11/27/2019 Homosexual transsexuals (MtoF)

" primary objective; be in female sexual role with Str8 men "

                   " I am a male whom has Adopted the female sexual role fully "
                                   " with strong desire to be impregnated by Str8 men "

                                                            "intimate companion of the same sex"  

                                                                          And Third-gender


My definition of third-gender, as I relate to it, and why I see myself as third-gender - me

          " In many non-western cultures, 'homosexual' refers only to feminine gendered males who like men.  It is not used              for masculine gendered males who like men.  Thus 'homosexual' becomes just another name for the

            'third gender.'  This appears to be the case in much of the Asia-Pacific. 


                                 "  a gender that was seen as being neither fully male nor fully female ".


        Before going to Far, My theory, belief, opinion is prior to Anything , being Transsexual is a;

                                                            "State of Mind"

  No Identity, no role , no sex changes by surgery, no dressing to reflect one's role, Nothing can;                     " become " prior til,.... in the individual's mind this idea of this is established

                           The Need to Feel Female                                                                         "  Some women find deep satisfaction in sexual intercourse, even if it comes without her orgasm "

Women need to feel sexually desired. They want to make sure that you see and appreciate them as a feminine, sexual being. Praise her body. Feel her and grab her appreciatively. Remind her that you see her as a sexual being and you will both benefit.- jordangrayconsulting.com

For myself, I think this is the very basic need I have, very much like a true Female


                      And having a man simply slide his penis up inside me,just being in me is beautiful,

                               tell me how feminine I am,how much he likes that I am feminine for him


This is type person I identify as, in that my Role is to be a 100% femininized / emasculated female roled person for a Str8 man.

                                                    Quite frankly, I greatly desire to be " bred " as though I am female.


                                                     from a sexually stand-point, there is no greater Joy for me then

                                                            having a Man's penis up inside me, and knowing he is 

                                                                               Ejaculating in me


The term homosexual transsexual was defined by Kurt Freund in 1974, and is used by various sexologists and psychiatrists to describe trans women who are attracted to men,[3][4] though occasionally they use it to describe trans men who are attracted to women.[5] The concept of a taxonomy based on transsexual sexuality was first proposed by physician Magnus Hirschfeld in 1922,[6][7] and codified by endocrinologist Harry Benjamin in the Benjamin Scale in 1966,[8][9] which was published in the influential book "The Transsexual Phenomenon".[8] Benjamin wrote that researchers of his day thought that attraction to men, as a woman was the factor that distinguished a transvestite from a transsexual.[8] 

"The transvestite (Autogynephilia) - they say - is a man, feels himself to be one, is heterosexual, and merely wants to dress as a woman.

 The transsexual feels himself to be a woman ("trapped in a man’s body") and is attracted to men." (Benjamin 1966) - Wikipedia / homosexual transsexual


I feel I am psychosexually like a female, and always have as well as having a penis has always been in conflict with my sexually 

wants, role as female with a man.

                  Thus when I get undressed for a Man, I have always wanted to look fully emasculated and 100% female roled

My primary objective is very much being very, very much sexually like a female, even hypersexually, meaning being constantly ready to sexually pleasure a male sexually partner.

Looking Feminine is very important,yet secondary to the actual sexual activity, I myself find it un-realistic to attempt to "Pass" as a 


Yet I can make up for my lack of looking female, by being the best I can at being in the " female role ", being very receptive to being

penetrated anally, keeping my bottom clean, and ready to get penetrated, so my man can ejaculate up inside me.


My want to have female appearing genitals is much more for my male sexual partner, to help him not feel homosexual or bi-sexual


             Rod Fleming's video below describes me for the most part


                                                       I agree with alot Rod states about HSTS types, especially ;

                                       " Hide , not relating to Trans, Gay groups " due to contrasting traits."

I myself ,

   when sexually active as a " Female roled male " / Fem-male, was very, very sexually driven to get " boned " as often as 

possible, addicted to it in essense, often on weekends getting boned by any where from 5-20 times, and during the week once to twice daily if possible. Seldom using condoms, because I wanted the Men to ejaculate up inside me.

I see myself very similar to a " Ladyboy " HSTS type sexual drive

Even today, like I try to portray in my description of " Indigo group ", I'd love to get boned by a select group of men 10-20 times a day

For myself being very similar to what Rod Fleming calls " HSTS ", or at least the psychological profile of, what I've lacked in female appearance, as made me try very ,very much to make up for in my skill at sexually pleasuring a man , trying very much as I could to be as " Feminine " for him as possible, just trying to make him feel good overall when he'd have sex with me , so he'd see me as often as he might be able to , and , or introduce me to other men he might know, that might wish to have me sexually pleasure them.

