" Free Will and Desire "

  I used to ask people " whats your favorite color ? ", whatever color they replied , I'd then ask " why ? ", they most likely might say;

  " I just like that color best ", then I'd ask " why ", they most likely might reply " I don't know ". I might then ask them " can you change    right now ,and have a whole new Favorite color ?"

  Because sexual orientation is a topic that is very much linked to Desire, and I can use myself as example, and is driven by desire.

 At a very early age I desired to be in female sexual role, why I don't know, yet once I was in that role, I desired it, even though I tried the male role, the female role was my "favorite" by far, much like a favorite color, I can't change it to not being my "favorite"

Another good example is religious belief, I know full well a person enculturated into a religion from early youth, is going to have a very difficult time changing to a completely new religion, yet it is possible, and it is possible for the religion it's self to change.which is more feasible, due to fact it is guided by a central character, and is a group ideology, not a individual ideology like sexual orientation.

Can a person desire to be empathetic ? , is it free-will to be empathetic, or not to be ?