"TransFeminine" poses 7/21/2018

This was my idea "theme" for starting the poses for today;

"The going to Woods idea: for mating"

I go to woods ,ever under the canopy of the old trees sheltered from the summer sun,it is hot,I get naked, try to look my best, try to look as Feminine as I can,as though I am seeking my man, as I walk along , I see a group of ladies picking wild flowers, gathering berries,acorns, down the game trail un-aware of me yet ; They are nude as well,as I approach,I pick a flower and slide it in my hair, behind my ear looking down,I see my penis is tiny and limp,I want the ladies to know,I am no threat.
How could I greet them,convey to them,that I am like the Fa' afafine's or Two-spirit type peoples?,would they not scorn me,let me gather with them,be apart of their group,realize whom I am,then take me with them and maybe they could introduce me to a man,they feel is right for me. "how would I greet these ladies in the woods? "
I am fairly sure there as been a " Fa' afafine "
to be continued 7/21/2018

Excerpt from;

"The Gender Revolution Is Here,How challenging gender constructs liberates us all."


But for many (and perhaps most) people in the U.S. and around the world, a simple binary male-female gender system doesn’t come close to fitting into their actual experience. In her 1993 essay, “The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough," biologist Ann Fausto Sterling wrote:

  "If the state and the legal system have an interest in maintaining a two-party sexual system, they are in defiance of nature. For, biologically speaking, there are many gradations running from female to male."

Worse, this binary system has served as a tool for oppression. Feminists and LGBTQQI activists have posited that gender is a social construct and the duality of gender is not a fundamental truth, but a perspective. This perspective (or construct) is oppressive to us all. Children are ridiculed and/or bullied for even the smallest deviation from “acceptable” gendered behavior — especially boys who appear or act in some way “feminine,” reinforcing the idea that feminine (or female) is “less than” masculine (or male). Girls tend to be given more leeway for being “tomboys” until they hit puberty, when they are expected to conform to a more submissive and “feminine” role.

Migrating genders : westernisation, migration, and Samoan Fa'afafine / Johanna Schmidt.

Once I started reading of the Fa' afafine,I knew I am as a that type of person.


Fa’afafine (literally ‘in the manner of a woman’) have been part of Samoan communities for centuries. A boy who prefers feminine tasks may be recognised as a fa’afafine while young, and takes on feminine behaviours such as wearing women’s clothes and fulfilling women’s roles in the village. Life is harder for fa’afafine in New Zealand, where people are generally expected to be clearly either male or female.- Isn't it something,that →"people are generally expected to be clearly either male or female",why you suppose that is?

Nature created us, The termed now "Third-gender type" for some reason.

fancy Idea of having real breasts

I often think I really would like to really have my breasts augmented,so a mental conflict,I want them,yet more important things,I see it as a selfish act,,in ways,yet that is my own self ethic's ,morals so a mental conflict.

 I very much know I am a Fa' afafine type,yet having breast, will that make me feel better,etc.?
I did this doodle/sketch several years ago in theme with this page
12/9/2018- I don't wish to be a lady, just like one