Once I got to know a guy, we talked of likes,fantasies, experinces etc.  I could feel them out, say about the idea of introducing me to

his friends, some would say " no way ", while another the next time we got together he have a friend with him, and they'd double team

me, which I loved, and this would become a routine with those two, as well as they see me individually.

                      Notes from Rod Fleming's Identifying HSTS

 The determination as to whether a person is or is not HSTS can only be made by the individual over a long period of time.

 HSTS stands for ‘homosexual transsexual’. This describes a set of people with very specific characteristics.

The most significant of these is unique attraction to the same sex, from childhood. This applies equally to those born male and those born female. This characteristic is marked and always present.

 To reiterate, ALL HSTS are strongly homosexual in their sexual and romantic orientation and without that, there is no indication of HSTS, irrespective of any of the other characteristics. However, not all homosexuals will transition to full HSTS.

"Many transgender homosexual/HSTS males can achieve full sexual satisfaction through anal sex alone: that is to say, they orgasm. This means that they can imagine themselves being penetrated, without any surgery at all and, indeed, can realise this with a willing partner."

For most people, sexuality maps directly on to birth sex and gender naturally follows. So most of us never think about this. But in transgender homosexuals there is a mismatch between sex and sexuality such that they have the sexuality normally found in the opposite sex. So, male transgender homosexuals have female sexuality and female ones have male."

"Essentially, that means that transgender homosexual males not only desire men, they desire to play the role of women, to men. In other words, they are receptive in sex."  ( Imagine the a extremely horny female with high sex drive, multiple that several times, that is my sex drive to be " boned " by a man.  -me)


"If I and other HSTS I have known are anything to go by when it comes to sexual appetite, then for the men who date us it is like all their Christmases have come at once at the beginning of a relationship. We so often it seems have elevated sex drives in comparison to most natal women. We are usually much more adventurous in bed as we were not subject to female socialisation. Nobody ever taught me or reinforced the concept that “Nice Girls Don’t”. Clearly though, this cannot continue indefinitely; things calm down as relationships develop and age and unless your partner is young he is soon going to be exhausted." by Amanda Grimes / allabouthsts.com

Anal sex.

All MtF HSTS start out with penises but the overwhelming majority wish to be penetrated. This is something of a conundrum, but it is solved by the male anatomy, which gives her both a penis and an organ that can serve as a substitute for a vagina, her anus.

Most girls climaxing anally like this report intense sensations, far stronger than they experience with penile stimulation.  (I agree-me)


                                                             The following images are the same person

When a man bones me, this how I ejaculate, and extremely intense
What I like about this Fem-male, is ability to climax like myself, as well as seemly has had no surgeries, maybe not even hormone therapy ?
I like they show using false breasts like I do

   I have had a few female friends peg me with dildo, and liked it, but I always want a real man, and to know he is ejaculating in me.


I have never had a erection when I am with a Man sexually , I always climax in a " tiny,limp state", and never know when, often I have ejaculated seconds after he penetrates my bottom, yet lose not interest,(since becoming fully emasculated into female role, I have no real refractory period) just beg him to keep boning me, if lucky I might ejaculate again if he takes his time. I've even ejaculated simply while performing Fellatio .If getting double teamed or gang-banged doesn't matter, I lose no interest, just want it more.


                                                 One inescapable truth;

I have never seen a female, in real-life, in a magazine, like Playboy,Hustler etc. and been sexually attracted to them, or turned on by,etc......, yet if I see a sexy Man in real-life, in pictures, video etc. I can get very turned on, imagine what it might be like to suck his cock, or feel him boning me. Want him

                 " That as never changed, as much as I tried, can't change my desire to be a Man's "girly-boyfriend "

                                                            " And have him treat me like a " Lady "

                                                        Funny thing is I greatly admire beautiful women, looking at them

                           Another is , I really don't like very much of the " porn ", even hustler magazine, I don't care much for it

                        yet I love cock, and magazines like this show men with erect cock, what I sexually desire as a Fem-male. 

                                 I used to buy Vogue magazine often, to admire the women, but again no erotic interest etc.

        I do like dressing erotic for Men, to define, convey to them that I am 100% psychosexually female like and that my role is only             female like, The video above shows one reason I have always desired the ; Vulvoplasty, or Zero Depth VaginoplastySex                       reassignment surgery (male-to-female), thus make that aspect of my " Maleness " go away.

                                                                                   In the scene below, a friend is boning me

                                                                                   "doggy style " which was most common

                                                                                   way I liked to get boned, in part due to

                                                                                   fact, I feared they might be distracted

                                                                                               by seeing my penis.

When I do get nude for a Man, usually he is going to bone me, and for me it is so important I be tiny and limp, thus showing him that

I am fully emasculated / feminized, psychologically female like sexually.

