" Fellatio "

                     "Sex, how a individual performs at it, is a good indictor of how evolved as a human being they truly are "

a lunch time routine

              Foods that Increase Ejaculate Volume and Improve the Taste of Semen

                                   (this isn't aimed at one as myself,yet for the Man whom the Fem-male is pleasuring)

                                                                    I know I love a " big load ", that tastes great !

Took him a while to learn ,when I have my mouth wide open , I want him to ejaculate in my mouth, not all over the place
she has her mouth wide open, that means, please cum in my mouth, not on my face!

                    Another reason, or result of living in a Society where sex is so Taboo, no-one can learn manners concerning it !

                                                                                     Semen burns eyes bad !

One night, a friend was fucking me fast and hard like this  , right when he started to ejaculate ,his cock popped out of my bottom,                                       he ejaculated on hood of his car accidently, next day, you could see where!, ruined paint!

                                                                                   Semen is powerful stuff

                I think that " rude " of this guy to cum on her face, from her look instant after,I think her thinking was that rude too.

This how a guy should be "Kind "

                                                     First Time meeting a Guy for sex

a very exciting thing for me is when getting to see a man's hard cock for first time

   " I hope so much he smells good, tastes good, , a test for me, (we've already talked on phone,know each others expectations) ", 

                                            If all goes well,99% of time I let him ejaculate in my mouth and swallow his "cum"

         I was aways ready to take a guy "bare" in my bottom, if I really felt good about the encounter , and he wanted to fuck me,

                                                            I'd take him up into my "bottom", and let him ejaculate in me

                                                               though not common, there where times this happened,

                                                           They then normally would start fucking me on a routine basis,


                                                     Routine might be once a week,or once a month,depended on the guy.

                                                           Some guys only wanted sucked on, then ejaculate in my mouth,

                                                                     All Guys love when you Swallow!

I liked to have a guy " watch himself ejaculate in my mouth, then watch as I swallowed his semen, and smiled and thanked him "

                                                                          " Deep Throating "

                                              " I practiced Alot on real thing and dildos ", in a effort to " try to get good at it ", 

                                                                      Yet between 1998 til 2005 , it was my way of life

this is Square peg "Slink" that I cut down to 12 inch

                                               These two dildos are what I mainly use to clean my " bottom " daily  

10" modified Square-Peg dildo
8" modified Bad Dragon Rex dildo

                                             I personally , as of current date would only buy Square Peg brand dildos

                   The psychology of allowing a male to ejaculate into you

excerpt from above ;


9. She Wants to Submit to You

Even though there is the widespread misconception that submissive women are dumb sheep who don’t have an own opinion, submissiveness is actually a very valuable virtue. Women who submit to their men are in alignment with the interplay between the dominant male energy and the submissive female energy.

Just have a look at your social circle and tell me if the couples in a so-called 50/50 relationship are happier than the ones in which the man leads and decides. I have never seen a healthy and happy relationship in which the man wasn’t the leader. Being submissive is the number one sign that she accepts and respects you as her leader.

I know personally, Once I have a man's cock in my mouth, how he treats me, tastes/smells, very early on is deciding factor if I continue, or just discontinue and give him a hand job,or even say " this isn't going to work ", and depart company.

   If however I like him, I am going to want to swallow his "Cum", and I am going to want to see him again, and want him to "Cum " in   my bottom.  Once a Man starts ejaculating in my bottom,  though submissive,  it is very Female, very need to be " Bred "