It’s very complex, but it’s clear there’s a continuum between affection and sexuality, and... the ability to engage sexually with those of the same sex or the opposite sex is common,” Fleischman said in the statement. “In humans, much, if not most of same-sex sexual behavior occurs in those who don’t identify as homosexual.”


excerpt from  ;

Transgender expression might have evolved through kin selection in some cultures with a third sex. Homosexual behavior is selectively advantageous by producing alliances and partnerships and by promoting cooperation through the reciprocal sharing of pleasure. The homosexual/heterosexual polymorphism may result from frequency-dependent selection between alternative same-sex alliance strategies, with homophobia emerging as a byproduct of competition between these strategies.


excerpt from  ;

Role in survival

Cognitive inhibition may have played a role in the survival of human children, in what is called betrayal trauma theory.[5] "In situations involving treacherous acts by a caregiver, a 'cognitive information blockage' may occur that results in an isolation of knowledge of the event from awareness".[6] This motivated forgetting caused by cognitive inhibition -would have been necessary in the past to maintain the crucial relationship- between child and caregiver so that the child would survive; therefore, cognitive inhibition has endured through evolution. For example, a parent or caregiver may have been abusive physically or emotionally to a child, perhaps not intentionally, but the effect would be the same to the child. However, the world outside the protection of the caregiver would be even less forgiving and almost certainly fatal to the child in ancient history. So, they cognitively inhibited the memory of the abuse in order to maintain the relationship.


excerpt from  ;

Betrayal trauma occurs when the people or institutions on which a person depends for survival significantly violate that person’ s trust or well-being: Childhood physical, emotional, or sexual abuse perpetrated by a caregiver are examples of betrayal trauma. 

                                               This was very much a factor for myself in early childhood -me


                                                           The sexual assualt cases in United States is Shocking !   

            - How receptive are heterosexual guys towards fellatio by another guy? -

  A post I found at quora.com

                                                                      "My next encounter with a straight guy happened about 4 years ago. He was single and had never had a blowjob before, so I just came straight with it and offered to give him one. He immediately accepted, and so he got his first ever fellatio. Now, 4 years later, he has been in a two-year-long straight relationship, but he still comes to me for some fellatio on a regular basis, and he has been ever since that very first time. I’ve asked him why he still comes to me for oral about once a week considering that he has a super hot girlfriend. He answered me in a very matter of a fact sort of way. His girlfriend loves receiving oral from him, but she does not enjoy giving it to him. At most, she will take his penis in her mouth and give it a few quick sucks as part of some foreplay and then it moves on to intercourse. From what he told me, it is clearly that she will also never in her life allow him or any other guy to ejaculate in her mouth.

He loves her and he apparently gets plenty of sex but he has felt how incredibly good fellatio can feel, and he is not going to give that up, not ever. He also doesn’t see our fun sessions as cheating on his girlfriend. In fact, he sees them as something which minimizes the chances of him cheating because getting fellatio from me has, is, and always will be, nothing more that just fellatio, some harmless fun."

                                                                              This was very common for me,

                              My men just loved having some-one they trusted, whom with no strings attached scenario,

                                                       give them a blow-job (swallow),hand-job or penetrate anally

excerpt from   ;  My definition of third-gender, as I relate to it, and why I see myself as third-gender - me

           " In many non-western cultures, 'homosexual' refers only to feminine gendered males who like men.  It is not used for masculine gendered males who like men.  Thus 'homosexual' becomes just another name for the 'third gender.'  This appears to be the case in much of the Asia-Pacific.  

a gender that was seen as being neither fully male nor fully female ".


A few Third-gender types ;

  The acault are men who assume the dress and social roles of women.  They often serve as spirit mediums in the indigenous animistic traditions, and are viewed as neither men nor women, similar to kathoeys in neighboring Thailand.  A man can have sex with an acault without violating the cultural prohibition on homosexual behavior.

  Meti are men who assume feminine dress and roles.  They do not view themselves as gay by Western standards, but as a true male-female hybrid third gender who are attracted to straight men.

    mashoga are males who adopt the female gender early in life, and often switch between wearing men's clothes and women's.

     wakawahine and wakatane are recognized as the third gender among the Maori of New Zealand.  They are males who live as females (the former) and females who live as males (the latter).  Intimate companions of the same sex are known as takatapui.