This is one way I'd like to dress publicly


                          Though a touchy subject ,...I agree with the statement ;

                        " Transsexuals Male to Female men ",

                                                can never be seen as true women, or are real Women 

                                                               (at least in society today)

                                                  for  The Bathroom issue/ public space

                                                              Yet a lot of what she say's I don't agree at all with!

At least from my opinion, how I feel psychologically, no matter how much I feel emasculated / femininized , no matter how badly I                    want to sexually be treated like a "Lady", I certainly can't consider myself a Female, nore do I wish to pretend to be .

                                             Why I have always asked Men to call me a " Fem-male or their "Girly-boyfriend", 

                                                          And simply , " Sexually , treat me Like  a Lady "

And this topic will only " make Transsexuals suffer more, make them look more freaky , abnormal then already facing - my opinion


After years of experience as a Artist Model, as a Actor in that role, I have taken the opportunity to explore the degree to which I feel          right looking Feminine in a symbolic way of showing that I am psychologically emasculated into the Female role sexually

After my Life experience , I agree with Posie Parker, no way should any child be allowed to have medical sex changing treatments,

until 18 years old, and not even recommend that. And for example my desire to Not have a Penis, it very Symbolic, and to remove my Male sexuality, to show I am 100% femininized , non-male sexually for a male sexual partner. Yet I will never truly have Any surgery,  or Hormone treatment due to many issues

                            And yet I very much believe in the Need to Express my sexual identity,in how feminine I wish to dress,

                                                                  I also having to understand not to make others feel 

                                   uncormfortable in public space , of others reactions. This is a tricky place, slippery slop indeed.


   And Clearly in private I can and have dressed as below  for male sexual partners, in order to convey my sexually feminine Role.

             And clearly , from my experience Men have liked that I have gone to the effort to look Feminine, and act accordingly,

             in the Female role for them, as graceful at least as able, safe,clean and as skilled at sexually pleasuring them in the

                                           " Female role, and I am very much trying to be like /act like a Lady for them "

                                                           "And that is Freedom of expression that no-one can oppose "

                                                                                               Call it ;

                               " The Art of being male, yet Acting the part of a Lady for a Man "


                                                          And a thus to Act like a Lady for a Man,

                                      at least from my point of view


                                 learning the Art of  getting " Boned  "

                                                and Sucking cock 

       I do believe those that think that " Sex " isn't One of greatest driving Forces by Nature's Design, are sadly fooling themselves,

              The main thing is Finding the proper Role, content and context , for One's self that that Fit's best, and works, mine is;

                                                 " The Female Role, 100% "

                                                             Thus Need a Real Man to Femininize Me, by " boning me "

Some excerpts from article above that I feel same way about ;

                                                                                               I want called ; Fem-male

Let's dispel one myth right away. Transsexuals are women. Women are generally not the aggressors in bed. Women want to be "taken," they usually aren't the ones to initiate sex by pulling their men into the bedroom. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this notion. Check out the covers of romance novels in any bookstore, for example. Look into a woman's eyes -- notice how they draw you in? - I want to be respectfully made to Feel Feminine in a Big way!

                    don't ↓ be

If you're a "bottom" male hoping that a pre-op or non-op transsexual will bend you over and fuck you, well you can forget about it. Women, transsexual or otherwise, generally do not want to fuck you. They want you to fuck them. As a TS lady friend expressed it to me recently, "Women receive, they do not project." 

For the guy looking to be "topped," expect to have to pay an escort for that service. That is mostly what they specialize in. If paying for a romp in bed isn't your style, it is very doubtful you will find it anywhere else in the TS community. Cross dressers, however, are a different matter. These are not women, they are men enjoying a dress-up fetishistic fantasy. You may find what you want with one of them.

She's probably wondering if you've passed a recent test for sexually transmitted diseases, including but not limited to HIV. Not tested? Go get it done and hang on to any documentation provided by the testing center. 

                                                          I can remember thinking this↓

If she's new at giving blowjobs, she's probably hoping she won't appear incompetent at it, bite you, or inadvertently snag your shaft on a tooth. If she's never been butt fucked before, she no doubt wonders how painful it will be.

"The conversation" with a pre-op TS.

There's something you need to discuss with your lady before it goes any further. It's about that dick.

Are you a straight man having your first sexual encounter with a pre-op TS? She probably expects that you won't show any interest at all in that dick. If you feel the same way, great, and it would be useful to say so. Then just ignore it and move on. If you find that you can't get aroused because of the sight of that dick, end the session. Either get to know her better to lower your anxiety level, or say this isn't for you and terminate the relationship.

Oral sex: Her going down on you.

There's an old joke that goes, "There's no such thing as a bad blowjob." That's not true, but if it's apparent that she needs some guidance, turn it into a teachable moment. What matters with a blowjob isn't the level of expertise, it's the willingness to learn. Be patient, tell her what you want, tell her when it feels good, and offer encouragement. Put on a little show when she does something perfectly: Rotate your hips and groan loudly.

