How I Wish I could look if I had gender comfirmation surgery                           (via paint shop)

Due to fact I feel so much Not masculine,nore any desire to be , Ideally the ultimate feeling for me would to live without a penis.

          I guess I can honestly say I can just put as " It would be wonderful to be like I am portrayed in the below photos.

                                      Yet in Reality , I am content for the most part " simply being me, in the body I am in "

                                                                  As a variety of " Berdache"

          I think the transgender community is damaged, when one whom does transition claims to be the other sex, it isn't that simple.

my " ideal self ", what fits my psychology

I like the above picture above as the photo represents to myself the feeling of being Female and male, myself always wanting the breasts and vagina of a female.

                                                          Imagining how I'd look if had " vagina " similar to a female

Although a body as this much more "Fits me " psychologically, after looking at the " Pro's and Con's " of surgery, the " Con's far out weight the " Pro's " ,thus for myself, I have to the best with Body I have, just be as Feminine as I can by dressing, posing , thinking , being in female role sexually as best I can.