Human Consciousness 6/30/2018

The Ego Shield

                 Surprisingly when doing a -Web Search- titled "Ego Shield ", I find nothing,and occasional for the past couple years,do a search titled "Ego Shield ",yet nothing

                      At what point would the Human Ego develop to protect from simply being "Naked"? "Vanity",thus shielding

                      Becoming Aware of when and How our Ego attempts to Shield (protect our identity)..is so important,yet                                                 seemingly,very much         Not Looked at

                     How much is Our Ego Shield, simply a result of Social interaction, and Civilization,thus unless,becoming aware of                                it,leads to so many Negative thoughts. Thoughts such as "I made a mistake,now how can I cover it up",- " I was wrong                        about my Opinion on some Topic, Now how can I Save Face"   the list goes on and on, my Theory is "A Big part of the                        Ego developed to avoid " Our indentity being compromised". When simply just saying "I am Human,I am Sorry.I mis-                         judged,I made a mistake!"

Signs of a Ego Shield

                      My current Theory on the Highest form of Ego Shield is the "Apathetic Mind"(Apathy can be defined as an absence or                           suppression of emotion, feeling, concern or passion. Further, apathy is an indifference to things)

               ♠ Have you ever been around someone,whom who is aways replying " I know",ever time                     you say something to them? if this is common,this person most likely is not a very                          empathetic person,thus more apathetic

               ♠  Don't have a opinion,or can't say " I just am confused about it,and need to study it more,to understand" thus can't just                      say simply "I don't have a Fucking Clue!"

                 Letting a negative thing,continue, and make no effort to correct it, this person is one whom might say " that's just the Way                    it is! ".

                 Just can't have a gut wrenching laugh,or when they do laugh,it is a little snickering laugh. though hiding the fact that,their                    Shield, has been lowered!


Life is about experiencing sorrow as much as feeling Joy

              I truthfully believe a culture that can experience sorrow together,cry openly together and equally experience Joy,laugh,sing and dance openly together, is much Healthier

                   When we are in a culture ,where "Crying" is seen as a weakness,even if it is "Tears of Joy",,what have a "Culture" we                          created?