When you're approaching orgasm, it would be a good idea to ask if she wants you to cum in her mouth, or on her face, boobs or whatever. It's always a good idea to tell her when you're about to blow your load, so she can be ready for it, obviously.

Anal sex.                                                                 makes me feel so Feminine  

A certain TS lady friend wrote me: "Anal sex is my favorite.... When a man is in me...I can't get enough. Feeling his taut penis stretch me, then throbbing with a glowing wet orgasm is like a gourmet meal. It makes me feel so warm, cared for, and safe."

Use a quality lubricant. Make sure the head and shaft are well lubricated. Even if you're using a lubricated condom, add more lube to the outside surface.


I personally made it very clear..... to all my Male partners, that I want to be called a Fem-male or Girly-boyfriend, that I am only interested in seeing Str8 men who are interested in either having me suck their cocks and or Fucking me in my " Bottom "

Once I got to Know a guy, and he accepted me as Fem-male, he liked " boning me ".,I'd often asked him to call me his " Slut-boy ", maybe ask him if he had any Str8 friends whom might like me to "pleasure them as well " , and if he did, tell him I loved being

 double teamed,and in right context, setting, guys, I liked getting party fucked , tell  him about my " Last Man Standing parties "

I found it to be the best way show Str8 men that it isn't " Gay " to have sex with a Fem-male like myself, if another or group of Str8 men witnessed the Reality of it in person, amongest friends, seen they where helping to emasculate/Femininize me at the same time.

Seen they where doing me a Great favor as well by " Femininizing me sexually ", and a great way for me to meet men whom were

willing to take me as a Fem-male friend.

For example, I had a Man that I routinely would sexually pleasure, one weekend he asked if I'd be interested in meeting two friends of his at his place, they had never been with some one like me, and wanted to try it, Thus I did, when the encounter was over all three had boned me (two friends wore condoms), yet all ejaculated while in my bottom, and obviously the two friends liked it, as they routinely started seeing me on a individual basis, and both introduced me to other men, in same fashion, just in this scenario there was 15 men whom became friends, all where now routinely boning me and on more few occasions we all got together had party and 

they would all bone me or suck their cock  through out the course of the party.

                                        Maybe seen as " Slutty, yet very emasculating for me " and what I needed / need..

                         Thus the more Men whom where emasculating me, the more I could feel accepted as a " Fem-male ",
                                  as it mean't even if Society can't accept me being a " Fem-male " at least I could be accepted by ,
                                                                             " A group of Str8 Men "

emasculating (present participle)
  1. deprive (a man) of his male role or identity. …………………….. which I very much do not  want to be in male role,   ever

                                                                                    " Group Sex "

Looking back, sure I would handled how I had sex with groups of men, say by way of " Indigo group idea ", as that could be a daily

or routine way of getting to have sex in my female role with Str8 men, in a controlled safer environment, compared to the only once monthly or less, routine where I could the sexual attention of many men at same time and place of the " Last Man Standing parties

In this regard the only person I have read about ,is Jennie June,(Earl Lind) that I very much can identify with, or have a kinship with.

Jennie June was born into a Puritan family[1] in 1874 in Connecticut as Earl Lind. As a child, Lind asked others to call her by Jennie instead of Earl, and she spent much more time with girls than with boys. She became very shy and introverted when her parents sent her off to an all boys school and also became very depressed, considering suicide. Lind realized at a young age that she was an androgyne looking to change from male to female.[3] At the time, the term transgender was not prevalent; instead words such as "androgyne", "invert", and "fairie" were used. She struggled throughout her life up to her late twenties with her extreme desire to perform fellatio, claiming to have partaken in over sixteen hundred sexual encounters in the span of a dozen years

      At least after reading what Earl Lind had to write, I felt not so alone, in my desire to get so much sexual attention from men.                                                          

                                                         Only difference really, I have extreme desire to get " boned "

                                             I loved being with a man alone, yet if I had the chance , I wanted double teamed,

                                                               or more, even today if I knew 2-60 men, safe, clean caring etc.

                                                                            I'd want them to routinely gang-bang me.

                                            Doesn't mean I would, as I have better control now, yet still very much want

A Few interesting important thing I soon found to be the case , as I started having sex with more and more men, and would be amongst  them in group situations at times was ;

           The majority would tell me that they wouldn't have gotten involved with me if I hadn't told them                that ;

              " I only wished to have sex with Str8 men, and that I was a Fem-male, in the Female role

                                         100% femininized / emasculated "  transsexual type person

         That I didn't seek Gay or Bisexual men

           That I needed Str8 men to sexual pleasure, please be clean ,safe, STD free ;
                                                because I was, want to keep it that way

                                            " Belonging to a group was important for myself and the Men "

                                         " For the majority of the Men I had sex with it was a whole new experience"

In the Group type setting, where the men could actually see that I very much performed in a very receptive , feminine way,
              while watching as his friend or friends penetrating me anally, see that I was Clean, that it could be very enjoyable.

