Human Mate Selection / Females verse Males

"Modern human beings thoughts have been so distorted by religions,and social dogma,on matters of being Humans, it's a Wonder they can even Think " - a well known human

Being a Transgender type person/ MtF transsexual wanta be, this topic has been comfusioning in " How am I suppose to Act,do etc.."

 Having a great desire to mate as a Female does, and not having the body for it !

Excerpt from ; Harper TobinHonors Thesis


The literature shows several different strategies employed by trans individuals to deal with this problem:

1) Avoid sexual activity altogether. This strategy sidesteps the problem altogether, and is strongly emphasized in the medical and clinical psychological literature, though it appears throughout the literature. (I've been celibate 13 years)

2) Limit sexual activity in ways that minimize or avoid experiences of discordance. This may involve focusing sexual activity on partners' bodies and avoiding sexual attention to the trans individual's body altogether, or simply eschewing any form of genital stimulation. This strategy appears throughout the literature and is emphasized in the medical and psychological literature. 

3) Remap the body in ways that accord with gender identity. In this strategy, bodily features -- especially the genitals -- that do not accord with one's gender identity by traditional standards are redefined. Individuals conceive themselves as having conventional bodily features for their gender, only with more or less unconventional configurations (e.g. a large clitoris or small penis). In this way, individuals may be able to enjoy genital sexuality with little or no anxiety. This strategy is reported in recent social-scientific and autobiographical literature. (having a non-erect penis very important to me when having sex with man, has well as desire my penis not be touched by man)

4) Reconceive binary gender categories so that no discord is experienced between the sexual body and gender identity. In this strategy, bodily features -- especially the genitals -- conventionally defined as belonging to one gender can be accepted as features of members of the "opposite" gender (e.g. penis in a woman, vulva and vagina in a man). This strategy is mentioned very occasionally in the clinical literature, and appears frequently in recent autobiographical and popular literature.

 5) Reject binary gender categories altogether. In this strategy, the individual identifies as being in neither the male nor the female category exclusively, and is thus able to see their non-traditional physical configuration as unproblematic. While this strategy was not specifically reported in the literature on sexuality among transitioning individuals, it has been described with increasing frequency in the broader trans population, and it is expected that it is indeed employed by some individuals who choose physical transition. (If so, these individuals would presumably not conceive of transition as most do, as a transition from living in one gender to living in another, but rather as seeking specific physical changes which may enable greater personal comfort and the articulation of a gender identity that challenges binary categories.)

The Origin of Sex and Ejaculation-jenniferelizabethmasters.blogspot.com

Primal man wants to survive. In his innate nature, he has a built in desire to procreate. He does this by wanting to inseminate as many young fertile women as possible in his lifetime. We cannot fault men for something that is a natural state within them."

"Primal women have an internal desire to find the strongest male with the most resources to impregnate her. You cannot fault a woman for having the need to find a man who will be strong and able to take care of her and her children. It is programmed into her DNA and therefore innate.  (I personally have always had a strong desire to be impregnated by men) - as though innate

Humans, like all creatures, have urges which lead to reproduction. Our biological urge is to have sex, not to make babies. Our “instinct to breed” is the same as a squirrel’s instinct to plant trees: the urge is to store food, trees are a natural result. If sex is an urge to procreate, then hunger’s an urge to defecate.-BIOLOGY AND BREEDING

I can’t help it, it’s a biological urge.

Unexamined motivations.

Institutions await those who can’t control their biological urges.

My biological clock has gone off.

Women’s normal heightened sexual desire in 30s & 40s difficult to accept in puritanical societies.

Disarm that culturally-implanted mental time bomb. It’s okay to make love and not babies.


Calling someone a nymphomaniac or accusing them of nymphomania isn't something that can be defined by science.

The difference is that the double standard which exists in our society congratulates a man( satyriasis) who is highly sexed and has many partners, calling him a "stud," whereas a woman with the same behavior is often called a "nympho," (Slut)which carries a negative connotation.

How to Be the Perfect Slut

What makes The Perfect Slut?

To be clear, here's a handy list of how to be the Right Amount of Slutty:

  • You've made out with enough people that you can joke about making out with a lot of people, but, like, not more than 30.
  • You've given a ton of OTPHJ's (over the pants hand jobs, duh), because the Slut Calculator doesn't count those.
  • You've had a threesome once — because basically everyone should have one by the time they're 28 — but it was kinda weird.
  • You've had enough one night stands to be able to say things like, "One night stands really aren't for me, unless the guy/girl is really hot, ha ha, high five, ladies!"
    • You're not clingy and really cool about having sex with people casually to the extent that everyone says, "Oh, wow, you are not like other girls I've been with; you're so cool about sex!"
    • You have the exact right amount of body hair. You, and you alone, know what that amount is because you are the Perfect Slut.
    • You don't put too much effort into looking slutty. You eschew club wear. But also, your cleavage looks great all the time.
    • Your "number" isn't high enough to provoke performance anxiety in your sex partners, but it's also not low enough to make them wonder what's wrong with you.

    The concept is bullshit for a lot of reasons — mostly because it causes women to worry that they're not behaving properly, according to a set of criteria that are both insane and lacking logic or any form of coherence.

    Personally, I have always been a terrible slut. In my time at college, the only thing I was worse at than being a cool and fun slut was probably not falling asleep during that CogSci lecture I took by accident. This is because, during my time at college, I was growing up and starting to realize what kind of person I wanted to be. That's a fraught process, and one that almost necessarily involves a lot of insecurity and self-consciousness. A time of great uncertainty about one's own identity, it turns out, is not a ideal time to try and be a fun and carefree casual sexer — I realized this the hard way (i.e., crying under a strobe light at a party while eating a bag of Tostito's).

