"I love wearing thigh-highs for a Man"

                                                            "I feel wearing thigh-highs sets my role for a Man"

Only wish, I didn't have a penis!
I loved when a Man, told me I was good at being Lady-like,as I pleasured him

Because the men I desire are "Straight Men", it is important they realize this, it very important that they not feel homosexual themselves, when getting a blow-job by me,penetrating me anally, etc.And by treating me Lady-like,making me feel lady-like, is best they can do, so often I'd ask a man to just pretend I'm a lady, fuck me like I am!......I wish I had a vulva , not a penis !

                                                                             One variation of dressing for a man,

                                                                        I could wear a longer wind breaker type jacket,

                                                                upon meeting, suck him a bit, get him lubed with k-y jelly

                                                           my man could then easily just bend me over, or get me on my knees,

                                                                                              then " Bone " me

I wore cut out pants like these to meet men a lot, help me present myself as feminine, and he could quickly get me bent over and fuck me.