                                                                       Reciprocal altruism
I think most of my men where very empathtic of my need to be in the " Female Role ", need to be femininized respectfully, thus          where giving of themselves in manner of kindness, being gentle, yet at same time fully taking the lead in the Male role.


                                      I think Society forgets, it has condemned;
                                    being gay or transsexual for a long,long time.

                                             Thus has left this group of people,
                                                   with no Community support,
                                     Then are Surprised when this group of people
                                           are having problems navigating Life !

                    There was no-one to help teach me how to be a good "Fem-male "
                                        let alone accept me , and not condemn


I think Douglas Murray has a point, ............…. yet again is putting all Transsexual types in the same Box, which is a mistake;

  as being gay,being transsexual is a State of Mind first and foremost, and has nothing to do with Having or Not having one's Body        modified to look like the opposite sex.

Thus if I where him, I might say this demanding on the trans communitie's part to be recognized as truly Female has gone to far, which I fully agree,...... yet leave it at that...there is not need to condemn with what seems a " Broad Brush ", that helps no one .

  I myself have never identified as being " a Gay male ", and can't relate to that State of Mind, yet I am not going to look down on gay people simply because some act a certain way.

   And again Trans people , on the most part are trying to Find a Identity, and growing pains will occur, a lot of young people want to belong, be part of a group currently, and are quick to start hormone treatments etc.


         I think listening to the below video helps understand " fade ", group think element attached to current trend with " Trans "

Though I have always desired to be in the " Female role sexually with Str8 males ", desired genitals like a female, it has taken years to fully accept it, let alone know how to Act, what to do etc. And though I desire to have a female like vulva, and not have a penis, I know it just isn't Realistic !

             I think for Myself, I mainly wished to dress Female like to enough of degree to show I am female roled sexually,by this time

                                                                                                in history

                                                                                " show my true sexual orientation "

                                                                       which is very similar to a heterosexual female 

                                                            The men I would see clearly knew I desired to be Feminized sexually,

 thus for me, I needed to show them that I was fully committed to having them do that to me, and needed to dress for the occasion.

I heard many people say ; " It's not about Sexuality ",   who are they trying to Fool ?, it all about who I want to have sex with !,

                                                                            Who I desire to Attract for sex !

                                                    Yet since age 13, when very much wanting to be another boy's "girly-boyfriend ",

                                                     Allowing him and another friend in essense Femininize me sexually, knowing

                                                     that I very much wanted to sexually only be in Female role, desiring to dress

                                                     more female like , so men might be attracted to me, as to be in the female role

                                                     for them sexually ,,,thus showing clearly my sexually orientation, 

                                                     yet 45 years have passed, a Society hasn't stood up and said enough is enough!

                                                                        Why I believe the Native American's accepting Two-spirit types.

                                                                        Makes modern America look as though we live in Dark Ages

This is very good Talk, yet like myself my sexual identity is transsexual male to female, yet surgery isn't realistic, thus such a tricky,

complex dilemma, and for may self it is more the Big picture view of Accepting people as they identify, a fully passing male to female

person is a different space then myself, as I am going to look clearly biological male, even if I am dressing female like, even though I feel , I think I am very much psychosexually female. yet not anatomicaly female.

 I do know since age of six, I have secretly dressed as a girl, wanted to girl like, so who is to say there isn't a biological component ?

            I think the Debate above shows how easily a few taint the Whole, whether it be a few trans identifying, or not.

            I think the ending vote should been higher for the issue, on grounds of simply the Whole of Trans community.

            The man against, bringing up a scenario of young female who claimed to be black, and really is white,
                       was very much out of context !, and swayed people into a false sense of worry, be like me running around dressed as                          spider man etc. Claiming to be spider man, a whole different issue ! Yet people buy into such deception !



The Uniqueness of; a Str8 male having Sex with a Female Roled male like myself

I've thought about this for years, trying to put into words, what is so different, unique about the sexual encounters I'd have with men,

where here is a Str8 male coming to see me, asking to see me etc. He clearly knows my role, that I want him to Femininize me by

treating me sexually like as if I am Lady-like , clearly knows I want his cock to suck , want his cock up in my bottom ejaculating.