                                                                                                                                 -Callie Beusman


                  I personally don't think One can understand Human sexuality,

                          if One can't put social " Pre-Concieved Notions" due to religion,social construct aside, thus see it in it's pure-form

     Such as Homosexuality as Population Control? Why Gays & Lesbians Are Essential to the Balance of Nature

Biologically male berdache were also themselves often sexually active with male tribal members, these interactions being considered something separate from normal homosexual encounters. This is because Native American sexual encounters were often split into procreative and non-procreative categories, as opposed to hetero/homosexual, and male encounters with berdache were simply seen as non-procreative (Roscoe 1998).

If one can mentally accept the Fact or not the " berdache" ,(even if in-directly-occurring/without aware intent-). the berdache where a form of sex release for (breeding ready young males)


excerpt from ; “Can’t Homosexuality Be Seen as Population Control?”

  " Essentially, their quandry is not that homosexuality is present in large numbers (2-3% at most in any population), but that it is found in virtually all cultures and societies at least to some degree. Evolutionarily, this implies that there is some evolutionary benefit and some genetic component, which usually means it contributes to survival and reproductive success in some way. But how can that be when homosexuals reproduce at a far lesser rate than heterosexuals? The original sociobiologist, E. O. Wilson, stated the problem this way: “The homosexual state itself results in inferior genetic fitness, because of course homosexual men marry much less frequently and have far fewer children than their unambiguously heterosexual counterparts.” 

                                                                                                                                          - remember Nature decides in the end

I believe We have to truly understand the Dynamics occurring at this stage band to tribe 

(band-is the simplest form of human society., the simplest level of foraging societies with generally a maximum size of 30 to 50 people.[1])

  As that is when  homosexuality is present in large numbers (2-3% at most in any population) 1-2 per 100...

                               Something is going on by Nature's design !


example looking at ;  Indigenous North Americans  Spanish called them " berdache "

      Historically, the presence of male-bodied two-spirits "was a fundamental institution among most tribal peoples", according to Brian Gilley[40] and, according to non-Native anthropologist Will Roscoe, both male- and female-bodied two-spirits have been documented "in over 130 North American tribes, in every region of the continent".[41] However, Ojibwe journalist Mary Annette Pember argues that this depiction threatens to homogenize diverse Indigenous cultures, painting over them with an overly broad brush, potentially causing the disappearance of "distinct cultural and language differences that Native peoples hold crucial to their identity".[8

And now it’s 2017, and women and girls still get slut shamed. We can run a Fortune 500, manage the entire house and every inhabitant’s schedule, take care of our aging parents, volunteer, squash horrible political agendas. But we’re not supposed to "like" fucking?julienegrin.com

Approximately one in 100 American women and two in 100 American men identify as homosexual  - A basic Chiefdom of human population


                                                                               Refractory Period

                                            and Post-coital dysphoria(occurring or done after sexual intercourse).

In human sexuality, the refractory period is the recovery phase after an orgasm during which it is impossible to achieve additional orgasms. Most men are unable to maintain or achieve an erection during this time. The penis may also be hypersensitive and stimulation may feel painful or uncomfortable. The effect has been linked to the hormone oxytocin and the protein prolactin. The length of the refractory period varies across species, ranging from a couple minutes to days. In contrast to men, most women do not experience a refractory period immediately after orgasm. However, some women have reported the phenomenon. According to studies, a 20 year-old has a refractory period of about 15 minutes, while people in their 70s take about 20 hours.

Interesting Fact: Sexual intercourse can sometimes lead to a feeling of melancholy in humans called post-coital tristesse (PCT). The feeling is more common in men than women and was described by philosopher Baruch Spinoza in 1677. English comedian Russell Brand described the phenomenon: “it’s like, Oh my God, what have I done? A sense of profound existential angst, a sense of loss, and a sense that somehow I’ve let my mum down.” Another sexually related phenomenon is the inability for males to control their urination after intercourse. This fact was featured in the Jim Carrey movie Me, Myself & Irene. - Top 10 Human Reflexes and Natural Instincts

The philosopher Baruch Spinoza, in his Tractatus de Intellectus Emendatione, wrote: "For as far as sensual pleasure is concerned, the mind is so caught up in it, as if at peace in a [true] good, that it is quite prevented from thinking of anything else. But after the enjoyment of sensual pleasure is passed, the greatest sadness follows. If this does not completely engross, still it thoroughly confuses and dulls the mind." 


Why do men feel bad after ejaculating?.thrillist.com

This is one of the universe's more complex riddles, much like the Sphinx or Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi. It's not like men don't want to cum. In fact, all signs point to the fact that they definitely, absolutely, 100% DO want to cum. Yet for some men, even after they achieve the ultimate in pleasure, they feel emotionally shitty. What could possibly be the problem?

"Men may feel sad or have feelings of despair after intercourse and ejaculation," says Dr. Michael Krychman, executive medical director at The Sexual Health Center in Orange County, CA. "This is a normal phenomena and has often been described in the literature. For some men, sex is an expression of power and with ejaculation their power has been expended." In fact, as Krychman points out, this has been a historic problem -- and well-documented phenomenon. "Every animal is sad after coitus(sexual intercourse).except the human female and the rooster," wrote the Greek physician Galen, sometime around 150 AD.