Feminine Traits

Feminine Traits; Via-Emerald@Diamond net.
Species Connectivity-
Subtlety of Awareness-
Holistic thinking-
Receptivity / Allowing-
Awareness of cycles-
Birth / Death-
Compassion / caretaking-
Care of Earth and it's creatures-
Stillness / meditation-
Mystical / Magical-
Reality / Existence-
Darkness / mystery-
Connection / oneness-
Surrender to reality's flow-
Emotional Awareness-
The Subconscious-
Connection to Truth-
Unconditional love-
Water and Earth-
Attraction to men-
Cnnection / Oneness-
Wilderness / animal Instinct-
The Moon-
The night-
Mother Nature-

excerpt from simplypsychology.org ;


Testosterone is a sex hormone, which is more present in males than females, and affects development and behavior both before and after birth.

Testosterone, when released in the womb, causes the development of male sex organs (at 7 weeks) and acts upon the hypothalamus which results in the masculinization of the brain.

Testosterone can cause typically male behaviors such as aggression, competitiveness, Visuospatial abilities, higher sexual drive etc. An area of the hypothalamus at the base of the brain called the sexually dimorphic nucleus is much larger in male than in females.

At the same time testosterone acts on the developing brain. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right. In all humans the left side of the brain is more specialised for language skills and the right for non-verbal and spatial skills.

Shaywitz et al (1995) used MRI scans to examine brain whilst men and women carried out language tasks and found that women used both hemispheres, left only used by men.

It appears that in males brain hemispheres work more independently than in females, and testosterone influences this lateralization. "


                                              Just cause a female is a female, she can be just as wicked as a man

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"White women were active and violent participants in the slave market. They bought, sold, managed and sought the return of enslaved people, in whom they had a vested economic interest. Owning a large number of enslaved people made a woman a better marriage prospect. Once married, white women fought in courts to preserve their legal ownership over enslaved people (as opposed to their husband’s ownership), and often won. “For them, slavery was their freedom,” Jones-Rogers observes in her book.

                                                             Nature designed us to Survive