                                                I've have always thought my Role was some what prositutional like

                                                      Yet the Man's role is at least that as well to a degree                                                                                                                                                             is it a form of;
                                                                And / or  RECIPROCAL ALTRUISM
                                                              It is quite Unique in the bond formed
     I known fairly certain, literally if I ran into a guy at the store etc. that was seeing me 15 years ago,         we'd have good rapport , I can honestly say that , with the men that I ended up giving a blow-job, they actually        boned me, or even just give a hand-job. " I never knew of a Bad experience ". Afterwards we always had great rapport,                               as far as I knew, they felt free to contact me, talk to me most anytime. And I felt the same. 
                              Many men might tell me at times " You really do like acting like a lady in the act of sex "
Which I often replied " I have had sex with some great female lovers, though for me it always seemed some what like being lesbian ,                 I was paying Attention as how they treated me as a man , thus I was always trying to learn how to be lady-like "
          Actually having sex with female is in a way essential and a Precursor to being a good " Fem-male ", I believe now !                                                           How else can one know how to play the part of a lady                                                                                                                                                  if not trained by Ladies ?
Much more to ponder on this topic  ;
Such as , The Role I played is similar to prositutional, yet free from the expectations, the stigma of paid for sex ideology brings .
 My ability to be very selective in whom I seen, to really screen the men out, that did not meet my expectations, or might say , didn't have the ability to Comply to the Rules, which is sad but very true in society today. Most who just can't learn to learn, thus bring on their own misery, and others with them.
The shared vulnerabilities
To a certain degree I always looked at it as though I was  a type of;                          sex surrogate, massage therapist                                                                                                      thus some what in clinical way.
♦ the RECIPROCAL ALTRUISM aspect of  " the Men where Femininizing / emasculating me, and I hoped at least , I was                                                                           making them feel good equally"


                                          - I don't ever recall having a erection when I ejaculate while a Man is boning me -


                                                         I know I conciously don't want a Man to see me with a erection,

                                                         cause I want him to see me as feminine as possible, and once

                                                         a man gets his penis up in me, my penis quickly shrinks to tiny.

                                                         And like image below, which is very much like myself, I don't know

                                                         when I will ejaculate, if I do right away it's great, because it increases

                                                         how sensitive I am, so I will likely ejaculate again, never know.

                                                         Yet doesn't matter if I do reach orgasm, my main pleasure I get

                                                          from the psychological " bonding " with a Man, and pleasuring him.

For me sex in my female role is so much better with a Man, since 1998 til now I have no need for a erection to ejaculate, and my orgasms are far more intense then when trying to be with a female
So I want to be like a girl for a man, because it feels best for me

The below video represents why I think one needs to really know who they are, why they are the way they are prior to transitioning

And why Psychologists / whole medical community needs trained to identify the reasons, this young person clearly states they were

traumatized by a man, thus fleeing their female image/identity, I myself have had to question that same type scenario, which isn't the 

case with myself, yet the scenario still must be explored prior to surgeries / hormones etc.

I very much relate to what Rod says in above, especially the modern gays, opposing highly Feminine homosexuals like myself, especially because I identify as psychosexually female roled

  I've really noticed this on vimeo, where I've had videos along time, posing nude,and huge viewer-ship by gay men, yet once I started   posting videos of myself as  transgender artist model, viewer-ship dropped to next to nothing in contrast to before, which I could       care less,as my nude videos were never intended for sexual purposes, are only intended to show myself in different poses,   and also , I pretty much the only male to do this on the entire internet in this content/context, since 1990's after starting to     pose for art classes,  yet just find it very interesting, along with many comments from gay men like " so sad your trans ", or " it's a     shame ", etc.

                                                       Theories of what being " Trans "

I have read so many peoples Theories of what being " Trans " is, I wonder if they really have had enough actual sex in the content/context which they seem to know so much about ?

I know if I am sitting on the beach, and this man comes walking towards me, I will be very much sexually attracted to him
I know I want to be looking like this, so by chance he might as well see me as sexually attractive

         Yet the Attraction in the True sense, really can only transform into a reality, once we start to socially interact,communicate.

         For example; if he comes sits next to me , is kind, polite the real-ness begins,we continue to interact.I think this is where                      intuition,life experience is so important,and hope fully one can make the right judge ment quickly at this point. As the case                    is he is still sitting there talking to me, and with a Man, the nice think is, if I see his penis growing Erect, he can't hide the                     fact he might be sexual interested in me, thus at this point I can decide, to tell him I am available or not, tell him I am                             female-roled sexually, from my experience, he very well might ask me if I'd like to suck his cock, since he has been                               kind,looks fit etc. I am going to start sucking his cock, if he is a good receiver of fellatio, which is for me a qualification                            / precursor to getting him ready so he can penetrate me anally, and in hopes I can take his ejaculation up in me.

                                       I make no claims that this is not ! ,  Selfish on my part, I clearly want this Man to " breed " me

                                                             simply Selfish, yet without this need, humanity would not exist,

                                                   Thus for some unknown Reason, I want " bred " like I am a real female.

         This is so clearly distinct in my psychology, the incredible urge to get the penis of a Man, I really like up in me and ejaculate.

                                             For myself this simply notion is what I feel defines me with the term " transsexual "                                          " I need to present myself feminine enough to get a man's attention, then go through the process of seeing if he is fit to " breed ",

       then getting him turned on, erect, take his penis up in me to accept his semen. And if he was gentle, didn't hurt me, I will now be          availble for him when he wants. And in my case, and due to my experience of finding a Str8 male to take me in say a " wife " role,

       and he continues to see me and " bone ", I most likely would ask him if it might be ok if he shared me with some friends who                might like me as well. Often a Man would introduce me to a friend or friends, hopefully he would want to watch me perform with

       them, and all my men knew I was interested in getting" boned " in a group setting.

         If he is rude,dis-repectful, All attraction is lost and I will instantly reject him, doesn't matter if he is the sexiest man on earth, all              attraction is completely gone, and it would be very difficult for him to change that.

I know another thing, all these beautiful women could come walking down the beach, and I am not going to be sexual interested in them

             For me it would be good to be seen being by the ladies, getting " boned " by this Man, so it comfirms to them that I am ,

                                                                   " female-roled " sexually, even though a man

                                                                  And I hope maybe they can accept me as such

Just look at slavery in America, every problem the black community has can be traced to the the way white people didn't embrace their dilemma after they were freed, how we as white people didn't make every effort to help them attain equality, education

                                 " Now we have a problem, we created, and don't know how to fix it, this is just one of many "

Doesn't matter if it is Race, belief, sexual orientation etc, if a Society doesn't make every effort to intergrate individuals, who live by the laws  into the society, there is a failure of that society

The true value of a human being is,

 determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. 

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.- Albert Einstein

                                                                       I very much agree with Einstein on this matter

Richard Green states that since the term "transsexual" is very new, it is necessary to examine historical specifics to identify transsexuality in history, and distinguish it from other roles that are described as "change of sex", such as homosexuality and heterosexual cross-dressing customs.[12]Green describes the cultural roles of groups such as the Two-Spirit, Hijra, Kathoey and Khanith, stating that these people are mentally indistinguishable from modern western transsexuals.[12] In part, because of this history, past researchers have referred to the "homosexual" category as being the "classic", "primary" or "true" transsexual 

Ray Blanchard saw that homosexual transsexuals were younger when applying for sex reassignment, reported a stronger cross-gender identity in childhood, had a more convincing cross-gender appearance, and functioned psychologically better than "non-homosexual" transsexuals.[8] Blanchard found them comparatively short and light in proportion to their height than non-homosexuals.[16] Independent research done by Smith confirmed most of Blanchards findings, except for the difference in height-weight ratio

Transsexual subtypes: Clinical and theoretical significance

Yolanda L S Smith, Stephanie H M Van Goozen, A. J. Kuiper, Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis


The present study was designed to investigate whether transsexuals can be validly subdivided into subtypes on the basis of sexual orientation, and whether differences between subtypes of transsexuals are similar for male-to-female (MF) and female-to-male transsexuals (FMs). Within a large transsexual sample (n = 187), homosexual and nonhomosexual subjects were compared on a number of characteristics before the start of treatment. Differences within MF and FM groups were also investigated. Homosexual transsexuals were found to be younger when applying for sex reassignment, reported a stronger cross-gender identity in childhood, had a more convincing cross-gender appearance, and functioned psychologically better than nonhomosexual transsexuals. Moreover, a lower percentage of the homosexual transsexuals reported being (or having been) married and sexually aroused while cross-dressing. The pattern of findings was different for MFs and FMs. No differences between homosexuals and nonhomosexuals were found in height, weight, or body mass index. A distinction between subtypes of transsexuals on the basis of sexual orientation seems theoretically and clinically meaningful. The results support the notion that in the two groups different factors influence the decision to apply for sex reassignment. The more vulnerable nonhomosexual transsexuals may particularly benefit from additional professional guidance before and/or during treatment.

Smith, Y. L. S., Van Goozen, S. H. M., Kuiper, A. J., & Cohen-Kettenis, P. (2005). Sex reassignment: Outcomes and predictors of treatment for adolescent and adult transsexuals. Psychological Medicine, 35(1), 89-99.

Background: We prospectively studied outcomes of sex reassignment, potential differences between subgroups of transsexuals, and predictors of treatment course and outcome. Method: Altogether 325 consecutive adolescent and adult applicants for sex reassignment participated: 222 started hormone treatment, 103 did not; 188 completed and 34 dropped out of treatment. Only data of the 162 adults were used to evaluate treatment. Results between subgroups were compared to determine post-operative differences. Adults and adolescents were included to study predictors of treatment course and outcome. Results were statistically analysed with logistic regression and multiple linear regression analyses. Results: After treatment the group was no longer gender dysphoric. The vast majority functioned quite well psychologically, socially and sexually. Two non-homosexual male-to-female transsexuals expressed regrets. Post-operatively, female-to-male and homosexual transsexuals functioned better in many respects than male-to-female and non-homosexual transsexuals. Eligibility for treatment was largely based upon gender dysphoria, psychological stability, and physical appearance. Male-to-female transsexuals with more psychopathology and cross-gender symptoms in childhood, yet less gender dysphoria at application, were more likely to drop out prematurely. Non-homosexual applicants with much psychopathology and body dissatisfaction reported the worst post-operative outcomes. Conclusions: The results substantiate previous conclusions that sex reassignment is effective. Still, clinicians need to be alert for non-homosexual male-to-females with unfavourable psychological functioning and physical appearance and inconsistent gender dysphoria reports, as these are risk factors for dropping out and poor post-operative results. If they are considered eligible, they may require additional therapeutic guidance during or even after treatment.

I always been limp when a Man bones me, yet didn't really dawn on me until thinking about it recently, that I am never erect when using my dildo on myself to ejaculate
And then realizing I don't think I have ever been erect like image above when ejaculating by being penetrated by man or dildo, even times females used to " peg me "

                       I often wonder if the individual like above are homosexual transsexual or non-homosexuals ?

                       The research I done on the topic seems to go like follows; 

                       " I know I'm in the minority, but I love seeing the Eastern European porn where the bottoms never get hard. I almost                                feel like they're being pounded so hard that they can't get hard, on account of the aggressiveness... I know that's not                            realistic, but that's how I choose to interpret it "

                       "  Even if I'm rock hard and dripping through the foreplay, the second the dick goes in, it's deflation time. I can't                                         concentrate on all that sensation at once, so I always go soft when I'm bottoming. I know it disappoints my s/o                                       because he wants me to physically show that I'm enjoying it, but it just doesn't work that way for me. "


                                                   The Evolution of Male Androphilia people.uleth.ca

                                                                                   (homosexual transsexual )


The Kin Selection Hypothesis

Male androphilia has a genetic component, yet male androphiles reproduce at a fraction of the rate of gynephilic males. One would expect genes for male gynephilia to have long replaced those for male androphilia given the reproductive benefits associated with the former. Nevertheless, prehistoric cave art and pottery suggests that male same-sex sexual activity has existed for millennia. Given this, how do genes for male androphilia persist over evolutionary time?

One potential explanation is that genes for male androphilia could be maintained in a population if enhancing one’s indirect fitness offset the cost of not reproducing directly. Indirect fitness is a measure of an individual’s impact on the fitness of kin (who share some identical genes by virtue of descent) weighted by the degree of relatedness. Androphilic males could increase their indirect fitness by directing altruistic behaviour toward close kin, which, in principle, would allow kin to increase their reproductive success. No support for this Kin Selection Hypothesis has been garnered from studies conducted in industrialized cultures such as the USA, Canada, the UK and Japan. However, cultural factors like individualism and homophobia may mitigate the expression of elevated kin altruism by male androphiles living in industrialized cultures.  Thus, tests of this hypothesis are needed in non-industrialized, collectivistic cultures such as Samoa where androphilic males are relatively accepted.

                                    "homosexual transgenderism"

Gendered behaviors are linked closely enough to sexual orientation cross-culturally that various cultures have developed third-gender categories that "normalize" a homosexually-oriented person. For instance, in Samoa, boys who are very feminine as young children are understood to be destined for attraction to males. They are relabeled "fa'afafine" -- meaning they will live "in the manner of a woman." Without changing their bodies, the fa'afafine are raised like girls and then live as women, and take straight men as their sex partners.

Sexologists call this kind of phenomenon "homosexual transgenderism" and suggest it is fairly common around the world. Sometimes "homosexual transgenderism" is enacted via a humane cultural system, as in Samoa, and sometimes via a phenomenally oppressive one, as in Iran, where feminine homosexual men have been given the choice of transsexualism or death.

                                                                                                                                                     - Are Straight People Born That Way?

I relate very much with what Rod talks of in video, above , in that my desire has always been to be " penetrated ", not to be male roled.

I agree with above persons view, and it is a huge problem , in my opinion to even be giving young people drugs, doing surgeries, is not a good idea, it is to complex , there as got to be a better way.

Even as much as I've wanted to just simply have the Genital Reconstruction Surgery  thus have a female looking vulva  , for myself the surgeons are not skilled enough to be able to do the surgery the way I desire, and I would never start taking hormones, put it this way there are more surgical opinions that are being offered ! Such as " genital reconstructive surgeries were testes are retained and penile shaft is removed "

I personally never have thought I could or am a true Female in my mind, only that I am much more female like psychologically, and very much female ROLED sexually 100% !, the only surgery I ever really desired is to have a female looking vulva, to affirm to a male sexual partner that I am completely a " female roled male "